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Cow shoes used by moonshiners in the Prohibition days to disguise their footprints, 1924
Princess Elizabeth, in peasant blouse and cotton skirt, and her husband, Prince Philip, in checkered shirt and blue jeans, enjoy an old-fashioned hoedown at a private party in Ottawa, Canada, October 11, 1951
Chicago policemen arrest Bernie Sanders at a school segregation protest, August 13, 1963
Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920
Newly engaged Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy speak with a LIFE magazine reporter, June 1953, at Hyannis Port
Battery Park, 1977 / Photograph by Fred Conrad
81 years ago today: Left side view of the German airship Zeppelin LZ 129 "Hindenburg" burning at Lakehurst, New Jersey, May 6, 1937. In this photo, the rear half of the ship is on fire but the ship is still above the ground; nose is pitched sharply upwards.
The Ovitz Family – Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz (1940s) At the start of World War II, there were 12 family members, seven of them dwarfs. On May 12, 1944, all were deported to Auschwitz, where they were studied and experimented on by Josef Mengele. (Colorized)
Ella Fitzgerald, New York City, 1953
15-year-old German soldier Hans-Georg Henke cries after being captured by the US 9th Army in Rechtenbach, Hesse, Germany, Tuesday, 3 April 1945 / Photographer: John Florea
Children in bomb-shelter trenches during the Blitz, England, c. 1941
Danuta Danielsson, a Jew whose mother survived Auschwitz, hitting a skinhead during a march in the Swedish town of Växjö, 1985.
The First Time an Airplane Landed on a Ship: the US Navy ship USS Pennsylvania, anchored in San Francisco Bay; from above is Eugene Ely piloting a Curtiss Model D biplane for a landing on a platform constructed on the stern (note sandbags on either side of platform); January 18, 1911.
Boris Karloff eating toast and drinking tea on the set of Frankenstein, 1931
Theodore Roosevelt visiting the Panama Canal construction site, 1904
The wreckage of the car that carried Diana, Princess of Wales, and her companion, Dodi al-Fayed, into a Paris tunnel on August 31, 1997
Andy Warhol, photographed in 1969 by Richard Avedon, showing the scars from being shot the year before
Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination, 1950
Haverford Cycle, 10th Street, Washington, D.C., December 1919
A U.S. soldier offers his hand to a woman leaving a cave where she had hidden with her child during the battle between Japanese and American forces. Saipan, 1944
Deputy Mayor Dr. jur. Ernst Kurt Lisso, his wife Renate Stephanie (in chair), and their daughter Regina Lisso after committing suicide by cyanide in the Leipzig New Town Hall to avoid capture by US troops. April 18, 1945
Country store on dirt road, July 1939, Gordonton, North Carolina / Photograph by Dorothea Lange
Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, June 28, 1914
Barrel of a large gun with German soldier at fortification, c. 1943 / Photograph by Hermann Harz
A young private waits on the beach during the Marine landing at Da Nang, Vietnam, 1965
“A child identified only as Josh plays with the shield of a Georgia State Patrol trooper during Saturday’s Ku Klux Klan march in Gainesville” - original caption of Todd Robertson’s photo of a child touching the shield of a State Trooper at a KKK rally in Gainesville, GA. 1992
No Lights, No Food but Lots of Liquor / Restaurant menu during New York City's 1977 Blackout
Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man, c. 1889
John F. Kennedy and Chief, 1960 / Photograph by Art Shay
Pfc. Abraham Mirmelstein holds the Holy Scroll as Capt. Manuel M. Poliakoff and Cpl. Martin Willen conduct Jewish services in Schloss Rheydt, former residence of Dr. Joseph Paul Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, in Münchengladbach, Germany, March 18, 1945.
A column of German Wehrmacht parading down the Champs-Élysées, Paris, 1941 / Photograph by André Zucca
The Remington Rand Univac was the first commercial computer produced in the United States. It is seen here in Philadelphia in 1951.
