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The Obama's on their wedding day, 1992.
These twins toddlers on a Russian street are so well protected against the cold that they look like penguins, 1968.
A man with a Punt Gun, a type of large shotgun used for duck hunting. It could kill over 50 birds at once and was banned in the late 1860s.
A U.S. soldier shares his binoculars with three girls after the liberation of Normandy, WWII, 1944.
Two million people gathered in Times Square to celebrate the end of World War II, 1945.
Hitler at the presentation of the Beetle, 1940s.
Russian Imperial family - circa 1914.
Sergeant George A. Kaufman changes a street sign from Adolf Hitler Strasse to Roosevelt Boulevard in Krefeld, Germany, 1945.
A Vietnamese woman carries her children and possessions on bamboo pole as she tries to escape fierce fighting in the Cholon suburb of Saigon during the Viet Cong Mini Tet offensive of the Vietnam War in May 1968.
Princess (later Queen ) Elizabeth of Great Britain doing technical repair work during her WWII military service, 1944.
A soldier rescues a girl named Barbara James from the ruins of her home after a series of bombings, London, 1944.
Middle East, 1942. A marine repairing a a flag on board the cruiser HMS Alcantara.
RAF pilot Francis Mellersh getting a haircut and reading Greenmantle by John Buchan. Essex, England, 1942.
Venus the bulldog mascot of the British destroyer HMS Vansittart, circa 1941.
A German Army dog from the First World War wearing a hat and glasses and carrying a pair of binoculars, 1916.
U.S. soldiers care for a Filipino infant who had suffered from bayonet wounds to the face by retreating Japanese forces during the Battle of Leyte. Southern Leyte Province, Leyte island, Philippines. November 1944.
A teenage Bill Clinton shakes President John F. Kennedy's hand, Washington DC, 1963.
Netherlands liberation! A soldier shares his food with two Dutch kids, 1945
Close-up of Lincoln Head at Mount Rushmore under construction, South Dakota, 1937.
Chicago North Line rail accident between Harrison Street and Wabash Avenue on May 24, 1953
Queen Elizabeth visits her daughter Princess Elizabeth, who is training as an ATS mechanic at a training centre in southern England, April 1945. At this stage she is a Second Subaltern of the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service).
World War II Pin-up girl Margie Stewart visiting troops in Reims, France in June 1945
Mme Decourcelle, first female taxi driver in Paris, 1909
A Liberian army soldier stands ready to execute a former cabinet minister following the 1980 coup. The minister in the photo: Cecil Dennis. 1980
NYC blackout! The city made water available in some streets because power to pump it to apartments wasn't available in some areas on July 14, 1977
23-year-old man, who had defected from the Communist forces and joined the South Vietnam Government side, was recaptured by the Viet Cong and spent a month in a Viet Cong internment camp, 1966.
Members of the British Ambulance Corps arrive after a V2 rocket strike on London, 1945.
Residents of West Berlin showing their children to their grandparents who reside on the Eastern side, May 9, 1961.
MiG-21 crashed on “Plattenbau” building, Cottbus, East Germany, 1975.
American soldiers and Vietnamese children in a bivouac, Vietnam War 1965.
North Vietnamese soldiers with anti-aircraft gun, Thanh Hoa.
A Navy Corpsman lifts the head of a wounded Marine to give him a sip of water from his canteen as other soldiers relax during a pause in fighting on Guam Island, in the Marianas, in August 1944 during World War II.
People at entrance of a public shelter watch enemy planes during a daytime raid in London during The Blitz of World War II in 1940.
Local defense soldiers transporting debris of an American fighter. North Vietnam.
As the Eight Army strikes west across the frontier, the Tobruk garrison prepares to break out eastward to join it and the first troops pass through the frontier wire. Nov 1941
JFK, Jackie, and the Connallys in the presidential limousine minutes before the assassination. November 22, 1963.
Socialist Republic of Vietnam. One of many gatherings of working people in Hanoi dedicated to the reunion of Vietnam. July 1976.
Fighter planes land on the Sable, WWII c.1945
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