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Two U.S. Army soldiers (one of them not in uniform) helped a badly beaten black man get away from a hostile white mob in downtown Detroit during the 1943 Detroit race riot, June 21
A California National Guard soldier escorts a surfer out of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, after it is shut down to prevent rioting or any large gathering of rioters there during the 1992 Los Angeles riots (May 2, 1992)
A Los Angeles County firefighter wields a shotgun at an improvised barricade on April 29, 1992 during the 1992 Los Angeles riots
Two F/A-18C Hornet female pilots onboard USS Enterprise discussing the results of their nighttime bombing of Baghdad on December 17, 1998 during Operation Desert Fox
Martin Luther King Jr. was shielded by his aides from a a mob of hostile whites after being struck by a rock to his head, while leading the march with civil rights demonstrators to protest housing discrimination in Chicago, Illinois. August 5, 1966
U.S. Marshals at the Ole Miss University campus in Oxford, Mississippi deploys tear gas against white rioters who were trying to prevent black military veteran James Meredith from enrolling in the university (September 30, 1962)
President George H. W. Bush makes a hospital visit to injured Los Angeles Fire Captain Scott Miller, who was shot in the face by a sniper while responding to one of many fires set during the first night of the Los Angeles riots (May 8, 1992)
On this day 28 years ago, April 29, 1992, the Los Angeles riots breaks out in response to the Rodney King verdict. 63 people are killed, 2,383 injured, 12,000 arrested, and $1 billion in property damage are caused.
Armed Korean merchants conducted a lookout for looters or snipers while on top of a Korean market during the L.A. riots, April 30, 1992
An M1917 tank and U.S. Army soldiers on patrol in Lexington, Kentucky to keep peace after a large mob tried to lynch Will Lockett, a black man who is on trial for his murder of a young white girl (February 10/11, 1920)
A scarecrow guards a seaside field for an evacuated Japanese immigrant farmer in Los Angeles for inland internment camps, c. March 1942
An American soldier and his Japanese wife in 1950 who met each other during the U.S. occupation of Japan. They were married the second time in 1950 because their first marriage three years earlier went unrecognized by the U.S.
U.S. Marines (circled left) hurls grenades at armed convicts during the Battle of Alcatraz. They are commanded by WW2 Pacific War veterans WO Charles L. Buckner (who himself led the assault) and Generals Joseph Stilwell and Frank Merrill (of the famed "Merrill's Marauders").
Members of the U.S. Army's 1st Armored Division on a roll during rioting in Chicago in the wake of the Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. (April 6, 1968)
Union Army soldiers deployed in New York City to quell mass violence during the infamous 1863 New York City Draft Riots (July 1863)
An American soldier shared his cigar and chocolate bar with his Japanese girlfriend in Tokyo, despite military regulations restricting U.S. occupation personnel in Japan from handing out rations to local civilians, 1946
The body of a looter in an alleyway where police shot him to death after he was chased from a liquor store being ransacked in Baltimore, Maryland during the MLK assassination riots across America (April 1968)
Lynching of George R. Witherell in Canon City, Colorado on charges of murdering his business partner Charles McCain (Dec. 4, 1888). Witherell was previously imprisoned for murdering Mr. Wahl from Douglas County, Colorado in 1871 and was pardoned by Governor Alva Adams in April 1888.
U.S. Army troops operate a machine gun in Lexington, Kentucky to deter rioters from lynching Will Lockett, a black man who is on trial for killing a young white girl (February 10, 1920)
Rioters gathers around downtown Oxford, Mississippi to hurl objects at U.S. soldiers who are stationed in the city to ensure the safety of black student James Meredith attending the once-segregated University of Mississippi (October 1, 1962)
Actresses Donna Reed (known for "It's a Wonderful Life), Marilyn Maxwell, and Julie Bishop (known for "The Black Cat") in their military outfits poses with soldiers of the 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion, who camped in Burbank, California for defense against a Japanese invasion, May 1942
U.S. Army soldiers mans machine/mini-cannon guns to protect a black neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska from rioters while quelling the 1919 Omaha race riot (September 29, 1919)
Soldiers with fix bayonets marches along the street near the damaged store in Detroit, Michigan, after thousands of federal troops were dispatched to stop the 1943 Detroit race riot (June 22, 1943)
Photo taken for a group of students in the assembly at Columbine High school 2 weeks before the massacre on April 20, 1999. At the top left corner, you'll find Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the students responsible for the shooting.