PFC Donald Jones of Topeka, Kansas, reads a sign just posted on the south limit of the demilitarized zone in Korea on July 30, 1953
Family and neighbors mourn the death of Nasimi Elshani, who was killed during a protest against the Yugoslavian government's decision to abolish the autonomy of Kosovo. Jan. 28, 1990
John F. Kennedy, Jr., talks to White House Secret Service agent Bob Foster during Veterans Day ceremonies at Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery, November 11, 1963
Harold Lloyd filming the clock scene from “Safety Last”, 1923
Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, 1925
China, Manchu ladies of the palace being warned to stop smoking, Peking China, c1910-1925
A Japanese woman carries her son on her back as she marks her ballot in Tokyo on April 10, 1946, in Japan’’s first free election in generations.
A U.S. Marine chats with his scouting dog in Guam in August 1944 / Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White
San Francisco Supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk at the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom parade, the year he was killed. Upon his election, Milk became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office.
Two-man bobsleigh at the St. Moritz Winter Olympic Games, 1928
German WWI submarine, designation SM U-118, washed ashore in Hastings, East Sussex, England, right in front of the Queens Hotel, February 23, 1919. The submarine was being towed to France to be scrapped when the tow cable snapped during a storm.
Berlin at the end of World War II, 1945. The area extending north beyond the Brandenburg Gate was later controlled by the Soviets for almost 40 years. Note the portrait of Stalin in the center.
Rue de Rivoli, Occupied Paris, 1942 / Photograph by André Zucca
The Statue of Liberty's head, on exhibit at the 1878 Paris World’s Fair
The first Jeep model, the Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC-40), photographed during Army testing, 1941. (Work on a hand-built prototype had begun on July 17, 1940, and was delivered for Army testing on September 23, 1940.)
Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour, June 3, 1980. Photograph by Gary Fong
The HMS Endurance trapped in ice, Antarctica, 1915, during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton. When the crew felt they had a chance of freeing it, they put the sails up. Realizing the ship wasn't moving, the photographer went onto the ice to take this photo
A couple holding hands, Vietnam, 1971. Photo by Thomas Billhardt
Tourists drive their car on a dirt road along Yellowstone River, 1899
Elisabeth Volkenrath: head wardress of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She was sentenced to death, and hanged on 13 December 1945.
In one of the last known photographs of him alive, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., stands with other civil rights leaders (including Jesse Jackson) on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., April 3, 1968, a day before he was assassinated.
Benito Mussolini, 1922
Russian survivor liberated by the U.S. Army in Buchenwald camp in Germany identified a former guard who were brutally beating prisoners. April 14, 1945. (Colorized)
Conrad Schumann leaping over barbed wire into West Berlin on August 15, 1961, during construction of the Berlin Wall
Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev drinking wine from a drinking horn in the Soviet Republic of Georgia, 1963
Marilyn Monroe on the first cover of Playboy, December 1953
A Rolls-Royce armored car on York Street, during the Belfast riots, June 1935
Studebaker automobile in repair shop with garage mechanic, c. 1919
London after a German air raid, 1940. The spire of the Central Criminal Court – better known as the Old Bailey – rises amid the wreckage.
Female prisoners in the newly liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 1945 / Photograph by George Rodger
On January 1, 1976, the Hollywood sign became “Hollyweed” after being draped in material by Cal State Northridge student Danny Finegood to mark the day relaxed marijuana laws came into effect.
British Commonwealth Troops with Captured Nazi Flag at Monte Cassino, Latin Valley, Southeast of Rome, Italy. 18 May 1944 / Photograph by Carl Mydans, using Kodachrome film
Color photograph of the bombed-out city of Nuremberg, Germany, in June, 1945, after the end of World War II.
The first aerial photo of New York City, taken by photographer James A. Hart in 1906 from a hot air balloon
A woman donning a gas mask during a Los Angeles smog alert, June 1979
A man smokes marijuana for the benefit of onlookers during the ‘Honor America Day Smoke-In’ thrown by marijuana activists to protest the official Honor America Day ceremonies in Washington, D.C., July 4, 1970.
