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The traditional architectural style of an elite family's home. Djenné, Mali, West Africa - photographed in 1906.
Norma M. Sklarek in a boardroom meeting at Gruen Associates, LA - 1960s. One of America's most famous female architects, she became a company director in 1966. Despite this, many of her projects - such as the American Embassy in Tokyo - were fully credited to male architect César Pelli.
Directors of the Afro-American Investment and Building Company (Est. 1892) - Brooklyn, New York. Photographed circa 1906.
King Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge and Queen Baramparaye of Burundi, East Africa are served breakfast at their royal residence in Gitega Province - circa 1940s.
Charles Banks, c. 1905, in the library of his Mound Bayou estate, Mississippi. Once a town famed for boasting the most millionaires in the Delta, Banks owned The Bank of Mound Bayou as well as the Oil Mill and Manufacturing Co.
A young Norris Bumstead Herndon - sole heir to one of America's then-wealthiest Black business dynasties - in his office, c. 1920s. In 1927 he became President of the Atlanta Life Insurance Co. founded by his father in 1905. It continues today.
Saturday 31st March 1990. Two Japanese tourists are caught in the unfolding Poll Tax Riots of Central London - later coined 'The Battle of Trafalgar'.
9th September, 1963. Minnie Gaston, wife of 'The Black Titan' - A.G. Gaston - shows the firebomb damage to their home. At this time the Gastons were the nation's wealthiest Black business dynasty- and subject to constant attacks, largely under the orders of the KKK.
London, UK - 1920. Newlyweds Victor A. Kayode and Aurora Fanimokun pose with best man, Theophilus A. Doherty. The couple's son, Remi Fani-Kayode, would become one of the most influential and connected men in Nigerian history. Theophilus would establish the National Bank of Nigeria.
Traditional Bamiléké architecture in Foumban, Cameroon, Central Africa. In this building tradition, huge granaries were built between the roofs and ceilings. Photographed circa 1910.
The skeleton of Sans-Souci Palace through the mists - Haiti, 1963. Once known in Europe as the 'Versailles of the Caribbean', Sans-Souci - meaning 'Carefree' - was the largest commissioned in the Kingdom of Haiti by Henri Christophe I. An earthquake in 1842 devastated the complex.
The infant King, Daudi Cwa II of Uganda - East Africa, 1900s. Crowned 'Kabaka' of Uganda's largest ancient kingdom, aged only 2, by conspiring chieftans and British colonials - Daudi Cwa II would suffer lifelong depression due to the constant control exerted over him.
The Boulé - or Sigma Pi Phi. Est. 1904 by businessmen in Philadelphia, the secret society rapidly became - and remains - one of the most elite Black 'Old Boys' organizations in the world. Today chapters exist from the UK to The Bahamas.
Mwami (King) Mutara III Rudahigwa of Rwanda on a state visit to Belgium, 1949. The King - reign 1931 to 1959 - was the first Roman Catholic convert in the history of the monarchy; his father before him had refused under foreign pressure and been deposed.
January 3rd 1921. Chicago's first Black owned bank, The Binga State Bank (Est. 1908) opens doors with a state charter. Founder Jesse Binga, a real estate mogul, would become one of the city's most venerated and loathed figures. The area boomed as the city's Black business district.
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