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Boy standing in front of fallen statue of Lenin, Ethiopia, 1991
Washington D.C the morning after the assassination of Martin Luther King, 5 April 1968
Dorothy Counts the first black student at Harry Harding High School, Charlotte, North Carolina, walking to school, 4th September 1957
Austro-Hungarian tail gunner armed with ten Mauser C96 handguns, WWI
British soldiers fire their rifles at German aircraft flying overhead during the evacuation of Dunkirk, May-June 1940
Portrait of Dakota Sioux Joseph Two Bulls, 22 June 1900
Professional frogman Courtney Brown tows a 55-foot scale model of the Titanic during work on the film "Raise the Titanic!", 20 June 1980
Russian soldiers feeding a polar bear from their tank 1950
Ernest Hemingway and his son Gregory, Sun Valley, Idaho. October, 1941
An American artilleryman shaves in frigid cold, using a helmet for a shaving bowl, during the Battle of the Bulge, January 1 1945
Shadow of a B-24 Liberator during a low level raid in Southern Burma
A station commander sleeps briefly while awaiting the return of his night bomber crews, England, 1940
American family watching television, 1958
A Woman having her portrait taken in the ruins of Warsaw, 1946
USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90) transporting planes to NAS Alameda, California, 8 July 1944
Georgi Zhukov, Konstantin Rokossovsky, and other Soviet officers greeting Bernard Montgomery and other British officers at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, 12 Jul 1945
227 gallon teapot above the Oriental Tea Company shop in Boston, Massachusetts, 1934
French cavalry with a plane flying overhead, 1916
British troops aboard a destroyer arrive at Dover after being evacuated from Dunkirk, May 1940
"Southern whites are the negro's best friend, but no integration" Nashville, Tennessee, USA 1956
The leader of the Republic of China General Chiang Kai-shek standing next to the leader of the People's Republic of China Mao Zedong, 1945
Japanese-American farmers working at Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, California, United States, 1942-1943
Young Pioneers camp near Moscow, Soviet Union, 1954
Giant turkey float during the 31st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade moves down Broadway near 37th Street in New York, Nov. 28, 1957
Two French boys watch from a hilltop as Allied vehicles pass through the ruined city of Saint-Lô, Normandy, circa Jul-Aug 1944
Splatter mask worn by British tank gunners during WWI, 1918
British Hussar during the Crimean war 1855
Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain, 1973
41st Engineers on parade at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, March 1942
People watching President John F. Kennedy's TV announcement of Cuban blockade during the missile crisis in a department store, 22nd October 1962
Spanish republican fighter throwing a grenade at a loyalist cameraman and soldiers, Burgos, Spain, on Sept. 12, 1936
USS Constellation (CV-64) passing under the Brooklyn Bridge with her mast folded down, 1962
Children in costume during Holy Week, Andalusia, Spain, 1975
U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV-3) at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, 14 May 1942
Couple on a bicycle take cover beneath an underpass as tanks deploy overhead during the Tiananmen Square protests, June 5, 1989
Hermann Göring, Karl Dönitz, and Rudolf Heß during the Nuremberg Trials, November 26, 1945
Captured german Kar98k rifles at Stavanger, Norway, 1945
Japanese torchbearers run through the rain on their way to the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, October, 1964
A customized car advertises Black Cat cigarettes, circa 1915
A liquidator dons a lead apron as he prepares to clear radioactive debris from the roof of Reactor Number Four, Chernobyl, 1986
A female worker cleans the rifling of a 15-inch naval gun after being lifted inside the barrel at the Coventry Ordnance Works during the First World War
USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) seen over West Newton Street, South End, Boston, Massachusetts, October 1930
LVTs headed for landing beaches on Iwo Jima, 19 Feb 1945
Mass gymnastics at the "Day of Community" event at Nuremberg, 8th September 1938
The body of an American paratrooper killed in action in the jungle near the Cambodian border is raised up to an evacuation helicopter in War Zone C in Vietnam on May 14, 1966
B-24 "Sandman" on a bomb run over the Astra Romana refinery in Ploieşti, Romania, during Operation Tidal Wave, 1 August 1943
Japanese battleship "Yamato" blows up, following multiple attacks by U.S. Navy carrier planes north of Okinawa, 7 April 1945
Adolf Hitler speaking at Fallersleben Volkswagen Works cornerstone ceremony, Germany, June 25th, 1938
French soldiers enjoying a meal at the Eiffel Tower in June 1915
Hooverville set up inside Central Park, New York, 1933
US Marine paratroopers training on handling parachutes in heavy winds, Navy Auxiliary Air Station at Camp Kearny, California, 1942
