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John Lennon and Yoko Ono bought a large billboard in Times Square in 1969 declaring that 'War is over if you want it' Colourised
GI Thanksgiving on the frontline ww2 colourised by me (1022px x 940px)
A cat named 'Aircrew' in 1943. Aircrew was adopted by members of the Royal Australian Air Force Flying Training School in Cressy, Vic. Colourised by me (462px × 564px)
Colourised by Me - M4A3 (76)'Sherman' of the 771st Tank Battalion, US 84th "Rail -Splitter" Division after the fighting in ruins of the German town of Linnich. February 24 1945 -
Allied soldiers in greatcoats warm themselves around a brazier, Egypt, North Africa. 11 July 1942. colourised
'Flash' the Squadron mascot - No. 19 Squadron's Spitfire with 'Flash' the Squadron mascot at Fowlmere, 1940 Colour By Richard James Molloy 9800 x 573)
Crews of No 106 Sqd. photographed in front of Lancaster ZN-B R5573, at Syerston, Nottinghamshire, on the morning after the raids on Genoa, 22-23 October 1942. Fourth from the right is Australian Flight Officer David John Shannon, a future 'Dambuster' and leading light of No 617 Squadron.
"Over by Christmas" London 1914 - colourised By ColourByRJM
libération of paris - colourised by me
Cpl. Rudolph E. Engstrom rests in a shell hole on Iwo Jima, holding a piece of shrapnel that wounded him. February 20, 1945. Colourised By ColourByRJM
Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865)
D-Day! Us troops evacuate an injured soldier. Colourised by me
Spitfire F Mark XII, MB882, EB-B, of No. 41 Squadron RAF based at Friston, Sussex, in flight over Eastbourne. 1943.colourised
Corporal Walter Norman Ellis, Service Nº1917 27th Battalion and the 5th Machine Gun Battalion, 1st Australian Imperial Force. Summer 1915 colourised By RJM
A unit of the US 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized), 4th Armored Division moves through the village of Le Repas, commune de Folligny (Manche), in Normandy on July 31, 1944.Colourised
Wounded American soldiers are attended to by medics on a coast guard landing barge alongside an assault transport's sick bay in the English Channel on June 16, 1944. Colour By Richard James Molloy
Colourised B&W photo of a CURTIS HAWK 81A TOMAHAWK Mark I, AH791 ‘RM-E’, of No. 26 Squadron RAF based at Gatwick, Sussex, in flight.
Airmen and soldiers inspect Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 (W.Nr. 5587) flown by Ofw. Fritz Beeck of 6./JG 51, which force landed at East Langdon in Kent while escorting an attack on Manston, 24 August 1940. Colourised
‘The Blitz of London’ Fires burning at the Surrey commercial Docks, 7 September 1940. colourised
USS Idaho (BB-24) colourised by Richard James Molloy
US Airmen inspect a damaged Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-4 (KM+EY) of III. Gruppe Schnellkampfgeschwader 10 (III./SKG 10) (3rd Group, 10th Fast Bomber Wing) at El Aouina airport, Tunis, Tunisia, May 1943. Colourised
This Sunday marks 100 years since the Armistice was signed in November 1918, bringing an end to the First World War. - Celebrations in the U.S. following the end of the First World War. - Soldiers and civilians waving the Union Jack and stars and stripes
An Avro Lancaster B Mark III of No. 619 Squadron RAF, caught in floodlights while running up its engines at night at Coningsby, Lincolnshire. Colourised
Mosquito ML963, 8K-K "King" of 571 Squadron, the picture having been taken on 30 September 1944.
Panzer Grenadier Lehr Regt. 901 Sd.Kfz. 251/3 Ausf.D (Nº 9101), captured by the 2nd US Armored Divison in Rue des Chevaliers, Dangy, Normandy. July 29, 1944 Colourised today by Richard James Molloy
A Surrendered Schwimmwagen Kfz1 Type 166 (WH 1641890) and a BMW 75 Motor bike & side car with other vehicles of the 278. Infanterie Division (Wehrmacht) at the Brenner Pass, on the Italian - Austrian Border. May 1945. Colour By RJM
C-47 Crewmen of the US Medical Corps, 313th Air Transport Squadron, 31st Air Transport Group, 9th Air Force, Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France, June 1944 - Colourised
Major-General Sir William Forbes Gatacre KCB DSO was a British soldier who served between 1862 and 1904 in India and Africa. colourised by Richard James Molloy
'Buffalo Girl' Colourised by Me - B26 Marauder
Colourised by me - B17 Flying Fortress
Oblique aerial photograph taken from the nose-camera of a Bristol Beaufighter during an attack by aircraft of No. 236 Squadron RAF and No. 404 Squadron RCAF on two German 'Sperrbrechers' (magnetic-mine detonating vessels). ©IWM Colourised By Richard James Molloy(800px x 600px)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) - colourised by RJM
A New Zealand soldier undergoing a dental extraction at the New Zealand Dental Corps hospital in Nielles-lès-Bléquin, France, during the First World War. November 1917.
Fire fighters tackle fires burning in Manchester during an air raid on 22-23 December 1940. ColourByRJM
Major Erich Rudorffer in a photograph taken in Immola, Finland, on July 9, 1944. colourised
D-Day USN Navy Aid Station, colourised by me -
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