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Camp guards at concentration camp Buchenwald, who were captured and beaten by the prisoners on the day of liberation. April 1945
The tensions during Cuban Missile Crisis were high. So much that U.S. stationed Surface-To-Air missiles MIM-23 Hawk on the beaches in Florida. October 27th, 1962
Greetings from Daimler-Benz, 1930s, Germany
Barrels with confiscated alcohol during Prohibition. USA, 1929
The last Emperor of Russia Nikolai II with his son Alexey, daughter Grand Duchess Tatjana and Prince Nikita Alexandrovich, Russia 1916
Danish actress and model Winnie Hollman, Cannes, 1975
Pablo Escobar With His Son In Front Of The White House, 1980's
Bill Clinton playing football, 1993
Supersonic Jet Airliner Tupolev TU-144 at the Airport in Moscow, USSR, 1969
Dentist at work, 1872
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