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A "maternity package" granted to mother's of low income by the Finnish state, 1939,
A man holding his daily ration of food (125 grams of bread, of which 50–60% consisted of sawdust) during the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1944,
A Norwegian Bride, Norway, ca. 1900
Josephine Baker posing with the military awards granted to her for her work for the French Resistance, ca. 1960, France
Josephine Baker wearing her medals from her service in French Resistance at a Civil Rights march in Washington DC, 1963
Two child soldiers who fought and died on opposing sides in the Finnish Civil War, 1918, Finland
A Karelian refugee family, Finland, 1947
A family celebrating Christmas, 1950s, Finland
The first client of a liquor store after the end of prohibition, Finland, 1932
A woman bakes bread in the oven of her destroyed house after a Soviet partisan attack, WW2, Finland, 1941
A Finnish-Jewish soldier who was awarded the Iron Cross by Nazi-Germany (more information in the comments), WWII, 1939-1944
The president of Finland and other Finnish war-time leaders who were sentenced to prison for "crimes against peace", 1945, Finland
Child laborers, Finland, 1923
An extremely young nanny, 1910, Finland
A female spy who was the last woman to be executed in Finland, ca. 1943, Helsinki
A photo taken of President Kallio moments before he collapsed and died in the arms of his adjutant, Helsinki Railway Station, 19 November 1940
The first black person to live in Finland, 1890s, Sortavala
Finnish refugees on a train, WW2, 1941, Finland
Members of a far-right group attacking a Communist who had testified against them in court, Vaasa Riot, Finland, 1930
An orchestra composed of Finnish guards and Soviet prisoners of war, Continuation War, 1942,
The statue of Czar Alexander of Russia in Helsinki during a Soviet bombing, WW2, 1944
Finnish children who have been evacuated to Sweden to be placed in foster families, WW2, 1939-1944,
A beautiful Alsacian woman wearing a traditional headdress, France, late 19th century - early 20th century
President Ståhlberg and his wife return to Helsinki after being held hostage by far-right terrorists, Finland, 1930
Baroness Sophie Mannerheim, pioneer of modern nursing in Finland and President of the International Council of Nurses, Finland, ca. 1925
A demonstration against the Vietnam War, Helsinki, Finland, 1970
Nurses treating maimed soldiers, 1941 - 1942, Continuation War, Finland
A Finnish field synagogue, Karelian Front, WW2, 1941-1944
A soldier's funeral, 1944, Finland
Blind women who are studying to become massage therapists, 1948, Helsinki, Finland
A Finnish victim of the Krasny Bor Massacre, Stalin's purges, Russia, ca. 1930
A woman from Schaumburg-Lippe wearing traditional dress, Germany, 1900
The Allied Control Commission arrives in Finland, 1944
A family celebrating Christmas, 1945
Women dancing on Midsummer's Eve, 1943, Poadane/Па́даны, U.S.S.R
People watching a Midsummer bonfire from their boats, Midsummer night, 1950s, Finland
Finnish minister who was sentenced to prison for "crimes against peace", 1948, Finland
A wedding in a military hospital, Finland, WW2, 1940s
A"wise woman" performing a ritual, Karelia, 1936
A week before declaring war on Finland Winston Churchill sent this private letter to the commander-in-chief of the Finnish army, WW2, 1941,
Wounded Russian soldiers returning from war, 1914, Helsinki, Russian Empire
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