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Black citizens attempt to cast ballots, while being photographied by police officers for purposes of intimidation. Greenwood, Mississippi, United States. August 1963.
Nightclub owner Jack L. Hickman marching around Times Square with a sign reading “The only good communist is a dead communist”. New York City, United States. April 26, 1965.
The last French duel: Members of Parliament René Ribière (Gaullist) and Gaston Defferre (Socialist) fought with a sword over an insult in Parliament from the latter to the former. The arbiter was Gaullist Member of Parliament Jean de Lipkowski. Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. April 21, 1967.
Older New Orleans woman with her young enslaved servant woman, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, in the 1850s
The delegations signing the Treaty of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors. Versailles, France. June 28, 1919.
Infantrymen of "D" Company, The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, with their Universal Carrier, on which is inscribed "Germany Kaput - Italia Tutto Finito - Here We Come - Canada". De Glindhorst, Netherlands. May 5, 1945.
Buzz Aldrin, of the Apollo 11 expedition, saluting the United States flag. Tranquility Base, Moon. July 20, 1969.
Portrait of writer Leo Tolstoy. Russian Empire, 1897.
Black citizens fill out voter registration forms at the Courthouse under a sign warning them the applicants' names and addresses will be published in the newspapers. Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi, United States. 1964.
View of the Eiffel tower and the grounds of the Exposition Universelle on the Champs de Mars with Seine and the Pont d'Iena in the foreground, Paris, taken from a balloon above the Trocadero. Paris, France. Between April and October 1889.
Black children invited by two civil rights militants swimming in the swimming pool of the White-only Monson Motel. To force them out, James Brock, owner of the motel, pours acid into the water. Saint Augustine, Florida, United States. June 18, 1964
President Richard Nixon greets former Vietnam Prisoner of War John McCain, Jr. at a Pre-POW Dinner Reception in the White House. Washington DC, United States. May 24, 1973.
9-year old Eunice Winstead Johns and her husband, Charlie Johns, 22, at their home. Sneedville, Tennessee, United States. February 2, 1937.
Amazon Indians chained and enslaved during the rubber boom. Putumayo, Peru. 1912
German soldiers delight in the shaving of a swastika onto the head of a religious Jewish man. Nazi-occupied Poland, early 1940s.
Shaven, bare-footed Jewish lawyer Dr Michael Siegel under SA custody with a sign "I will never again complain to the police", running across the Stachus square, after having complained on behalf of Max Uhlfelder. Munich, Germany. March 10, 1933.
Parker High School student Walter Gadsden, 17, being attacked by police dogs from Bull Connor during the Children's Crusade. May 3, 1963. Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
German and Turkish diplomats signing the Treaty of Friendship and Non-Aggression. June 18, 1941
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain holding the text of the Munich Agreement, preparing himself to read it to the crowd at Heston Aerodrome. London, United Kingdom. September 30, 1938.
Destroyed interior of briefing room in Hiler's headquatter Wolfsschanze after arrempted assassination by bombing. July 20, 1944. Rastenurg, East Prussia, Germany
Three former directors of the Global Smallpox Eradication Program in the Center for Disease Control as they read the good news that smallpox had been eradicated on a global scale. United States. 1980.
Man holds "The only good communist is a dead communist" sign in midst of crowd gathered on street to see Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. September 23, 1959. Des Moines, Iowa, United states
Ruined shell of the Monte Cassino Monastery a day after it was captured by the 2nd Polish Corps troops. Photograph shows the only surviving wall of the Abbey after the bombardment in February. Monte Cassino, Italy. May 19, 1944.
George Lincoln Rockwell, center, leader of the American Nazi Party, and his “Hate Bus” with several young men wearing swastika arm bands, stops for gas. Montgomery, Alabama, United States, May 23, 1961.
Hunter carrying the head of the bear he killed. Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, United States. May 11, 1957
Photograph shows a flag flown from an upper story window of the NAACP headquarters announcing that "a man was lynched yesterday." New York City, United states. 1936.
"Tank Man" standing in front of tanks leaving Tiananmen Square, where they suppressed the protests the day before. Beijing, China. June 5, 1989.
Barbara Gittings, head of the New York chapter of the lesbian group Daughter of Bilitis, picketing the White House with Randy Wicker in support of gay rights. Washington DC, United States. July 4, 1966
Klaus Hornig, former kapo in Buchenwald having been beaten up by inmates, is doing the Nazi salute while photographied by Lee Miller. Buchenwald, Germany. April 20-25, 1945.
Mass demonstration in front of the Reichstag against the Treaty of Versailles. Berlin, Germany. May 15, 1919.
President Lyndon B. Johnson at the signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. White House East Room, in front of a crowd comprising Hubert Humphrey, Lady Bird Johnson, Martin Luther King and J. Edgar Hoover. Washington D.C., United states. July 2, 1964.
Mao Zedong announcing the founding of the People's Republic of China on the Tienanmen Square. Beijing, China. October 1, 1949.
