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German Soldier lights a cigarette for a wounded English soldier after the Battle of Epehy, 18th September 1918, photo by Lt Thomas K. Aitken, Imperial War Museum
The Norwegian town of Alesund in 1900, four years before it was destroyed by fire
A stripper moves past the audience on a conveyor belt at a Tokyo show, 1957
Homes in Nurnburg, Germany, ca. 1857
Tsar Nicholas II giving Princess Anastasia a puff on his cigarette, 1916
Hoover Dam under construction, February 1934
Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman and Vice-President Johnson attend the funeral of Eleanor Roosevelt in November, 1962
A 10-year old Polish girl, Kazimiera Mika, prays for her older sister, dead after being strafed by Luftwaffe, 1939
A small girl walking her kitten on a leash, 1931
A Russian couple selling human flesh at the market during Holodomor, the famine of 1921-2 in the Ukraine
Bomb damage around the Cathedral, Frankfurt-am-Main, 31st March 1945
War gardeners, 1918
General Dwight Eisenhower with other senior Allied officers, following the German signing of the articles of surrender in Reims, France, 7th May 1945
Michael Collins addressing a crowd in Dublin in 1922
Golden Gate, San Francisco, ca. 1891, with Fort Point in the foreground
Night shift in an Indiana glass factory, August 1908
British children taking shelter in a slit trench during a German bombing raid, 1940
Inside the Old City of Shanghai, ca. 1900
Liberated Russian slave labourers being rescued from a cellar after it had been set on fire by a German policeman, Osnabruck, 7th April 1945
Toronto women learning how to shoot at the Long Branch training camp, 1915
A collection of the greatest jazz players ever, Harlem, New York, August 1958
American soldiers recover the dead from Omaha Beach after D-Day, 1944
Trackwomen on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1943
Country boys paving Pokrovka Street, Moscow, ca. 1900
Burning houses during the Tulsa race riots, 1921
The wreckage of USS Maine in Havana Harbour in 1898
American soldiers gargling salt water to try and protect themselves from the Spanish Flu epidemic, November 1918
Howard Hughes' giant flying boat Spruce Goose being readied for its first and only flight, 2nd November 1947
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill standing together watching military manouvres in Silesia, 1906
Austro-Hungarian soldiers executing Serbian women, 1916
On 24th March 1941 Carmen Miranda was invited to imprint her hand and heel marks in the concrete outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the first Latin American to do so
Three Russian soldiers grab a bite to eat while their comrade keeps watch, 1942
The Gokstad viking ship being excavated in Norway in 1880
Belorussian children hiding in an air raid shelter in Minsk during a German bombing raid, 1941
Russian collective farmers marching to their fields, 1931
Stephanie St Clair, top mob leader in Harlem, 1930's
Soviet woman pilots, 1943
American soldiers force German civilians to bury the dead of Landsberg concentration camp, 1945
Reaching out to a wounded comrade, Vietnam, 1966 Larry Burrows
War worker Natalie Nickerson receives a Japanese Skull from her Marine boyfriend; photo by Ralph Crane, Life Magazine 22/5/1944
A group of soldiers from the 369th Division (Harlem Hellfighters), WW1
Charge sheet of Victorian gang members in Birmingham, 1904
Klondike Miner in Porcupine Hill, White Pass Trail, 1898
Men working in the stoke hold of a merchant ship, WW1
Female bricklayers on a Lancashire building site during the First World War
Vancouver Police Department, 1886
Weary Marines displaying captured Japanese flags after 23 days of fierce fighting in the jungles of New Britain during Operation Dexterity, ending February 1944
American soldiers greeted by French civilians after their town is liberated in 1918
Block ice being delivered, ca. 1900s
The milk gets delivered despite the Blitz, London, 1940
Longues-sur-Mer, Normandy, D-Day and now
