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Rally against Nazism in New York, Madison Square Garden 1937
Army medic James Callahan tries to save a dying comrade north of Saigon, Vietnam, 1967
Colored entrance in Mobile, Alabama 1956
Photo from the Attica Prison riot in New York, 1971
Irish girl in a Catholic funeral procession, surrounded by British troops. Derry, 1972
Jewish refugees aboard the ocean liner St. Louis return to Europe after being refused entry in Cuba, the US, and Canada. Belgium, 1939
European Jews on Ellis Island protest against their deportation to Germany, 1936
Irish children jeer at British troops in Derry, Northern Ireland, 1972
Cross-dressing guests for a gay wedding in Petrograd, 1921. The "wedding" had actually been organized by a secret police officer who arrested all the attendees at the end of the ceremony, but the charges were eventually dropped.
A group of beachgoers kick at a woman on the ground for supporting black protesters on a segregated beach. St. Augustine, Florida, 1964
US Navy sailors climb up a fire escape to cut down the Nazi flag hanging from the German consulate. San Francisco, January 1941
Chinese Americans in Chicago protest the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, 1931
An Italian resistance fighter in Florence, 1944
A Lebanese woman in West Beirut celebrates her wedding during the 1996 Lebanon War
Thousands of Russians take to the streets after President Boris Yeltsin unilaterally dissolves the legislative branch during the 1993 constitutional crisis
Nazi youth at the University of Berlin gather and burn piles of "un-German" books, all of them written by Jews and left-wing authors. May 10, 1933
An Ohio family sits on the picket line during the 1981 air traffic controllers strike. It ended after the federal government fired all 11,300 striking workers, banned them from ever being rehired, legally dissolved their union and sent in military air traffic controllers to replace them.
“This iron is for bullets” Chinese Americans protest U.S. scrap metal exports to Japan, 1939
Members of Canadian parliament contemplate over a thousand submitted designs for the first national flag of Canada, 1964
John F. Kennedy inspects the SA-5 Saturn I rocket at Launch Complex 37 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. November 16, 1963
West German men hammer at the Berlin Wall while East German police blast water at them through the gaps, November 1989
American troops take a break while on chemical alert during the Gulf War, Saudi Arabia, 1991
The mother of a student protester begs a young soldier to turn back. Beijing, 3 June 1989
British troops use a Mark V tank to break open a sealed storefront in Dublin during the Irish War of Independence, January 1921
Scientists at Harvard plot the orbit of Sputnik 1 as it circles the globe in October, 1957
Nepali porters carry 27 tons of supplies to base camp for the first American expedition to summit Mt. Everest, 1963
Palestinian and Israeli boys pose for a photo together during the First Intifada, 1988. It was printed that year as a full-page New York Times ad, with the caption “What’s Right With This Picture?”
German and Soviet pavilions face off at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris
American and Chinese soldiers share cigarettes in Burma, 1943
A supporter of the Iranian Revolution attends a rally in Tehran covered in photos of people killed by the Shah’s secret police, the SAVAK. 1979
Internment camp for Canadians of Japanese descent in New Denver, British Columbia, 1942
October 9th, 1995, unidentified saboteurs known only as “Sons of Gestapo” derailed an Amtrak train in Arizona in revenge for the Waco siege. They remain at-large and the FBI has a $310,000 reward out for any information leading to their capture.
A protester trolls a campaign rally for presidential candidate and Alabama governor George Wallace, famous for his phrase “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” Missouri, 1968
American soldiers in liberated Algeria shake hands with Free French soldiers heading to the front in Tunisia, 1942
The first shipments of Coca-Cola arrive in mainland China after the normalization of US-China relations in 1978
Pennsylvanians from Allentown and Bethlehem arrive in D.C. for the March on Washington, 1963
Protesters against the war in Vietnam gather outside the Democratic headquarters during the 1968 national convention
Tuskegee Airmen pilots study their briefing before flying a practice raid, Michigan, 1943
Police officers hold and beat two men at a gay rights march in New York City, 1970
A nurse in the AIDS ward gives her patient a kiss, knowing he is unlikely to survive after he leaves. Middlesex Hospital, London, 1993
A woman holds two brothers, addicts during the 1960s heroin epidemic. Published in LIFE magazine above the caption "two lives lost to heroin," the article later inspired an Al Pacino film, "The Panic in Needle Park." By Bill Epperidge
Survivors climb down from the wreck of the Cypress freeway after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Of the 63 fatalities, 42 were killed when the freeway's upper deck collapsed onto the lower deck.
A gay porn theater in Times Square, 1985
Soyuz on approach to Apollo for docking, the first cooperative space mission between the US and USSR. July 17, 1975
Soldiers loyal to the president call on barricaded members of congress to surrender during the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis
Soviets, Americans, and Alaskan and Siberian Eskimos cross the Bering Strait together on the Bering Bridge Expedition, traveling from native villages in Siberia to their relatives in Alaska. 1989
Reporters ask Muhammad Ali how he feels after being stripped of the world heavyweight title for refusing the draft. Houston, 1967
"Farewell 18th Amendment" St. Louis, USA, 1933
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visits Oxford University, surrounded by British sympathizers calling for more aid to India during the 1971 Bangladesh crisis
Mascots at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul
American troops in the Liri Valley, Italy, 1944
A German and a British soldier share a smoke during the 1914 Christmas truce
Fugitive slaves cross the Rappahanock to reach the Union army during the Second Battle of Bull Run. Virginia, 1862
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