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Daniel Sorine photographed a couple of mimes performing in Central Park in 1974. Thirty five years later, while going through his old photographs, he realized that he had captured a then unknown Robin Williams.
An American soldier cradles a wounded Japanese boy and shelters him from the rain in an airplane cockpit during the Battle of Saipan while waiting to transport him to a field hospital, July 1944. Photo by Peter Stackpole.
In 1961, Goodyear released a tire that used mounted light bulbs in the wheel rim to make the tires glow in the dark but they never went into production.
Housewife Barbara Dunlap under the effects of LSD. She is a volunteer in a psychiatric research study regarding the effect of LSD conducted by the International Federation for Internal Freedom, Cambridge, Massachusetts, February 1963. Photo by John Loengard.
Little girl and her pet toad at a pet show, Venice Beach, California, 1936.
A German dog dressed up to look like an aircraft spotter by his 88 mm anti-aircraft gun during World War II, ca., 1943.
Civil rights activist and the first African American to attend the University of Mississippi, James Meredith grimaces in pain as he pulls himself across Highway 51 after being shot in Hernando, Mississippi, June 6, 1966. Pulitzer Prize winning photo by Jack Thornell, see comment.
Prisoner identification photograph of U.S. Army POW Staff Sgt. Joseph R. Beyrle taken in Stalag XII-A. Beyrle is thought to be the only American soldier to have served with both the U.S. Army and Soviet Army during World War II, 1944, see comment.
"Battle fatigue set in long ago for most the men . . . Lance Cpl. Ernest Delgado (US Marines) . . . is from Los Angeles and has been checking the months off on his helmet. ", Battle of Khe Sanh, South Vietnam by David Douglas Duncan.
Marine First Lieutenant Hart H. Spiegal of Topeka, Kansas, tries to communicate using sign language with two tiny Japanese soldiers captured on Okinawa. The boy on the left claimed to be “18” while his companion boasts “20” years, 17 June 1945.
16 year old Serbian partisan Slavoljub “Slava” Ković photographed by the SS before his execution. Due to his defiance for not telling the names of his comrades, Slavoljub was tortured and had a star carved with a knife on his forehead (representing the communist ideology), January, 1942.
Former United States President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ensign Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn (Smith) Carter got married soon after Jimmy Carter's graduation from the Naval Academy in 1946.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science communicator, and television host, (at right) at the University of Texas pursuing his masters in 1980. His friends are astronomer Steve Kawaler and Jacqueline Green, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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