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Teenage Dating in Diner, 1950s, the States
National Guard Opening Fire on Kent State University Demonstrators, Ohio, USA, May 4, 1970
Troops of the Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900 China Boxer Rebellion (Russia excepted). Left to right: Britain, United States, Australia, India, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Japan.
Madison, Wisconsin: This cameraman stood between the points of Wisconsin National Guardsmen bayonets on September 30, 1969
Marine First Lieutenant Hart H. Spiegal of Topeka, Kansas, uses sign language as he tries to strike up a conversation with two tiny Japanese soldiers captured on Okinawa. The boy on the left claims he is “18” while his companion boasts “20” years. 1945
May 4, 1970: The Ohio National Guard moves in on demonstrators at Kent State University
A Kamikaze Pilot before Commencing His Last Mission, 1944-1945, Pacific War
A wounded German officer, found in the Egyptian desert during the first two days of a British offensive, is guarded by a sentry while awaiting backup, on November 13, 1942. Credit: AP Photo
P-40 fighters, members of the "Flying Tigers," near the border between China and Burma in 1942. Credit: R.T. Smith
Samurai in Yokohama, Japan. Photo by Felice Beato | 1864–65
Chinese PLA soldiers playing poker, Sino-Vietnamese War, 1979
45 Royal Marine Commando marches towards Port Stanley during the Falklands War, 1982. Marine Peter Robinson carrys the Union Flag on his pack. Credit: Royal Navy official photographer Holdgate Pete (PO)
Union soldiers of the 69th NY Infantry demonstrating bayonet drill, American Civil War
The second wave of Allied troops jumping into the water with some of them immediately got cut down by hostile fire, Omaha beach, June 6, 1944. Photo by Robert Capa
Wehrmacht 6th Army soldiers marching to Stalingrad, 1942
"When traditional way meets new fashion." Noble Samurai 源三郎政長 Wearing Traditional Armour while Holding A French Minié Rifle, Amagasaki, Japan, around 1870
U.S. Third Fleet ships steaming off Tokyo Bay, before entering for the occupation of Japan, August 1945
A member of the Hitler Youth captured by the Allies, Germany, 1945
Locals express their gratitude at Le Molay-Littry, between St. Lo and Bayeux, Normandy, 1944
U.S. Army African American soldiers in Bristol, England, during World War II. 1940s. Photo courtesy of Paul Townsend
HMS HERMES about to berth at Portsmouth Harbour on her return from the Falkland Islands, 21 July 1982. Credit: Unknow Royal Navy official photographer
U.S. Marine rests, Oct. 25, 1983, at the site of a truck bombing that leveled the Marine command center and killed 241 service members, including 220 Marines, on Oct. 23. The Marine was part of the search team.
“One living person among hundreds of corpses in one cave was this fly-covered baby who almost smothered before soldiers found him, rushed him to hospital.” Battle of Saipan, 1944. W. Eugene Smith—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
A Chinese PLA squad leader checking his wounded squad member. Sino-Vietnamese War. 1979. Northern Vietnam.
Mr. McCain, center, after he ejected from his fighter plane in 1967 and fell into a lake around Hanoi, Vietnam. Swimmers dragged him ashore, where he was set upon by a mob.
A warden gives directions to a mother and her two children during a World War II gas drill in Southend on Marcy 29, 1941.
Two Indian soldiers carrying a weeping Chinese POW to the exchange point in Panmunjom, North Korea, for return to the Communists after the Korean War in the early fall of 1953. He was among 65 Chinese soldiers who asked to be repatriated to their homeland.
“Colonel Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at the top of the hill which they captured, Battle of San Juan”July 1898. Photographer: William Dinwiddie
A British gunner flirts with a local French girl, Normandy, 1944, Operation Overlord
U.S. Marine Raiders posing in front of a Japanese stronghold they conquered at Cape Totkina, Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. anuary, 1944 (AP Photo/File)
Young anti-war protesters raise their arms in the air and taunt bayonet-armed National Guardsmen Aug. 28, 1968, near Michigan Avenue in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention. AP
Cameron Highlanders demonstrating how they form a square in the desert. Around the Battle of Atbara on 8th April 1898 in the Sudanese War. Sudan.
Ernie Pyle sharing cigarettes with Allied infantrymen. Okinawa, 1945.
In Palestine or Egypt. The British Imperial Camel Corps in 1918. Mounted troops from left to right representing the Australian, British, New Zealand and Indian sections. Credit: Imperial War Museum
Japanese Embassy, Navy Yard, Washington, DC by Mathew B. Brady | 1860
Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler singing “The Ballad of the Green Berets” on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1966. Credit : Ted Russell/The LIFE Images Collection, via Getty Images
Peking Police Force, Late Qing Dynasty, China, 1900s
AMX-30 of 11ème Régiment de Chasseurs in West Berlin. 11 June 1988.
Israeli tanks encountering Syrian soldiers giving themselves up as prisoners of war on the Golan Heights in 1967. Credit: Moshe Milner/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
A man armed with a machine gun sits at the Cook County Jail during the 1919 Chicago race riots.
The Campaign in Mandalay February - March 1945: Men of a Sikh regiment clear a Japanese foxhole at Mandalay with machine gun fire after throwing in a phosphorus grenade. Credit : No. 9 Army Film & Photographic Unit
U.S. President Ronald Reagan meets with a group of Afghan mujaheddin in White House to discuss Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan, especially the September 1982 massacre of 105 Afghan villagers in Lowgar Province. 1980s
Mr. John S. McCain, late senator of Arizona, left, in 1961 with his parents, Roberta Wright McCain and John S. McCain Jr., with a plaque of Mr. McCain’s grandfather, Adm. John Sidney McCain Sr., the patriarch of the military family
A British sentry cuts a lonely picture as he stands at his post at sunrise in France, March 1915,
Ernie Pyle listening to a news report on war activities over the loudspeaker of a Navy transport carrying Marines to the invasion of Okinawa in 1945. Credit : Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Polish flag in Berlin over the Berlin Victory Column (Siegessäule) at the downfall of the Third Reich. May 5, 1945. Polish Army photo.
Marine Gen. P.X. Kelley (left) and Col. Tim Geraghty (right) take Vice President George H.W. Bush on a tour around the site of the Beirut barracks bombing two days after the explosion. October 1983.
Portrait of Private Richard L. Cramer of Company I, 4th Michigan Infantry, and Company A, 1st Michigan Cavalry, 1861, the United States
A 19 year old George Bush sits in the cockpit of his Grumman Avenger torpedo bomber waiting take off. WW2. The Pacific
Mr. John S. McCain, bottom right, in 1965 with his Navy squadron.Image by Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times
A U.S. soldier questions two Korean boys serving in the North Korean army after their capture by the 389th Infantry Regiment in 1950. # FRANCIS MULLIN / COURTESY OF U.S. ARMY
Gen. Mark Clark in the rear jeep, entering Rome on June 4, 1944, amid cheering crowds. Credit: Associated Press
Marshal Michitsura Nozu. Imperial Japanese Army
Imperial Guard Cavalry, Japan, 1900
The crew of an American World War 1 tank poses next to their machine somewhere in France, 1918
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