A U.S. Marine hugged a 17-year-old girl while patrolling the streets of Long Beach, California after the Los Angeles riots (May 6, 1992)
Soldiers of the U.S. 37th Coast Artillery Brigade used searchlights to scan the skies above Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours of February 24, 1942 searching for Japanese bombers, a day before the infamous "Battle of Los Angeles" .
Immigrants from Eastern Europe picked up their remains following the arson of their neighborhood in Chicago during the 1919 Chicago race riot (August 3, 1919)
FBI agents dug up explosives and German uniforms in Ponte Vedra, Florida where Nazi saboteur Edward Kerling identified the spot that his team had buried after coming ashore as part of Operation Pastorius in June 1942. Operation Pastorius was the first German landing on U.S. soil in WWII.
U.S. soldiers in protective suits at a wartime chemical weapons research center at American University in Washington D.C. (1918)
A D.C. police officer fires at the sniper that already wounded several of his colleagues and other emergency responders during the 1968 Washington D.C. riots following the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 5, 1968)
U.S. troops aims their Winchester M1897 shotguns during a live-firing exercise in France prior to bringing them for combat in the WWI front. They are among the first combatants to employ shotguns for modern warfare. (1918)
"Me Chinese Please, No Jap”. Chinese-American war worker in Los Angeles wore a handwritten sign in his back to avoid being mistaken for Japanese (January 26, 1942)
20 years ago, the infamous Columbine High School massacre occurred on April 20, 1999. Here, four young women headed to a library near Columbine High School where students and staff members were evacuated, after two gunmen opened fire inside a school in the suburb of Littleton, Colorado .
Halloween 1918, USA
Jail cell filled with sleeping men arrested for drunkenness on Christmas Day in Los Angeles, California, 1950
D.C. National Guard troops defends the U.S. Capitol during the Washington D.C. riots. In the background, a flag on top of the Capitol is flown at half-staff to honor the slain Martin Luther King Jr. (April 8, 1968)
U.S. Army soldiers sleeps inside a laundry store in Washington D.C., with several finding space on top of the washing machines during the MLK assassination riots in the nation's capital (April 1968)
LAPD officers stood guard, as firefighters battled a blaze near 19th Street and Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. The officers were there to protect the firefighters from being recently shot at by snipers and drive-by-shooters. (April 30, 1992)
A U.S. Army soldier with his M79 grenade launcher during the 1968 Washington D.C. riots (April 1968)
A United States Marine on patrol in Los Angeles during which 3,500 Federal troops intervenes to assist local police in the 1992 Los Angeles riots (May 2/3, 1992)
Two American soldiers of the First Special Service Force (FSSF) examines a Japanese Type 89 50mm grenade launcher, known to the GIs as a “knee mortar,” found during a patrol on Kiska, Alaska (August 1943)
On this day May 2, 1992, 3,500 U.S. troops—many who fought in Panama or Kuwait/Iraq—hit the streets of Los Angeles that helps end rioting leaving 63 dead, 2,383 injured, 12,000 arrests, and $1 billion in property damage. Here, Marines of the 1st LAR BN moves towards L.A. in LAV-25s.
An African-American man flees to get away from a white mob during the 1919 Chicago race riot (July 1919)
Looters removed goods, foods, drinks, and items from a supermarket in South L.A. on the second day of the 1992 L.A. riots, April 30, 1992
Weapons from rioters during the 1943 Detroit race riot are taken by police and stored here at police headquarters in Detroit, Michigan (June 1943)
Incendiary bombs are dropped from a U.S. Army Air Service (USAAS) bomber on German targets in Montmedy, France, with one already striking a supply station as indicated by the smoke below. Black puffs on the left indicates anti-aircraft fire.