Japanese soldiers in a trench during the Russo-Japanese War, 8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905
Women's Army Corps members don gas masks for a training drill at Iowa's Fort Des Moines, published September 7, 1942
Jan Rose Kasmir confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during an anti-Vietnam march in Washington on Oct. 21, 1967
Drop hammer at the North American Aviation plant, Inglewood, California, October 1942
A Sherman tank of 8th Armoured Brigade in Kevelaer, Germany, 4 March 1945
Benito Mussolini being arrested at an interventionist rally in Rome, April 11, 1915
USS New Jersey (BB-62) opening fire upon North Korean targets near the 38th parallel, 10 November 1951
Spar torpedo boat USS Casco on the James River, Virginia, 1865
The American Ship Building Company launching the sidewheeled steamship Seeandbee at Wyandotte, Michigan, United States, Nov 9 1912
Crew of the light cruiser HMAS Perth (D29) astride one of the ships 152mm guns, 1941
Crew of a Renault FT-17 with the hatches open, northwest of Verdun, 1918
3-inch mortar crew of 4th Parachute Regiment, 2nd Parachute Brigade in action near Venafro, 30 April - 1 May 1944
Two women show off a new uniform, including a plastic 'Saf-t-Bra' designed to help prevent occupational accidents among female war workers in Los Angeles in 1943
British Naval Officers stand vigil by the coffin of Sir Winston Churchill at Westminster Hall, London, before his funeral, January 1965
A futuristic grocery shopping trip envisioned at the General Motors Pavilion at the World's Fair, New York in 1964
John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States from 1825 to 1829, photograph by Mathew Brady in 1843-48
Men of 4th Royal Tank Regiment practising with their .38 revolvers in a farmyard near Arras, 6 October 1939
Japanese aircraft carrier Sōryū maneuvering while under attack from B-17E Flying Fortress bombers based at Midway Island, shortly after 08:00h, 4 June 1942
'Into the jaws of death', iconic photo by CPHoM Robert F. Sargent depicting men from the 1st Infantry Division disembarking onto Omaha beach, 8:30 AM June 6th 1944
A U-boat pen in Brest after receiving a direct hit during an allied bombing raid, 18 September 1944
Sherman Firefly tanks move through the ruins of Kleve on their way to support the attack on Goch, Germany, 16 February 1945
Children arriving at a London station to be evacuated to the West Country, 1940
South Vietnamese General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the National Police, executing suspected Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem, Saigon, Feb. 1, 1968
Wreckage from Pan Am Flight 103 after it crashed onto the town of Lockerbie in Scotland, 22nd December 1988
USS Colorado visiting New York City in 1932
Lynching of three African American circus workers, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie in Duluth, Minnesota, June 15, 1920
Erwin Rommel studying maps with his officers during the Invasion of France, June 1940
Kids preparing for the Fourth of July parade in Vale, Oregon, 1941
F6F-5P of VF-23 breaking in two after a crash landing on the deck of USS Princeton (CVL-23) 1943-44
A man carrying a boombox during Chicago's 16th Annual Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade, June 1985
Boy near Cincinnati, Ohio, 1942-43
Joseph Kittinger stepping out of the Excelsior III gondola at an altitude of 102,800 feet, August, 16, 1960
Civil defence workers photographed for the Swiss national exposition of 1964
Mehmed VI, the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire and caliph of Islam, leaves from a backdoor of the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, November 1922
A British soldier gives a V gesture to German prisoners captured at El Alamein, 26 October 1942
Market day on the streets of Akçaabat, Trabzon, Turkey, 1976
Yup'ik medicine man exorcising evil spirits from a sick boy in Nushagak, Alaska, 1890s
Fire Controlman First Class E.M.Smith opening the breech of one of USS Missouri's (BB-63) nine 16"/50 Mk.VII main battery guns, during her shakedown cruise, August 1944
Members of the literary journal Bungei Jidai, Japan, 1929
USS Mississippi (BB-41) transiting the Panama Canal during the 1920s
Colour photograph of Leon Trotsky during his exile in Mexico, 1940
Tiger I being loaded with amunition, Eastern Front, January 1944
The Republican vice-presidential candidate Dan Quayle hangs a “say no to drugs” sign from the cockpit of a DC-6 aircraft during a rally in Lawton, Oklahoma, October 14, 1988
German Africa Corps soldier wearing goggles and a dustmask, April 1941
German child soldiers captured by the 6th Armored Division US Army 1945
French officers inspecting a captured German A7V tank, 1918
A MP and physicist Luis Alvarez posing with the plutonium core from the Fat Man atomic bomb, Tinian, Mariana Islands, Circa August 1945
A Korean woman is engulfed flames from a firebomb thrown during an anti-government demonstration at Dankook University in Seoul, May 25, 1988
Weapon class destroyer HMS Broadsword (D31) after her conversion to a radar picket, 1957-58
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