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The seizure of Elián González by FBI during an early morning raid. April 22nd, 2000, today is the 21st anniversary of the event.
Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, receives Cuban President Fidel Castro during the state funeral of the former Prime Minister. Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada, Oct. 3, 2000.
A hostage on bus 174 forced to write messages to onlooking police and media in Rio, Brazil in June 2000.
Putin was cooked for by Gordon Ramsay in 2000 when the President visited the British Prime Minister. Ramsay said ‘I genuinely did s*** myself. I was thinking “Could you imagine if you food poisoned these two. Could you imagine the kind of s*** I would get if I took these two down.”
Russian soldiers joke around in the destroyed city of Grozny, Chechnya... January 2000
"For the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession" - Al Gore concedes the US presidential race the day after the Supreme Court rules against his campaign, Dec. 13, 2000
Nicholas II in the Uniform of the Lifeguard Grenadier Regiment. 1890s (Photo 2000 x 2850) Colored by me.
May 9, 2000. Russian soldiers sunbathe on a rooftop while a sniper stands guard in Grozny, Chechnya. Although the Chechen capital was razed and most citizens had fled, the rebels consolidated in the surrounding hills and still posed a threat.
Members of 2 Squadron "The Bushrangers" SAS, during Counterrorism Operations during the Sydney Olympics, 2000.
Pearl Jam at Roskilde Festival 2000. A stampede occurred at this concert that killed 9 people. Eddie Vedder has just realized the scope of what happened at this moment. It is still one of the worst tragedies in music history. June 2000
Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-106, 8th September 2000
Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez in Baghdad, 2000
Vladimir Putin attends the Sabantuy festival, Tatarstan, Russia, 2000
Maoist rebels on top of a hill awaiting orders. Nepalese Civil War, 2000.
George W. Bush campaigning in Texas, April 2000.
An unexploded Russian artillery rocket in the devastated capital city of Grozny. Chechnya, 2000.
Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Meet, November 2000. Ali was a friend and personal hero of Mandela, who kept a photo of him on his office desk
troops of 1st Battalion, 1 Para setting up defensive positions in Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 9th 2000
An Indonesian soldier and an Ambonese carrying a fake M-16 gun look at each other in the Muslim area of Simpang AJ Pati, in Ambon the capital of Maluku province at the height of communal violence between Muslims and Christians January 11, 2000 .
The UN Security Council, 2000
Air France Flight 4590 (Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde), with a large trail of burning fuel from its ruptured fuel tank under the left-wing, debris from a blown tyre struck the underside of the supersonic passenger airliner, out of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Tuesday, July 25th, 2000.
03/11/2000 Keiss Castle, North Scotland, been around since 1623 OC . The castle was built possibly on the site of an earlier fort in the late 16th or early 17th century by George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness (1582-1643).
The city of Grozny before and after the relentless Russian bombing campaign that virtually flattened the city in the Second Chechen War. Thousands of civilians died. March 25, 2000
President of the USA Bill Clinton and Dean Kamen inventor of Segway and iBOT and king of North Dumpling Island in the White House in 2000. Kamen riding the iBOT Mobility System.
Bill Clinton shaking hands with Hanoi residents in the 1st visit of a US president since the war with Vietnam, November 17, 2000
On this day 57 years ago, the most read author of modern times, JK Rowling was born. JK Rowling leaves on the Hogwarts Express launch of her fourth novel "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" Kings Cross train station 2000
Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, film director Wong Kar-wai and actor Tony Leung at Cannes Film Festival, for their movie In Mood for Love - 2000
Gander was a Newfoundland dog posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal, the "animals' Victoria Cross", in 2000 for his deeds in World War II,the first such award in over 50 years.
Rebel groups inspect prisoners of war during the Second Congolese Civil War. The deadliest conflict since WW2: 2000
(01 August 2000) A Russian soldier patrols the streets of Grozny during the Second Chechen War. The few residents remaining in the city tried to return to ordinary life with no electricity or running water. Despite constant surveillance, some rebel fighters returned to the city at night.
North and South Korean Olympic Teams Walking Together in a Gesture of Reconciliation Doing the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. 2000
Noluyanda Mqutwana dances outside her two-room family shack in Khayelitsha, one of the poorest black townships outside Cape Town (South Africa 2000)
Mourning festival-goers gather at the scene where 9 people were crushed during a Pearl Jam concert at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, 29th of June 2000
A US MH-53M Pave Low IV helicopter flying over the flooded Limpopo River on March 20, 2000.
Russian tank against Grozny's landscape in January 2000.
Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali, November 2000
Vladimir Putin at the funeral of his mentor, Anatoly Sobchak, along with Sobchak's wife and daughter. Feburary 24, 2000.
South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, left, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il raise their arms together before signing a joint declaration during a summit (Pyongyang, North Korea 2000)
On May 1st 2000, Kazushi Sakuraba fought Royce Gracie for an hour and a half. With Sakuraba winning by TKO when Gracie could not continue into the 7th round. The fight became one of the most important in the history of MMA. After this fight Sakuraba would earn the name 'The Gracie Hunter'.
Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. On the right a wanted poster for former Yugoslavian President, Slobodan Milošević, Serb politician, Radovan Karadžić, and Bosnian Serb colonel-general Ratko Mladić (The Hague, Netherlands 2000)
(08/14/2000) U.S. soldiers watch as an Albanian mob prepares to march through Domorovce, Kosovo. After two Serb men disappeared, Serbs believed the Albanians abducted the men and began to make threats. U.S. and Russian forces formed a wall to separate the two sides until the mob dispersed. 1268x1012
Rob Zombie and The Undertaker at the Eyegore Awards at Universal Studios Hollywood and who are also at the park to promote their respective mazes for Halloween Horror Nights (October 13, 2000)
During a tour of the Caribbean, King Charles donned a rasta cap, 2000
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