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Eddie" The Eagle" Edwards soars above a roaring crowd at the 1992 Calgary Winter Olympics. He finished last.
Merrill's Marauders. South East Asia. 1944.
Pablo Picasso paints a ceramic plate for Brigitte Bardot in 1956, south of France. she was 21 and he was 74.
A mass beer hall brawl between Nazi SA members and Communist KPD supporters. Pharus Hall, Berlin. 1927
Winston Churchill (far right) and fellow British soldiers in Pretoria after capture by the Boers. 1899
Warriors of the Dayak headhunter tribe. Borneo 1940s
An opium-addled Bahadur Shah Zafar II awaits trial for support of the Indian mutiny against the British Raj. India 1858
A captured prisoner from the Boxer Rebellion, locked in a cangue at a prison in Peking, c1900.
Assembly Line – Detroit, 1955, Ford’s River Rouge plant, the largest self-contained automotive manufacturing complex in the world, where raw materials were transformed into one car every minute.
An 18-year-old Cassius Clay wins the Olympic Light Heavyweight gold medal against Poland's Zbigniew Pietrzykowski. Rome 1960
Armed police and Winston Churchill gingerly survey cornered anarchists during the "Siege of Sydney Street". January 1911
Escaping from East Berlin on the first morning of the construction of the wall. 1961.
A Royal Marine greets his young daughter on his return from the Falkland Island War. (1982)
Australian Light Horse cavalry eating breakfast on the veldt. Boer war 1901.
The USS Altamaha leaving California for Australia loaded with Mustang aircraft. July 1943
May 1941. Convict camp in Greene County, Georgia. The guitarist is bluesman Buddy Moss.
Blind Veterans of WWI take part in the first ever racewalking event. London 1922
KKK clansman on a ferris wheel. Colorado State fair.1926.
A Kalahari Bushman entertains children of the tribe. 1946
Exhausted Londoners escape the nightly blitz by cramming into the underground tube line at Oxford Street
Navvies cut the Manchester to Liverpool ship canal. 1893
The Great London Smog- the worst air pollution crisis in European history, killing an estimated 8,000 to 12,000 people. 1952
Heilongjiang party secretary Ren Zhongyi being humiliated with a prominent dunce's cap fastened on his head by Red Guards in September 1966 during the Cultural Revolution. (Note he is covered in black ink, not blood)
The 19-year-old Edward Prince of Wales on the first ever Royal tour of the USA at Niagra. 1860
Hitler Youths receive a formal welcome at Hove railway station, Sussex, Great Britian July 1936
British 8th Army "Desert Rats" in operation during "Operation Lightfoot" October 1942 (note the German soldier is captured not dead)
The artist L.S.Lowrey looks over Salford Viaduct. Manchester. England. 1962.
Oswald as he emerged from the Texas Theatre into the bright midday sun, sandwiched between Patrolman C.T. Walker and, still chewing his cigar, Detective Paul Bentley. 1963
Candid Photo of Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta. 1956
Hundreds of weary captured Argentinian soldiers await processing. Port Stanley, Falkland islands 1982
The 601 "millionaires" squadron at RAF Tangmere during the Battle of Britain. Summer 1940
Valley of the Shadow of Death taken on April 23, 1855, just after the "Charge of the Light Brigade" during the Crimean War
A bored German sentry gazes over an entire river valley of captured Soviet prisoners. Belorussia. 1942
Candid photo of President Ronald Reagan and HRH Queen Elizabeth II riding horses around Home Park in Windsor on visit to Windsor Castle in 1982
Rip, the cross terrier rescue dog. London Blitz. July 1940
Indian Infantry prepares for a gas attack. Western Front 1916
Oswald Mosley, leader of the "British Union of Fascists" taking the Nazi salute of his supporters London 1937
Thor Heyerdahl and the crew of Kon-Tiki with captured shark 1947
Britains Woodstock - The Isle of Wight Festival 1970
British "Bobbies" attempt to haul down Communist banners during a hunger march Tower Hill London 1930
Survivors of the SS Titanic approach the SS Carpathia - the first rescue ship on the scene. April 1912
A beautifully serene photo of London "Blitz" evacuee children playing in a Cotswold village. July 1940 (800 X 694)
Rare photo of the Montenegrin army in action during the second Balkan war. Summer 1913
The deportation of the Jewish community of Ioannina Greece by the Nazis. March 1944
Irish Rebellion May 1916
A British army "snatch squad" rescues a wounded colleague stranded in the Republican Falls Road era of Belfast. 1977.
An afronted wounded Tommy calls out to the photographer "I am not a German!" 1916
The "Battle of Orgreave" saw thousands of striking miners clash with even bigger numbers of police officers outside a coking plant near Sheffield. June 1984
Models go on display in East Germany of the Sputnik (launched 1957) and the more elaborate Sputnik III (launched 1958)
A wounded student is attended to after an "academic fencing" bout. Heidelberg Germany 1906
Anxious villagers await news of survivors of the Easington Colliery Explosion. County Durham. UK. 1951
Rosaline Holmes Harrison with her baby before the funeral, 1850. Daguerreotype
London Auctioneers Christies sell Van Gogh's "Fifteen Sunflowers" for a record $39 million. 1987
The British Imperial Camel Corps. Egypt 1915
U.S. Marines move through the grounds of the Imperial Palace in the old citadel Vietnam, after seizing it from Communist hands after a 25-day siege. 1968
Thousands of unemployed people wait outside the State Labor Bureau to register for Federal relief jobs during the Great Depression. New York 1933.
Anti-German riots in London after the sinking of the Lusitania 1915
President Richard Nixon at a White House dinner in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. April 1970
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