A sniper loaded his rifle while hiding behind a cover in an apartment before carrying out attacks on Newark police officers and firefighters and New Jersey National Guardsmen during the 1967 Newark riots (July 1967)
A young ethnic Korean civilian lays dead and three others injured in an exchange of fire while protecting a pizza restaurant in Koreatown during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Police are seen gathering to investigate the incident. (April 30, 1992)
White kids in Dorchester, Boston threw objects at a school bus carrying black students on their way to South Boston High School during the Boston busing crisis. October 7, 1974
Ku Klux Klan members supporting Barry Goldwater's campaign for the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in San Francisco, as a black man pushed the signs away, July 1964
Illinois National Guardsmen patrolled the streets of riot-torn Chicago following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis three days earlier (April 7, 1968)
A Newark policeman stands over a dead body of 24-year-old William Furr, whom he just shotgunned for stealing a six-pack of beer from the looted Mack Liquors store during the 1967 Newark riots. Taken by photographer Bud Lee for LIFE magazine. (July 15, 1967)
A black U.S. Army paratrooper guarded a looted store during the 1967 Detroit riot, July 26, 1967
1971 - Polynesian Resort Construction. Walt Disney World
U.S. soldiers of the 6th Cavalry Regiment cheered after having morale boosted by their commanding officer shortly before loading their rifles to combat major disorders in Washington D.C. following the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 5, 1968)
U.S. Marines of the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion moves towards Los Angeles on May 2, 1992 after President George H.W. Bush dispatches U.S. troops to quell the Rodney King riots
Disney employees watched, as American soldiers arrived via trucks for a lengthy military occupation of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California in support for anti-aircraft defenses against enemy air raids after the surprise Pearl Harbor attack (December 1941)
LAPD officers taking cover from sniper fire while one civilian lay wounded and an another was dead during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles
U.S. Marines in riot gear arrives in the streets of Compton, California within Los Angeles County during the 1992 Los Angeles riots (May 2, 1992)
A group of dead Japanese soldiers on a mountain ridge in Attu, Alaska after their first and only banzai attack on U.S. soil against American positions at night during the Battle of Attu. At the end of the battle, only 28 Japanese defenders out of the 2,900 on Attu survived. (May 29, 1943)
U.S. paratroopers of the XVIII Airborne Corps from Fort Bragg, North Carolina detain rioters in Baltimore, Maryland during the widespread nationwide riots relating to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 8, 1968)
Celebrations erupted and traffic jams in Los Angeles after hearing the news of the Armistice signing, November 11, 1918
An American soldier leaned against a wall in the captured Japanese headquarters on Kiska Island in Alaska, besides the graffiti caricatures of FDR and Churchill, August 1943
Gas-masked Army soldiers of the 6th Cavalry Regiment sweeps up Washington D.C. with fixed bayonets during the nationwide MLK Jr.'s assassination riots in the city (April 1968)
Oakland police officers and firefighters began searching for victims at a collapsed Cypress Street Viaduct freeway while onlookers watched in the aftermath of the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989
42 years ago, April 4, 1968, Washington D.C. burned the same night Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. 13 people were killed, 1,098 others injured, 6,100+ arrested, and $25 million in property damage were caused.
A white segregationist confronts a police officer in Baltimore, Maryland during rioting relating to the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination civil disorders nationwide (April 1968)
Chinese school students with a white teacher in Indianola, Sunflower County, Mississippi, 1938
Japanese American children conducting wartime drilling practices in Hawaii for the home defense of the island during WWII. c, mid-1942
U.S. soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division in Oxford, Mississippi during military occupation of the city following riots at the University of Mississippi against the enrollment of black student James Meredith (October 1, 1962)
U.S. soldiers of the 7th Infantry Division took cover from Japanese sniper fire located in the mountains above Massacre Bay on Attu Island in Alaska, USA during the Battle of Attu (May 14, 1943)
U.S. peacekeepers drives across the River Sava into Bosnia in armored vehicles from Zunpanja, Croatia as part of the effort to carry out the Dayton Agreement that ended the Bosnian War (December 29, 1995)
Police arrests a Korean store employee in Koreatown for possession of a firearm used to defend shops amidst the widespread rioting in Los Angeles (May 1, 1992)
Polish immigrants picked up pieces from the fire after ethnic Irish gangs attacked and burned their homes during the 1919 Chicago race riot for not being racist enough against blacks. August 5, 1919
African American men in front of Walgreen Drugs (now called Walgreens) in Chicago during the Chicago Race of 1919 (August 1919)
Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division patrolled through the riot-torn areas of Washington D.C. during the Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination riots (April 6, 1968)
U.S. Army soldiers in gas masks marches into danger amidst the mass looting, arson and sniper fire in Washington D.C. after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 5, 1968)
Soldiers of the Japanese 301st Independent Infantry Battalion taking a rest after landing unopposed at Attu, Alaska in the second of the only two invasions of the United States during WWII (June 7, 1942)
24 years ago today, Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood opened to the general public. Here is General "Stormin" Norman and Steven Spielberg attending the opening day of the new attraction. (June 21, 1996)
U.S. Marines attempting to quell the Chinese advance during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in North Korea (November 1950)
Paratroopers of the XVIII Airborne Corps from Fort Bragg, North Carolina prepares to engage rioters in Baltimore, Maryland during the nationwide civil disorders after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. (April 8, 1968)
On August 6, 1970, a group of radicals known as Yippies invaded Disneyland with the intent to "liberate" the park from the establishment. Here, Anaheim policemen in riot gear were positioned in Main Street, U.S.A. to control the normal crowd and counter the growing Yippie invasion.