D-Day, June 6, 1944. An original color photograph of E Company, Fifth Ranger Battalion, aboard their landing craft in Weymouth Harbor, Dorset, England, before setting out for Omaha Beach.
The first photograph taken upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1911
One person’s weekly rationing allowance in England in 1951
German soldier dives for cover as shell explodes behind him at an artillery position. Western Front, 1917
The family “The Sound of Music” was based on: Baroness Maria von Trapp sings with her children Johannes, Eleonore, Hedwig, Martina, Maria, Rosemarie, and Werner in London, c. 1950
The first Corvettes were produced in Flint, Michigan, on June 30, 1953. Only 300 Corvettes were made for the 1953 model year - all Polo White with red interiors.
Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr goes into the air after being tripped, right after scoring the overtime goal against the St. Louis Blues that won the Stanley Cup for the Bruins in Boston. May 10, 1970
Egyptian men with a fallen statue of Ramses II, late 1800s
“The Kiss of Life” photograph by Rocco Morabito, 1967. Utility worker J.D. Thompson gives mouth-to-mouth to co-worker Randall G. Champion after he went unconscious following contact with a low voltage line.
A U.S. soldier stands in the middle of rubble in the Monument of the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig after they attacked the city on April 18, 1945. The monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon in 1813 was one of the last strongholds in the city to surrender.
Italian cyclist Gino Sciardis getting his bike lubricated during the 1949 Tour de France
Park Slope plane crash, Dec. 16, 1960 - a United Airlines DC-8 and TWA Super Constellation collided in the air, killing all 128 passengers and six people on the ground
Japanese-American grocery proclaims "I Am An American" as they sell the store prior to internment, Oakland, California, Friday, 13 March 1942 / Photographer: Dorothea Lange
Adolf Eichmann walks around the yard of his cell. Ramla Prison, Israel, 1961
Rosemary Kennedy, c. 1938
Amelia Earhart paying a visit to Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel, London, 1928
Chaplain R.T. DuBrau conducts a rainy GI funeral, c. 1941-1945 / Original color photograph by William R. Wilson
Major Jimmy Stewart Receives Air Medal, RAF Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England, Monday, 15 May 1944
“Seeing New York” — Electric omnibuses at the Flatiron Building, c. 1904
Statue of Liberty, 50 Years Old, 1936 / Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White
The Gate to Dachau Concentration Camp, with its slogan “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work sets you free”). 1945.
Pablo Picasso, 1932. Photograph by Cecil Beaton
Four-year-old Michael Finder of East Germany is tossed by his father into a net held by residents and firemen across the border in West Berlin. The father, Willy Finder, then prepares to make the jump himself. October 7, 1961
Alfred Hitchcock directing Janet Leigh in the shower scene from “Psycho” (Dec. 1959; film released 1960)
Kotsuis and Hohhug, Nakoaktok — Nakoaktok men in ceremonial dress, with long beaks, crouching on their haunches / c. 1914 / Photograph by Edward S. Curtis
Twenty-two students cramming into a telephone booth to try to establish a stacking record, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California, 1959 / Photo: Joe Munroe
Steven Spielberg in “Bruce” the Shark’s mouth during the filming of “Jaws” (1975)
San Francisco earthquake, April 18, 1906. Photographer Arnold Genthe said it shows "the results of the earthquake, the beginning of the fire and the attitude of the people." It was taken the morning of the first day of the fire. Shows Sacramento St. at Miles Place near Powell St.
Nine black students enter Central High School in 1957, in Little Rock, AR. Three weeks earlier, the governor had surrounded it with National Guards to prevent its integration. Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard and sent 1,000 paratroopers to enforce the court order.
White House photographed at night, under snow, 1907
The Grande Galerie in the Louvre abandoned at the beginning of World War II (1940s). Photograph by Marc Vaux
In 1935 Kay Petre took the ladies land speed record at 134.75 mph in the 1924 Delage, a 10.5 litre V12-engine Land Speed Record car she had been racing against the men. Due to her size, Kay needed large wooden blocks strapped to the pedals to allow her to operate them.
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