Centennial celebration of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston 1875
French battleship Richelieu being taken for repair in New York, October 1943
The Altmarkt and Kreuzkirche, Dresden, ca. 1900
Remains of woman who died in an air raid shelter during the bombing of Dresden, 1945
Winston Churchill with his daughter Mary, London, 1943
The crew 'Waddy's Wagon' posing to match their motif, 1943
Totteham Hotspur take on Manchester United, 11th November 1963: game postponed because the players lost each other in the fog
Interior of a general store, Tulsa, 1900's
Pictures of prisoners in Dachau concentration camp
Man crossing a San Francisco street while the city burns around him, 1906
Howard Unruh, (1921-2009) under arrest after his killing spree on 6th September 1949
Panorama of Denver, Colorado, 1898
The Chicken Market, Frankfort-am-Main, 1903
Betty Jackson, a slave owned by President Andrew Jackson, outside her cabin in 1867, with two children
American medic treats a wounded German soldier, Sicily, 1944, photo by Robert Capa
Toasting the repeal of the Volstead Act, 1933
Stretcher bearers, Passchedaele, August 1917
Marine Captain Francis Íke' Fenton is told that his men are almost out of ammunition, Korea, 1950
Soviet leaders in Red Square, Moscow, 7th November 1919, celebrating the second anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution
Christmas party in the London Underground, 25th December 1940
Irish immigrants in Kansas City, Missouri, 1909
Change of work shift at Ford Motor Company, Highland Park, Michigan, 1910's
Soviet guerrillas in the Crimea, 1944
30th November 1954, 34 year old Ann Hodges was resting on her couch when she was struck by a meteorite that bounced off her radio console
The Old Hemenway Gymnasium at Harvard College, New Year's Day 1865
3-year old Solvieg Jacobsen, first child born and raised in Antarctica, standing with her father on the flensing plan at Grytviken, South Georgia, 1916
Jews praying at the Western Wall of the Temple, Jerusalem, 1870's, photo by Felix Bonfils
Soldiers stand guard as the bodies of the Operation Pastorius sabotuers are taken away from prison after execution, Washington DC, 8th August 1942
Immigrants on Ellis Island, New York 1902
Court Street, Boston, 1855
The crew of aircraft no. 1 on the Doolittle Raid, 18th April 1942: front, Col. Doolittle, Lt. Richard E. Cole; back, from left, Lt. Henry A. Potter, Staff Sergeant Fred A. Braemer and Staff Sergeant Paul J. Leonard
Dixieland comes to Disneyland, 30th September 1961
Immigrant children on Ellis Island, New York, 1908
Leon Czolgosz, assassin of President William McKinley, in prison after the murder, 1901
Young men registering for military conscription, New York City, 5th June 1917
British and German soldiers share a cigarette after a battle on the Mareth Line, Tunisia, March 1943
Orson Welles in 1941, running his radio show
Army recruits fill a New York street in mid-April 1917, after America's entry into World War I
A derelict tank used as the roof of a front line dugout, Zillbeke, Ypres, 20th September 1917
The team of 104 rocket scientists who were brought over from Germany in Operation Paperclip, 1945
Behind the barricade, street fighting during the Spartacist Revolt in Germany, 12th January 1919
Soviet soldiers standing beside a pile of human bone fragments from a crematorium, after the liberation of Majdanek concentration camp, 1944
Robbers' Roost, 59 1/2 Mulberry Street, 1888, by Jacob Riis
A rescue worker holds a disheveled cat, pulled from the ruins of a bombed building in London, 1940
Outlaw John Shaw being given a postmortem drink of whiskey after the Canyon Diablo gunfight, 1905
Newsboys smoking, 11 am, 9th May 1910, St. Louis, Missouri, photo by Lewis Hine
Ludwik Marian Kazierczak and his fiancee Margarethe: they were the grandparents of German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Spring 1919
Maria Rasputina, daughter of Grigori Rasputin, as a performer in Busch Circus, 1932
Dr. Crippen and Ethel le Neve on trial for murder in London, 1910
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