"I have lost four years of 'education.' Why five? (let's tell Russia about this)" Black students asking for the reopening of their schools, closed by the county authorities to protest against integration. Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia. July 1963
"Judaism wants world domination" Board from the Anti-Bolshevik Exposition describing Communism, Socialism, Freemasonry and Anglo-Saxon powers as puppets of the Jews. Paris, French State. March 10, 1942
Chief U.S. Marshal James McShane (left) and Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, John Doar (right) of the Justice Department, escorting James Meredith to class at Ole Miss. Oxford, Mississippi, United States. October 1, 1962
Shirley Ann Green, 14, holding the bars of the stockade without beds nor working sanitary facilities where she and fourteen other Black girls are held after protesting segregation. Leesburg, Georgia, United States. July 1963.
Alabama State Troopers charging civil rights marchers. Selma, Alabama, United States. March 7, 1965.
Generals Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton are watching former concentration camp inmates demonstrating torture methods inflicted on them while Jules Grad, pool correspondent for the "Stars and Stripes," is taking notes. Ohrdruf, Germany. April 12, 1945.
Three women chatting near "Let Bobby Sands Die" anti-IRA graffiti. Bobby Sands was a jailed IRA member who engaged in an hunger strike to protest against his detention conditions. Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. May 1, 1981.
Victory March during Bastille Day, to honour Allied victory during World War One. Arch of Triumph, Paris, France. July 14, 1919.
"Whether figures, gasoline, bombs or bread, we bring Poland death." Inscription on the side of a Luftwaffe Ju-52. Germany. 1939
Group of emaciated young men wearing loin cloths and a woman, the hospital nurse, wearing a sari during the Great Famine. Bangalore, British India. October 17, 1877.
Signatories of the Armistice ending World War I in front of the wagon where the meeting was held. Marshal Fernand Foch is surrounded by the British Admirals Hope and Rosslyn Wemyss. Compiègnes, France. November 11, 1918.
A M41 Walker Bulldog tank in front of the National Congress during the 1964 coup d'etat. Brasilia, Brazil. March 31, 1964.
Benjamin H. Freedman at the age of 82, center (third from left) with bow tie, receiving the Service award from the Anti-Communist Federation of Polish Freedom Fighters. Salem, Massachusetts, United States. 1972.
Polish civilian Antoni Bartoszek hanged by the German Orpo near the entrance to his restaurant. Wawer, Poland. September 27, 1939.
German soldiers on the way to Poland, in a railway car on which is written the inscription "We are going to Poland to strike at the Jews", alongside caricatures of Jews. Gemany. September 1939.
Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender on behalf of the Japanese Government, on board USS Missouri (BB-63). Tokyo Bay, Japan. September 2, 1945.
The rescue of Susan Maybank from the ruins of the school destroyed in the collapse of a colliery spoil tip. Aberfan, Wales, United Kingdom. October 21, 1966.
Crowd of depositors gather in the rain outside Bank of United States after its failure. New York City, New York State, United States. 1931.
SNCC members Hardy Frye and Howard Jeffries standing next to a Plymouth with a SNCC logo painted by Frank Cieciorka, during the Freedom Summer; the logo was removed after their insurance company told them it was too risky. Holly Springs, Mississippi. June 1964.
Queen Rachel ("Barbara Kaliher Canevaro") and Emanuele Canevaro, the Duke of Zoagli, both members of the Children of God, on their wedding day, along with Faith Berg, Simon Black and the Little Sisters of Jesus. Rome, Italy. April 22, 1973.
Participants to the States' Rights Democratic Party ("Dixiecrat") Convention in the Municipal Auditorium carrying portraits of General Robert Lee and Confederate flags. Birmingham, Alabama, United States. July 17, 1948.
Partisans of both parties have been at work on the Barry Goldwater billboard at S. Dahlia Street and E. Evans Avenue. Atlantic City, United States. October 16, 1964
Stalin and Joachim von Ribbentrop shaking hands after the signing of the Non-Aggression Pact. Moscow, Soviet Union. August 23, 1939.
François Perrin, played by Pierre Richard, with Christine, played by Mireille Darc, in "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe", by Yves Robert. 1972. France
Human billboards carrying posters advertising for the main candidates for the Presidential elections. Berlin, Germany. April 10, 1932.
"Wax for lead; bloodless duelling at the Olympic Games" Olympic duelling between two well-protected contestants using wax bullets. London, United Kingdom. 1908
Emergency personnel respond to the Tokyo subway sarin attack by the Aum Shinrikyo cult. Tokyo, Japan. March 20, 1995.
“Truck Ceremony”, a way of introduce a fleet of transportation vehicles to the community for purposes of vaccinations against smallpox. Upper Volta (today Burkina Faso). 1969.
A forester on his AWO 425T motorcycle congratulates a team of women who achieved 184% of work target by planting 25,000 saplings in the time that they were set a quota of 16,000. September 12, 1959. Neustrelitz, East Germany.
