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Imperial Japanese Navy Armored Cruiser Izumo, commanded by Captain Shigeo Uemura during a visit to Barcelona, 22 october 1926.
Japanese Sailors from the IJN Armored Cruisers Yakumo and Izumo, enjoy an afternoon out in the Columbus Monument in Barcelona's Port, 1926.
Artist Salvador Dalí in a private audience with fascist dictator Francisco Franco in the El Pardo Palace, Madrid, 1972.
Republican Militiawoman Francisca Solano, "Heroine of El Espinar", Killed in action in Madrid, 26 July 1936
Republican Militiawoman with his young child, Spanish Civil War, 1936-39.
Visiting Imperial Japanese Navy officers pay their respect to the tomb of Catalan independence fighter and late President of Catalonia Francesc Macià, Barcelona, 1934.
Republican Militiawoman in an obvservation post. Spanish Civil War, 1936-39.
Catalan Volunteers fighting for the french in the Western Front, IWW, Belloy-en-Santerre, 1916
Salvage work on the wreck of the Spanish cruiser Reina Cristina after the Spanish-American War, Manila Bay, Philippines, 1903.
Basque Motorized Ertzaina (Police) rescue the image of christ after the fascist bombing of Durango Village. 1937.
Jawaharlal and Indira Nerhu are received by Catalan President Lluís Companys in ocasion of their visit to Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, 1938. Behind Nerhu stands a young JFK.
Spanish colonial infantry, Land Rovers and AMX-30 tanks during a troop review, Western Sahara, 1970's.
Imperial Japanese Navy Armored Cruiser Asama with the sailors laundry hanging between the ship's masts during a visit to Barcelona, 1929
The Gobernor-General of the Spanish Colony of Equatorial Guinea, Juan María Bonelli, is carried ashore by several porters. 1943.
After the defeat of the Republic in the Civil War, spanish authorities celebrate Hitler's birthday in the Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona, 1943
Spanish Armored Cruiser "Almirante Oquendo", La Habana, 1898.
Catalan made "Aerial Torpedo" rocket launcher tested by the Catalan War Department during the Spanish Civil War, 1937.
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