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Two homeless men squat in the shadow of the recently completed World Trade Center in 1975...
Stevie Wonder visiting a children’s school for the blind in London... c.1970
The Empire State Building ablaze after a B-25 bomber crashed into it in thick fog over New York City on July 28, 1945...
The automobile crash that killed James Dean on Sept. 30, 1955 in Cholame, California...
Escape from Alcatraz... Dummy head used by John Anglin to fool prison guards during his escape from Alcatraz Prison. His, and his 2 companions whereabouts are still unknown... June 1962
Stephen and Jane Hawking at home in 1965 -
A British couple sleeps inside a "Morrison shelter” used as protection from collapsing homes during the WWII 'Blitz' bombing raids... March 1941 -
America mourns the Germans who died in the Hindenburg crash in 1937...
The Empire State Building as seen from New Jersey in 1941... photo by Andreas Feininger
The Fremont Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada with a nuclear test mushroom cloud in the background on June 24, 1957
Monsters of SCTV... Eugene Levy, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Rosemary Radcliffe and John Candy of Second City... (1974) -
Lightning pounds the Eiffel Tower, Paris ... (1902) -
George S. Patton’s dog, Willie, mourning his best friend on the day of his death... (Dec. 21, 1945) -
Swedish high jumper, Gunhild Larking, awaiting her turn at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games -
Neil Armstrong serving everyone cake on his 39th birthday after returning from the moon on the Apollo 11 mission... (Aug 5, 1969) -
New York City during the nearly 24 hr. blackout that lead to widespread arson and looting... July 13, 1977
French Resistance fighters man a barricade in Paris - August 1944
Test Pilot George Aird flying an English Electric Lightning F1 ejected from his plane at only about 100 feet in 1962... he survived -
Oklahoma soldier, Sgt. Arthur E. Peters, reclines in Hitler’s bed and reads a copy of 'Mein Kampf' ... May 1945 -
Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays "Going Home" as FDR's body is borne past in Warm Springs, GA, where the President was scheduled to attend a barbecue on the day he died. (April, 1945) -
A 15 kiloton nuclear weapon detonates about 10km away from the cannon it was fired from at the Nevada Test Site in May 1953...
Japanese Special Forces wearing gas masks through a chemical attack near Chapei during the 'Battle of Shanghai'... (1937) -
Slaves in the cotton field of Georgia...c.1860s
The family photo that Charlie Duke left on the Moon on April 23, 1972.... On the back side of the photo a message reads “This is the family of astronaut Duke from planet Earth. Landed on the moon, April 1972” -
Japanese suffragist, Kamako Kimura, visiting the U.S. in 1917...
Pyramid of Cannons - WWI Victory celebrations ... Champs Elysees, Paris - July 14, 1919
Cuban Missile Crisis... U.S. Army anti-aircraft rockets mounted on launchers and pointed out over the Florida Straits in Key West Florida... (Oct 27, 1962) -
"You!”... Princess Diana meets comedian Rowan Atkinson (Edmund Blackadder, Mr. Bean) while greeting the cast of the ‘Royal Variety’ show... (1984) -
The models of “American Gothic” stand next to the painting - (c.1935) ...painting by Grant Wood, 1930 -
The Brandenburg Gates traffic jam between East and West Germany shortly after the Fall of the Berlin Wall... (1989) -
The first Chevrolet Corvette... Flint, Michigan... June 30,1953
The hole blasted into the Empire State Building on the 79th floor after a B-25 bomber crashed into it in heavy fog on July 28, 1945...
