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"American Author Ernest Hemingway aboard his Yacht", ca. 1950
American troops on board a landing craft heading for the beaches at Oran in Algeria during Operation 'Torch', November 1942
Parking lot 1/4 of a mile away from the explosion, Texas City disaster, 1947
George Washington Carver poses with fellow staff members at the Tuskegee Institute, by Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1902
USMC KC-130F Hercules performing take-offs and landings aboard the aircraft carrier Forrestal, 1963
Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong floats safely to the ground after the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle he was piloting crashes during a rehearsal of a lunar landing, Ellington Air Force Base, 1968
USAAF B-17 damaged by mis-timed bomb release over Berlin, ca.1942
Alexandre Dumas & Adah Isaacs Menken, 1866
The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-10) transiting the Panama Canal, July 1943
The nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika in the Kara Sea, 1980
President Jayewardene of Sri Lanka presents a baby elephant to President Reagan and the American people on the south lawn of the White House, 18 June 1984
Edward Teller and Ronald Reagan when Reagan awarded Teller the National Medal of Science, 1983
Conscientious objector Thomas Moynihan undergoing forced punishment drill at Wanganui Detention Barracks, 1918
Miners pose with lunch pails in hand on a pile of "poor rock" (waste rock) outside of the Tamarack mineshaft., by Adolph F. Isler, 1905
"Albert Einstein being met at Newark Airport.", by Lou Shornick, April 1939
Desmond Doss, on top of the Maeda Escarpment, Okinawa, 1945
"The old-time warrior (Nez Percé)", by Edward S. Curtis, ca.1910
"East and West shaking hands at the laying of the last rail" of the Union Pacific Railroad, 1869
English occultist, poet, and novelist Aleister Crowley bathing in a spring on the lower Baltoro Glacier during his expedition to climb K2 in the Himalayas, 1902
Air Force Maj. Robert H. Lawrence Jr. the first African American chosen to be an astronaut, ca.1967
"The three chiefs" (Piegan), by Edward S. Curtis, ca.1900
Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev, 1936
Memphis Municipal Airport, 1962
Kentucky Colonel Harland Sanders, ca. 1970s
'Tiddles', the ship's cat of HMS VICTORIOUS, at his favourite station on the after capstan, 10 July 1942
German and Bolshevik soldiers dancing with each other in the area of the Yaselda River at the time of the peace negotiations at Brest-Litovsk, February 1918
Carte de visite portrait of Tukaroto Matutaera Potatau Te Wherowhero Tawhiao, the second Maori King, ca.1880's
Civil rights activists arrested, Tallahassee, 1961
A house being floated from Silver Fox Island, Bonavista Bay, to Dover, Newfoundland, 1961
Cane cutters in Jamaica, ca.1880s
"After bilateral talks Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping leads President Ford and Chief U.S. Liaison Officer George H.W. Bush through the Great Hall of the People", 1975
The Neuhauser Street in Munich, 1839
King Edward VII and King Manuel II during a shoot, 1909
View of Brisbane looking towards the river, 1860
Soldiers Laying Down Covering Fire with a M60 machine gun, Vietnam, 1966
A U.S. Navy Douglas A-1H Skyraider of Attack Squadron 25 (VA-25) "Fist of the Fleet" is launched from the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea for a mission over Vietnam, ca.1966
Prototype fast attack vehicle undergoing testing. The FAV is equipped with an M60 machine gun in front and a Mark 19 Mod 3 40 mm automatic grenade launcher on the roll cage., 1982
Bombay Police, by William Johnson ca. 1855-1862
Sergei Rachmaninoff, undated
Astronaut Gerald D. Carr, mission commander, uses his index finger to suspend astronaut William R. Pogue, Skylab 4, 1974
"Home in the Old Plantation." Attraction on the Pike at the World's Fair, 1904
"Return of the Discovery", by Frank Hurley, 1931
French troops and sailors on the deck of a destroyer during the evacuation from France, June 1940
The U.S. Navy battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) anchored in port during her shakedown cruise, ca. August 1944
"Atlanta" (Confederate Ram) on James River after capture, by Mathew Brady, ca.1863
CSS Shenandoah in dry dock in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, 1865
"Kangaroo Point, Queensland during the 1893 Brisbane flood"
Neil Armstrong at the Lunar Landing Research Facility (LLRF) at NASA's Langley Research Center. 1969
Prince Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, 1878