Peons, who participed to the construction of the southern railway, receiving punishment on the stocks. Troncoso, Angostura, Chile. 1862
Children accused of having lynched and stoned 8-year-old Paul Gignoux are interrogated at the police station. Lyon, France. April 28, 1937.
Contingent of the Imperial Guard during an inspection. Japan, 1872.
Quagga mare at London Zoo, the only specimen photographed alive. London, England, United Kingdom. 1870.
During the joint military parade, German and Soviet officers are conversing in front of Soviet propaganda material and portraits of Stalin. Brest-Litovsk, Poland. September 22, 1939
Crowd hearing MSPD member Philipp Scheidemann proclaiming the republic from the windows of the Reichstag. November 9, 1918.
French singer Charles Aznavour with French-Italian singer and dancer Caterina Valente, during the Grand Gala du Disque. Scheveningen, the Netherlands. September 30, 1961.
"Danziger, stay disciplined! Panic and rumor-mongering are the Bolsheviks' best allies!" and anti-deserters message on Machwitz shop being read by woman. Dantzig, Germany (today Gdansk, Poland). February 1945.
The only known photograph of the Christie Pits riot, which opposed Jewish and Italian youth against Anglo members of Swastika Clubs refusing them access to the beaches. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. August 16, 1933.
Soldiers of the 1. Cavalry Division moving towards Khe Sanh Combat Base during Operation Pegasus. South Vietnam. April 1–14, 1968.
Henry L. Moon, Roy Wilkins, Herbert Hill and Thurgood Marshall, NAACP leaders, holding a "Stamp Out Mississippi-ism" poster. United States. 1956
Kenpeitai agents at the Royal Turf Club Racecourse waiting for transport to prisoner of war camps. Bangkok, Thailand. September 17, 1945
Edouard Daladier, French Prime Minister, Count Ciano, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Joachim von Ribbentrop signing the Munich Agreement. Munich, Germany. September 30, 1938.
Pierre Lebughe, first native to receive an agronomy diploma in the colony, receiving his degree from the hands of Bishop Luc Gillon, rector of the Lovanium University. Léopoldville, Belgian Congo. July 28, 1959
The Juno II launching the Pioneer IV satellite, which was to take pictures of the Moon and study radiation in space. Cap Canaveral, Florida, United States. March 3, 1959
A British armored railroad wagon behind a railcar on which two Arab hostages are seated during the Arab Revolt. Mandatory Palestine. 1936
Chimpanzee Enos pictured wearing a space suit and lying in his flight couch as a handler holds his hands. He is being prepared for insertion into the Mercury-Atlas 5 capsule. United States. December 18, 1961.
Mr Justice Bucknill, wearing a black cap, passes a sentence of death on poisoner Frederick Seddon. March 14, 1912
First Dominion Day celebrations in North Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada. July 1, 1906.
Hazing of a pilot of helicopter Gazelle - Light Aviation of the French Army. Compiegne, France. 1997
Black market in Shinbashi. Japan, February 13th, 1946
An "Impeach Earl Warren" billboard erected by the John Birch Society is seen along the highway. Birmingham, Alabama, United States. June 1963
Celebrations for the 60-Year Jubilee of Canadian Confederation on Dominion Day on Parliament Hill. Ottawa, Canada. July 1, 1927.
Force Publique units from the Belgian Congo during the East African Campaign. German East Africa, 1916
President Nixon with former Chief Justice Earl Warren and newly appointed Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. Washington DC, United States. June 23, 1969.
Millsaps College students leading protest against death of Jackson State University student Benjamin Brown, who have been shot by police. Picture taken by the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. Jackson, Mississippi, United States. After May 12, 1967.
Major Ivan Denisovich Frolov (center) with officers of the Russian National Liberation Army (RONA), or S.S. Sturmbrigade R.O.N.A., led by Bronislav Kaminski. The officer to the right from Frolov is Lt. Michalczewski. First from the right, Major B.A. Kostenko. Warsaw, August 1944
Light Christmas committee members posing behing a table. Seattle City, Washington, United States. December 23, 1954
Mr Justice Avory is wearing a black cap while passing death sentence on Thomas Alloway for the murder of Irene Wilkins. United Kingdom. July 7, 1922
A Comet tank of 11th Armoured Division passes the camp gate at Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Bergen-Belsen, Germany. April 15, 1945
Matador Curro Romero (center) leaving the arena while receiving cushions from the crowd during a bronca against him. Spain. 1967.
Inside of the Cinema Rex after arson. Abadan, Iran. August 19, 1978.
Women representatives of Democrats for Goldwater from Central Wisconsin rally to support their candidate. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. October 28, 1964.
From left to right, former governors Ross Barnett, James P. Coleman, William L. Waller, John Bell Williams, Paul B. Johnson, Jr., standing on Mississippi Governor's Mansion lawn during restoration formal opening ceremonies. Jackson, Mississippi, United States. June 8, 1976.
"LBJ Sold Out to Yankee Socialists" board held by Representative Bruce Algers (R-TX) during a protest by the "Mink Coat Mob" against Lyndon B. Johnson. Dallas, Texas, United States. November 4, 1960.
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