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New Zealand soldier resting and smoking a pipe in the deserts of North Africa. (Colorized)
Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the oldest man to land on the beaches of Normandy, armed with a cane and pistol directed troops in the first wave on Utah Beach, June, 1944. (Colorized)
Wehrmacht soldiers rest in the shade of the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, Spring, 1941. (Colorized)
American soldier replaces "Adolf-Hitler-Str." sign with "Roosevelt Blvd." in Berlin, Germany, 1945. (Colorized)
French soldiers from the 5th Army pose with soldiers from the American Expeditionary Force in front of a road sign in Boult-aux-Bois, Ardennes, France, 11 March, 1918. (Colorized)
Walter Cronkite of CBS interviewing Professor Mai of the University of Hue in Vietnam, February 20, 1968.
Victor Hugo, 1876.
Seven foot tall German soldier, Jacob Naken, speaking with the Canadian soldier who captured him at Calais, France, September 29, 1944. (Colorized)
After being captured on the beaches of Dunkirk and spending 5 years in captivity, Sergeant Edward Hill of the British Army is released from Dulag-Luft prisoner of war camp, March 29, 1945. (Colorized)
American soldiers pass through Carentan, France, 1944.
Soviet Red Army soldiers gaze across the Vltava River after capturing Prague, May, 1945. (Colorized)
A French Resistance fighter rests against a barricade made of stones from the streets of Paris, August, 1944. (Colorized)
Members of the 363rd Field Artillery Battalion, Pvt. Troy Dixon uses a Japanese barber chair to cut the hair of Sgt. John Anderson, near Shuri, Okinawa, June 10, 1945. (Colorized)
Australian soldier smoking a pipe and playing with his pet turtle "Tim" in Palestine, March, 1940. (Colorized)
Battle hardened United States Marines rest for a moment in front of a blown out Japanese coastal gun emplacement during the battle of Iwo Jima, February, 1945.
A southern chain gang, 1906.
Soviet soldier and poet Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky poses with a bronze bust of Adolf Hitler in Berlin, May 1945. (Colorized)
US Army lieutenant Ralph W. Hoffman smiles, looking at the artwork on the side of his M4 Sherman, the Belle of Little Rock, Italy, January 15, 1944. (Colorized)
Phineas Gage holding the tamping iron which was driven completely through his head during a railroad construction accident, 1850.
Brigadier General James M. Stewart, USAF Reserve, 1968.
Ukrainian refugees with a cow pass by a German machine gunner during Operation Barbarossa, July 6, 1941.
A pilot at Fairlop airfield in Essex has a haircut during a break between sweeps, in front of his Supermarine Spitfire, November, 1942.
Imperial Japanese Marines equipped with gas masks advance through the suburbs of Shanghai, October, 1937.
Commander of the 6th German Army which could "storm the heavens," and the first Generalfeldmarschall ever to be captured by the enemy, Generaloberst Friedrich Paulus at Stalingrad, 1942. (Colorized)
British troops rescuing statues from a destroyed church in Armentieres before the enemy shells could cause further damage, 1916. (Colorized)
Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Lieutenant General Mark Clark of the United States Army are greeted with flowers by a child in Castiglioncello, Italy. 19 August 1944. (Colorized)
Winston Churchill painting a landscape of the French town Lourmarin, 1948. (Colorized)
A young Italian woman gives flowers to a New Zealand soldier after the liberation of Sora, Summer, 1944. (Colorized)
Young Confederate drummer boy suited in full battle dress, 1863. (Colorized)
Men of 72nd Highlanders and veterans of the Crimean War in full battle dress: William Noble, Alexander Davison and John Harper, 1854.
Soldiers of a Wehrmacht artillery regiment enjoy food and drink with the local population in Yugoslavia, April, 1941. (Colorized)
American artillery crew firing rounds from a M3 105mm Howitzer at retreating Germans near Carentan, June, 1944. (Colorized)
Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart VC, KBE, CB, who was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear; survived two plane crashes; tunneled out of a prisoner-of-war camp; and tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them, 1944. (Colorized)
August von Mackensen, 1915. (Colorized)
Frank Sinatra, 1947. (Colorized)
Erich "The Black Devil" Hartmann, the most successful fighter pilot in the history of aerial warfare with 352 aerial victories, 1943. (Colorized)
The only soldier in either world wars to escape a POW camp in Britain and make it off the island, German pilot, Gunther Plüschow, 1916. (Colorized)
Infantry of the 2nd Gordon Highlanders searching German prisoners in Kleve, Germany, 11 February 1945. (Colorized)
British soldier of the Allied 5th Army examines POW tags on two young German soldiers, Castel del Rio, Italy, 24 Oct. 1944. (Colorized)
Led by their piper, men of the 7th Seaforth Highlanders of the 15th Scottish Infantry Division of the British Army advances near the French city of Caen during Operation Epsom, Summer, 1944.