President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower aboard Air Force One, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, by Yoichi Okamoto, 1965
'Policemen with a group of Maori who participated in the Dog Tax Rebellion', May 1898
"Operation Buster-Jangle (Dog test), with troops participating in exercise Desert Rock I", 1951
Richard M. Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev talking outside at Camp David, 1973
The new types service park at the 1932 Royal Air Force Pageant, RAF Hendon
"The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and two lesser Pyramids, Ghizeh, Egypt", by Francis Bedford, 1862
Gemini 4 Astronauts Meet Yuri Gagarin, 1965
Launch of Pershing missile at Cape Canaveral, 1962
"A Portuguese gas sentry standing by SOS rockets used in the case of gas attacks at Neuve Chapelle", 24 June 1917
The original Madison Square Garden, near Madison Square in Manhattan, New York, ca.1879
Pearl Hart, ca. 1900
A U.S. Navy Loening OL-8 amphibian flying over the aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2), circa late 1920s or early 1930s
Monitoring the launch of Apollo 4 from the Mission Operations Control Room, 1967
Douglas Hyde (in back of car holding top hat), leaving Dublin Castle with a cavalry escort following his inauguration as Ireland's first president, 25 June 1938
'Carnival masks', Argentina, 1911
Sandino's Flag. Nicaragua, 1932
Franklin D. Roosevelt in a school photo of football teams in Groton, Massachusetts, 1899
Capture of a Choshu battery at Shimonoseki, by Felice Beato, 1864
John Philip Sousa, by Elmer Chickering, ca.1900
USS Iowa (BB-61), USS Wisconsin (BB-64), USS Missouri (BB-63), and USS New Jersey (BB-62), the Virginia Capes operating area, 1954
"The Hindenburg being moored at Lakehurst, NJ after its first transatlantic crossing to the US", 1936
U.S. aerial reconnaissance photograph of a medium range ballistic missile launch site at San Cristobal in Cuba, 1st November 1962
Launch of the first production Vought F7U-1 Cutlass (BuNo 124415) from the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CVB-41), 25 July 1951
Antanas Smetona, first President of Lithuania, Unknown date
"General view of Johnstown looking towards Kernville", by Ernest Walter Histed, Johnstown Flood, 1889
A group of Plague staff, Karachi, India, 1897
The ZETA reactor as seen prior to its public demonstration in January 1958
Police operation in the Conurbano de Buenos Aires in 1934
Max Valier with his rocket car, 1929
Martin Luther King, Jr. at Chicago Freedom Movement Rally, Soldier Field (Freedom Sunday), 1966
Capitol, Washington, D.C., north-east view. Dome and front unfinished, June 28, 1863
A U.S. Coast Guard Sikorsky HNS-1 helicopter (right) and a Sikorsky HOS-1 (left) conducting experimental flight operations on USCGC Cobb (WPG-181), 1944
German Submarine, Type IXC is brought to anchor at Cape Henlopen, Del. In May 1945
Ceremonial mask, Nunivak, by Edward Sheriff Curtis, 1927
"Mathematician Billie Robertson running a real-time simulation of Translunar Injection Go-No-Go for the Apollo 17 lunar landing mission.", 1972
"Double exposure to help illustrate the comparative sizes and configurations of the Skylab 1 and Skylab 2 space vehicles at Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.", 1973
Albert Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ca. 1883
Gustave Whitehead and his monoplane taken near Whitehead's Pine Street shop, by Valerian Gribayedoff, 1901
NASA Prepares to Launch Two X-15's, 1960
"First Lady departs for trip to India and Pakistan", by Abbie Rowe, 1962
Construction of Monroe Street Bridge, Spokane, Washington, 1911
Dr. von Braun inside the KC-135 in flight, 1968
View of Arabella, one of two Skylab spiders and her web, 1973
Belgian student association football team at the 1900 Olympic Games
Portuguese explorer Alexandre de Serpa Pinto with the survivors of his expedition from São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda to Natal
Tonya Harding at the Portland International Airport returning from the 1994 Olympic Games in Norway, by Andrew Parodi
Lucky Lady II (The first to aircraft to circle the world nonstop) being refuelled by a KB-29M, 1949
"An Imperial Japanese Navy Zero fighter that crashed on Akutan Island, Alaska is loaded onto a ship by US military forces for shipment to the continental US.", July 1942
The "Forty Thieves" with lion cubs at the Cairo Conference March 1921
Viet Cong prisoners wait in front of a U.S. Marine Corps Sikorsky UH-34D Seahorse helicopter of Marine medium transport squadron HMM-161, during "Operation Starlight" south of Chu Lai, South Vietnam, on 1 August 1965
Interior of the Mamelon Fort, by James Robertson, between 1855 and 1856
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