Unemployed lumber worker, Thomas Cave and his wife follow the work, to the bean harvest... (1939) -
Aboriginal man, Tom Noytuna and his son use a newly installed telephone for their first time at a remote outstation at Korlobidahdah, central Arnhem Land, Australia ... (c.1980) -
First free flight of the US Space Shuttle... USS Enterprise as it separates from the Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft during the Shuttle Apporach and Landing Tests (ALTs) at Dryden Flight Research Center in Southern California, August 12, 1977
Swiss guards and a lone Italian Carabiniere guarding the entry to the Vatican in Rome... (late 1800s) -
Dunkirk Evacuation... a line of beleagured soldiers making their way to a waiting ship and safe haven... (May 27 - June 3, 1940) -
Looking back ... New York state senator Robert F. Kennedy campaigning in a small Indiana town - 1968
Elvis plays it cool on the ferris wheel while future girlfriend Anita Wood can't believe the day she's having - (c.1957)...
Building Empire State, 1930... The entire building went up in just over a year, under budget (at $40 million) and well ahead of schedule
The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, March 4, 1861 at the unfinished Capitol, Washington DC. ...
A visit to Disneyland in 1961 -
A Japanese Canadian family being relocated to a Internment Camp in British Columbia - 1942
Five generations of a slave family on a plantation in Beaufort, South Carolina... c.1862
2 severely burnt British soldiers whose tank had been hit by a German shell shortly after the Normandy landings... (1944) -
Rare photo of Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie & Clyde) working as a waitress at Marco’s Cafe in Dallas, Texas ... c.1929.
A child plays with a soccer ball in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, while armed guards watch over a workman on the other side - Bernauer Strasse, West Berlin... 1967
The Beatles last gig... London...(Jan 30, 1969)
Evacuation of the Louvre Art Treasury before the Nazi occupation of Paris - 1939 ... 'The Winged Victory of Samothrace', also 'The Nike of Samothrace', is a 2nd century BC marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike (Victory)
ConVair Car Model 118... the first flight of a flying car... California, November 1947
The Romanian Revolution of 1989... It ultimately culminated in the show trial and execution of longtime Communist Party General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, and the end of 42 years of Communist rule in Romania.
Soviet soldiers with Hitler’s globe at the end of WWII... Note where they are pointing... 1945 -
Roger Bannister breaks the 4 minute mile... May 6, 1954 -
West German teenager Mathias Rust creates an international incident when he lands a Cessna 172 illegally in Moscow's Red Square - May 28, 1987
First photo of the White House - 1846 - photo by John Plumbe Jr.
Some of NASA’s first female astronaut candidates on a break from training in Florida... From left: Sally Ride, Judith Resnik, Anna Fisher, Kathryn Sullivan and Rhea Seddon... (1978) -
Car carries as much loot as possible during the LA riots of 1992...
The Tasman Bridge disaster - when a bulk ore carrier collided with the bridge, 12 people were killed - Hobart,Tasmania... Jan 5th 1975
A dinosaur flying in to the Boston Museum of Science in 1984
Women’s Suffrage Parade... New York City - May 6, 1912
L. Ron Hubbard, his E-meter and the tomato experiment ...1968
Members of the Nazi Youth participate in burning of books or 'Buecherverbrennung' in Salzburg, Austria on April 30, 1938
'Duck and Cover' and 'Don’t look at the Blast' school nuclear attack drills during the Cold War in Los Angeles, Calif... 1950s
The first aerial refueling - 1923...
Cpl. William Wende brushes GI Jenny, the burro mascot of an Army unit in North Africa. Pito the terrier waits his turn... (c.1943) -
'Dear Leader' Kim Jong il checks out the new equipment at the Pyongyang Amusement Park, North Korea in 1977 -
The Flight Simulator NASA Created for the First Astronauts Landing on the Moon, Langley Research Center in Virginia... Dec. 5, 1961
Jan. 13, 1982... Air Florida 737 crashes into the 14th St Bridge in Washington, DC and falls into the Potomac River
Louis Reard, the inventor of the bikini, with models circa 1960s... never has one man brought so much, to so many, with so little -
British soldier and little girl eye each other up during 'The Troubles' in Belfast, Northern Ireland... c.1981
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