A U.S.Navy river patrol boat (PBR) crewman maintains vigilance at the .50-caliber machine gun during the boat's day-long patrol on the Go Cong River, January, 1967. (Colorized)
New Zealand Riflemen standing in the doorway of a ruined house on the outskirts of Bapaume, France. Photograph by Henry Armytage Sanders, 29 August, 1918. (Colorized)
A British soldier battling his way through a sandstorm towards his tent in the Western Desert, 1942. (Colorized)
American soldiers Philip Tangor and Allen Floyd of the 77th Infantry Division greet an elderly French couple after liberating their town from occupation by the Imperial German Army, Brieulles sur Bar, France. Nov. 6, 1918. (Colorized)
Torpedoed Japanese destroyer photographed through periscope of U.S.S. Wahoo or U.S.S. Nautilus, June 1942.
British soldiers of the 51st Division resting in a hastily dug trench in a ploughed field near Locon during the German spring offensive, 10 April 1918. (Colorized)
American soldiers holding Italian orphans at a Red Cross Christmas Party in Monticatini, Italy on 24 December 1944. (Colorized)
British troops resting in a Bren gun carrier while Belgian refugees pass by on the Brussels-Louvain road, May, 1940. (Colorized)
American soldiers crossing a street during the Battle of Cherbourg, Summer, 1944.
Aerial view of the Belgian village of Passchendaele before and after the Third Battle of Ypres, 1917.
A British soldier fires a machine gun with periscope attachment in the trenches at Gallipoli, photo by Ernest Brooks 1915. (Colorized)
Cheerful British soldiers of the 13th Royal Fusiliers smile and pose with captured German equipment seized during fighting during the Battle of Albert, France, July 7, 1916. (Colorized)
South African Royal Naval Volunteers serving on board HMS NELSON. The group is sitting on one of the 16 inch gun barrels, 1942. (Colorized)
Lieutenant General Wilhelm Daser, commander of the German 70th division, leaving the German headquarters after surrendering Middleburg to the British Army, Netherlands, November 08, 1944. (Colorized)
Sergeant R. S. Baker of the Army Film & Photographic Unit looks at a fallen Nazi eagle and swastika amidst the ruins of Hitler's Reich Chancellery in Berlin, 3 July 1945. (Colorized)
British infantry march through a German village near Geilenkirchen, 5 December 1944.
Soviet Red Army soldier helping a wounded German POW during the Battle of Berlin, May, 1945. (Colorized)
US Army soldiers fighting on the front lines on Okinawa listen and react to the news of Germany's surrender in Europe , May 8, 1945. (Colorized)
Wehrmacht soldier from the Spanish Blue Division on the Eastern Front, 1941. (Colorized)
PFC Joseph E. Day holding a puppy named "Invasion" in a German helmet, Normandy, France, July 14, 1944.
"Desert Rats" tank crew with their Cromwell Mark VI tank, British 7th Armoured Division, Normandy, 17 June, 1944. (Colorized)
Shoeless Joe Jackson, Black Betsy in hand, during his season with the Cleveland Naps, 1913. (Colorized)
Soldiers of the Croatian Volunteer Division of the SS in political training in a garrison in the south of France, 1941. (Colorized)
Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., pilot of the ENOLA GAY, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, waves from his cockpit before the takeoff, 6 August 1945. (Colorized)
A dejected British prisoner of war sits in silence after being captured by the German Army while fighting in Italy, February, 1944.
Sgt. Leslie Caraway from Nixon, Texas, stops along a trail for a rest and a cigarette, North of Pracchia, Italy. 7 December 1944. (Colorized)
Royal Navy officers aboard the destroyer HMS GARTH with a captured German E-boat ensign at Sheerness, 21 October 1944.
