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Moscow celebrates victory over Nazi Germany. May 9th, 1945.
Displaced African-Americans Line Up At Relief Station During Great Depression. Louisville, Kentucky. 1937.
Paris Waif, 1918. By Lewis Hine, Whose Powerful Photographs Helped Prompt Child Labor Law Reforms In The US.
Warsaw Prudential Building Hit By A 2 Ton German Shell. 1944.
Photographer Searches For Something Interesting To Photograph. Imperial Fairgrounds Mid-Winter Races. 1976.
A German Soldier Tries Goose Stepping On Ice With Mixed Results. Location Unknown. WWII.
Corporal Wojtek, The Soldier Bear. Officially Enlisted In 22nd Artillery Supply Company Of The Polish Army. Helped Move Crates Of Ammunition During Battle of Monte Cassino. 1944.
Flour Mills Begin Decorating Their Flour Sacks After Realizing That Depression-Era Families Were Using Them To Make Children’s Clothing. 1930s.
Camera Captures The Instant A B-24 Bomber's Wing Is Ripped Off By A Direct Flak Hit. Near Bologna, Italy. April 10th, 1945.
Young German Anti-Aircraft Gunner At An American Reeducation Camp After WWII. 1945.
M-29 Tactical Nuclear Bazooka For Taking On Soviet Tanks And Troops. 1961.
Pint-Sized Patriot Decked Out For 4th of July. 1906.
Refugees Fleeing War-Torn Europe Seek Shelter In Middle East. 1944.
Japanese Super Battleship Yamato Comes To Violent End After Attack By 380 American Carrier-Based Aircraft. Her Escorting Destroyers Are Pictured At Left. 1945.
Hiroshima Victim's Shadow Burned Into Wall By The Blast. August 6th, 1945.
Lightning Strikes The Eiffel Tower. By Gabriel Loppé. 1902.
Frozen Fountain Of Ice. Detroit, 1917.
Worker At A Carbon Black Plant In Sunray, Texas. 1942.
Speer's "Cathedral Of Light" Shines Above The Distant 1937 Nazi Nuremberg Rally.
World's First Flying Aircraft Carrier, Airship USS Akron, Launches An N2Y1 Biplane. 1932.
Biplane Flies Through Arc De Triomphe. Paris, 1919.
Pavillions For German Fascism And Soviet Communism Face Off At The 1937 International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life.
Aleksandra Boyko And Her Husband Served Together As Tank Commander And Driver, Respectively, During WWII. Their IS-2 Heavy Tank Knocked Out 5 German Armored Vehicles, Including A Tiger Tank.
"The Fiddler" By Henry Whittier. 1914.
"HAVE YOU HEARD THIS? IT'LL KILL YA!!" Inscription On WWII Bomb. Ca 1945.
B-17 Struck By Falling Bombs From Another Bomber Over Berlin. 1944.
Soviet Children March In Formation Past The US Embassy In Moscow. Circa 1950.
Tracer Fire Lights Up The Sky Over The English Channel As D-Day Begins. June 6th, 1944.
Osaka, Japan's Second Largest City, After Being Hit By 3,000 Tons Of US Bombs. 1945.
M4 Sherman Tank Crew. Fort Knox, 1942. Original Color Photograph.
Soldiers and Sailors Monument Illuminated. New York City. 1909.
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