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German SS guards, exhausted from their forced labour clearing the bodies of the dead at Bergen-Belsen, are allowed a brief rest by British soldiers but are forced to take it by lying face down in one of the empty mass graves, 1945
View of Boston, the oldest surviving aerial photograph ever taken. October 13th, 1860.
SR-71 Pilots in Pressurized Uniforms, 1980's (Blackbird pilots)
Queen Fawzia Fuad of Iran and Princess of Egypt, c. 1939.
Group of kids on the mean streets of Springfield, Massachusetss, by Lewis Wickes Hine. 1916
Trench Warfare. Photo taken by an official British Photographer during WWI, c.1917
Chicago Cubs team with mascot, Chicago, Illinois, 1908
Job hunting in 1930
Christopher Lee - WWII special operative, Dracula, Count Dooku, heavy metal vocalist, Knight Bachelor, amid other honors – as a young officer in Vatican City, 1944, shortly after the liberation of Rome.
The first ever underwater photograph, c. 1899.
Police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957.
The young Winston Churchill, 1895
Unboxing The Statue of Liberty, 1885.
Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division displaying a captured Nazi flag in Normandy
There are only 2 known pictures of blues pioneer Robert Johnson. One of them was taken in a photobooth early 30s.
Santa Claus with the children during Croatian War. Vukovar, 1992
The German Bismarck in Kiel in late September 1940.
Charles Ebbets shooting his famous photograph, “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”, while perching on the 69th floor of the GE building. 1932
Military officers and politicians climbing over furniture to watch the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in the aftermath of World War I. - June 28th, 1919.
Hitler at a parade at the Nuremberg, Germany Main Market on the occasion of the Reichsparteitage in September 1935
The USS Arizona in 1916
A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand on Main Street in Aspen, Colorado 1973.
Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov talking to Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Berlin, 1945
Sarajevo burns, 1993
German cavalrymen patrolling behind the front lines (1918)
German jet plane factory in salt mine near Schönebeck, May 1945
Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nuremberg, Germany
Man eating rice, China, 1901-1904
In the red light district ca.1900
Wormwood Street, London after the Irish Republican Army had detonated a truck bomb on 24 April, 1993.
German infantry and armor on the move in the Soviet Union. Late 1941
The battleship Nagato , August 1942
The architecture of the Nazi ideology: Symbol for the Nazi state: Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nuremberg
London ca.1900
Building the San Francisco Bay Bridge 1935
First World War: A German soldier on a pony in zebra camouflage. German East Africa (1915)
The entire British Concorde fleet in one picture, January 1986, at London Heathrow Airport
As Soviet troops approached Berlin in 1945, citizens did their best to take care of Berlin Zoo's animals
Woman surveys a treacherous mountain pass in the Pyrenees of France (1956).
Soviet Gym teachers parade in Moscow, 1956
Münster Prinzipalmarkt, Germany 1880/1890
US Soldiers in my German Hometown (Ahlen) in 1945
Hitler welcomes Hindenburg
East German Soldiers (Grenztruppen)Removing the barbed wire at the Border from East to West Gemany, November 1989
June 6th, 1944. An allied aerial picture of the ongoing landings at Omaha beach
A Panther used as a stationary firing position- Berlin 1945
Hitler and Goebbels at Obersalzberg 1943.
Soviet traffic cop in Berlin, 1945
Women in Chicago being arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits, without the required leg coverings. 1922
Hitler at the presentation of the VW Käfer, 1940s.
Escorting a wounded German prisoner to the rear, On the road to Lemgo. Germany April 1945
Election to popular vote on the head of state of the German Reich on 19 August 1934
Jewish couple wearing yellow stars, Berlin, Germany, 1941.
Nazi VIP's together with Wernher von Braun at Peenemünde, Germany 1943
GI's of the 2nd Armored Division guarding German prisoners. Lemgo, Germany. April 1945
Kiepenkerl Münster, Germany 1930
Münster, Germany at the Railway Station (ca.1900)
Westphalian Zoological Garden, Münster, Germany (c.1900)
Konrad Adenauer 1945 in Köln, Germany a few Years later he is Germanys first chancellor
The Berlin Wall
Münster Town Hall, Germany 1945
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