Canadian soldiers from the Queen's Own Rifles regiment pose at the entrance to the city of Caen, Summer, 1944. (Colorized)
Dutch Resistance fighters armed with captured German weapons talk in the street during the liberation of Breda, Netherlands, 1944. (Colorized)
British patrol checking a building in search of a German sniper, Italy, 1943. (Colorized)
Admiral John A. Dahlgren of the US Navy, photographed by Matthew Brady, 1865. (Colorized)
The only combatant soldier ever to receive two Victoria Crosses, New Zealander, Captain Charles Upham, North Africa, October 16, 1941. (Colorized)
Soldiers of the 1st Bulgarian Army salute a column of German soldiers passing through Paraćin, Serbia, November, 1915. (Colorized)
British patrol checking a building in Italy in search of a German sniper, 1944.
"The Beast of Belsen" Josef Kramer, commandant of the Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration camps and Irma Grese awaiting trial, August, 1945. (Colorized)
Generalleutenant Otto Elfeldt, captured by the Allies in the Falaise pocket, being interrogated by American soldiers in Saint Lambert sur Dive, France, August, 1944. (Colorized)
British soldier G. Loyon of Liverpool, the loader/radio-operator of a Challenger tank of 15/19th Hussars, 11th Armoured Division, Holland, 17 October 1944. (Colorized)
The discovery of Edouard Manet's "In the Conservatory" by American soldiers in the Merkers salt mine, Germany, April 25, 1945. (Colorized)
New Zealanders at the main entrance to Cologne Cathedral, Germany. Photographed by official photographer Henry Armytage Sanders, February, 1919. (Colorized)
Soviet cameraman capturing scenes of fighting during the battle of Budapest, January, 1945. (Colorized)
German soldiers rest in a trench during the battle of Warsaw, September, 1939.
Henri Frenay, a member of the French Committee of National Liberation during World War II, 1944. (Colorized)
Lt. Edwin E. Dowell, Portland, Oregon and French Partisan wait in a Marseilles street for an enemy to show himself, 26 August 1944. (Colorized)
RAF cadets watching a Zulu war dance at Rose Deep Mine, Johannesburg, September, 1943.
German soldiers interrogate a French POW, May, 1940. (Colorized)
Generalmajor Karl Lorenz, commander of the Grossdeutschland Panzer Division, 1944. (Colorized)
Neville Frederick Duke, pilot of the 92nd Fighter Squadron of the Royal Air Force in front of his Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V fighter at Biggin Hill airfield, 1941. (Colorized)
Wehrmacht officers teach German children how to operate a MG-34 machine gun, 1942.
An unknown Luftwaffe officer with his German Shepherd, 1940. (Colorized)
Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding, responsible for RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, 1935. (Colorized)
Pilots of the Royal Canadian Air Force standing in front of a Supermarine Spitfire await takeoff on the day of the raid on Dieppe, August 19, 1942. (Colorized)
A sniper from "C" Company, 5th Battalion, of the Black Watch in position in a ruined building in Gennep, Holland, 14 February 1945.
American soldiers posing with a captured Italian flag in Paestum, Italy, September 1943. (Colorized)
Commander of the 5th Walloon Volunteers SS Sturmbannführer Leon Degrelle and the Supreme Head of the SS and Police in Belgium and Northern France SS Gruppenfiihrer Richard Jungklaus, 1943. (Colorized)
Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, January 1, 1863. Photograph by Matthew Brady. (Colorized)
British infantry from the XIV Corps advancing in support during the Battle of Morval, 25 September 1916, part of the Battle of the Somme. (Colorization)
Soviet reindeer breeder and British aircraft mechanics at a polar air base. (Colorization)
General Charles de Gaulle, the leader of Free France, addresses the crowd of Chartres during its liberation, 24 August, 1944. (Colorized)
Chinese communist troops, wearing tennis sneakers, rags and American footgear, surrender to Charley Company, 7th Marines, south of Koto-ri, North Korea, December, 1950.
Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard, who on the is day in 1861, ordered his Confederate troops to fire on Fort Sumter in the Charleston Harbor which was defended by Major Robert Anderson, once a teacher of Beauregard's at Westpoint. (Colorized)
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