U.S. soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division in Oxford, Mississippi forms a line to deter rioters from attacking federal first responders and black student James Meredith following the infamous University of Mississippi race riot (October 2, 1962)
L.A. County SWAT personnel in their armored personnel carriers moved down a neighborhood in Los Angeles during the North Hollywood Shootout in a house–by–house search for the two armed bank robbers (February 28, 1997)
Panicked civilians digs bomb shelters at Kewalo Basin in Honolulu at 1 p.m. in fear for another Japanese air attack within the city, hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and other targets in Oahu, Hawaii, USA (December 7, 1941)
Students at the University of California, Berkeley participated in a one-day peace strike opposing U.S. entrance into World War II, April 19, 1940
Police officers passes a blazing grocery store on Plymouth Avenue in the North Side neighborhood as they begin to clear a crowd during rioting in Minneapolis (July 21, 1967)
"Vancouver, Vancouver, this is it!" 40 years ago today in 1980, Mount St. Helens in Skamania County, Washington explodes in volcanic eruption that kills 57 people, causes $1.1 billion in property damage, and spreads ashes/unusual weather across the U.S.
Chicago policemen takes cover behind their police cars for signs of muzzle flash after snipers fired on them and nearby civilian vehicles in Chicago during the Martin Luther King Jr' assassination nationwide riots (April 5, 1968)
U.S. Army troops and civilians near the looted store during the Federal military occupation of Detroit to quell the 1943 Detroit race riot (June 23, 1943)
A U.S. Army soldier inspects military convicts who are lined up in two groups from each other at Alcatraz near San Francisco, California (1902)
A news reporter takes pictures of a dead man lying beside a wrecked car at a gas station during the Watts riots, c. August 1965
Detroit police officers and Michigan National Guardsmen took cover in the city's police station 6th Precinct as sniper fire meant for them began razing through the building (July 1967)
American soldiers patrols St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands to combat widespread looting and violence in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo (September 1989)
Police in Long Beach present at the crime scene in which two occupants in a motorcycle are stopped, robbed, and one of them fatally shot in the head by rioters during the 1992 L.A. riots. The victims' motorcycle and helmets are seen behind the officers. (May 1, 1992)
Aerial, night view of incendiary bombs raining on the burning city of Takamatsu, Japan. Home of rail/road systems and war industries such as Kurashiki Aircraft Plant, Takamatsu was 78% destroyed, after 128 USAAF B-29 bombers dropped 800 tons of incendiary bombs on the city (July 3-4, 1945)
U.S. soldiers with a 15-inch Rodman gun at Alcatraz near San Francisco, California, c. 1869
"It looked like a warzone." Gas-masked Army soldiers in Washington D.C. the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 5, 1968)
California National Guard troops stands guard under a Los Angeles city limits sign during the Watts riots (August 1965)
U.S. Army soldiers arrives to augment the U.S. Marshals in quelling riots at the University of Mississippi or "Ole Miss" after white rioters tries to prevent the enrollment of black student James Meredith (October 1, 1962)
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