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Fire and fury: B-25s are pictured flying past Mount Vesuvius in Italy as lava and ash spews from the top of the volcano. The eruption killed 57 as it destroyed the village of San Sebastiano and San Giorg in March 1944 while Allied forces were battling for supremacy in the skies.
A happy chimp holding a newspaper after surviving his trip to space. 1961.
Las Vegas visitors observe mushroom cloud from atomic test just 65 miles away. 1955
The pilot of a US Navy F6F Hellcat makes harrowing escape after crash landing on the USS Lexington aircraft carrier in 1945.
This image, taken in 1892, shows lumberjacks standing in the trunk of a forest giant they have chopped down at Camp Badger in Tulare County, California.
The MV Wilhelm Gustloff, pictured, was sunk by a Russian submarine in 1945 while evacuating 10,000 people from Nazi-occupied Poland, leaving more than 9,000 dead in the worst maritime disaster in maritime history. Its death toll was six times higher than the Titanic.
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