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A Babushka keeps the ears of her grandson warm as he takes an Oath of Enlistment for the Russian army. Volgograd, 1994. Photo taken by Nikolai Ignatiev.
Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic from Nirvana at Kurt Cobain's funeral. Seattle, Washington (1994)
Russia and the US signs a treaty where Ukraine is giving up their nuclear weapons in exchange for security assurances in 1994. Check out Game-changing history pod for more in the infowar going on
O.J. Simpson holding hands with his children Justin and Sydney at the funeral of their mother, and his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson Brown following her murder, Los Angeles, June 16, 1994.
Kurt Cobain’s body lay after his death on this day, April 5th, 1994. Kurt Cobain has now been dead longer than he was alive.
Pietro Pacciani, what many believe to have been "The Monster of Florence", shows an image of Jesus in court as he tries to prove his innocence. 1994
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter shares a boat ride with North Korean leader Kim Il-sung, at the Taedong River in Pyongyang. This photo was taken weeks before Kim’s death on July 8 - 1994
A Russian volunteer who came to fight for Serbs in the Bosnian War sits at the grave of deceased friend. He will be buried nearby a month later. June, 1994
russian soldiers playing on an abandoned piano, chechnya, 1994.
A Bosnian fighter replaces the head on a tailor’s dummy set up to attract sniper fire from Serb gunmen near Sarajevo railway station, 1994
1994: Graves of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs at Zetra Stadium at Sarajevo during the siege of Sarajevo in the civil war.
A sign put up by the Irish Republican Army as a warning that there are active snipers in the area. Northern Ireland, 1994.
“REMEMBER STONEWALL WAS A RIOT!” - Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade, London, June 1994
Isaac Newton's house where theory of gravity was born, with the famous apple three in front. Photo from 1994 Check out the Game-changing history pod for more
14 of april 1994. The top executives of the seven largest US tobacco companies have sworn in Congress that they do not believe that cigarettes are addictive.
The last photo of Nicole Brown-Simpson alive. June 8, 1994
Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme with actress Ming Na-Wen, at the opening of Planet Hollywood in Hong Kong - 1994
Actresses Ming-Na Wen and Kylie Minogue as Chun-li and Cammy in the movie Street Fighter - 1994
The Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladić (convicted war criminal) and his soldiers during the war in Bosnia, on April 16, 1994.
Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain performs at the band's final live show on March 1, 1994 in Munich, Germany
Anna Nicole Smith, 26, marries oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, 89, in Texas, on June 27, 1994
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shakes hands with Jewish immigrants from Russia, April 27, 1994
An Albanian braves the weather during a snow blizzard on the road to Korce. Albania, 1994.
American teenager Michael Fay is released from the Queenstown Remand Centre after serving his sentence of four cane strokes for vandalism and theft, Singapore, June 1994. Fay's caning caused a diplomatic rift between Singapore and the United States.
The story team at Pixar Animation Studios, working on "Toy Story" in 1994
A group of shell shocked Azerbaijani soldiers is photographed after coming back from the Karabakh front. Goranboy, april 1994.
A Hutu man against the Rwandan genocide was starved and attacked with machetes. He managed to survive after he was placed in the care of the Red Cross, Rwanda, 1994." - Photo by James Nachtwey.
Figure skater Tonya Harding and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly are stopped by reporters while leaving their home in Beavercreek, Oregon on January 15th, 1994 and questioned over accusations of their involvement in the attack on rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan that took place 9 days prior.
Nancy Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, Hillary Clinton, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford, and Barbara Bush at the "National Garden Gala, A Tribute to America's First Ladies", May 11, 1994. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, absent due to illness, died a week after this photograph was taken.
An Indian forces personnel shows a Kashmiri man to a masked infomer sitting inside the jeep to identify if the man is a suspected rebel or not. If the Kashmiri was a rebel, the informer would then honk the horn signalling the forces. Picture dated July 28, 1994.
A Chechen veteran fighting as a volunteer during the First Chechen War, 1994.
The remains of a german sea mine is blown up by the norwegian navy after it floated into the brunsvika fjord, desember 1994
Photo of the Launch of Space Shuttle Dicovery on it's STS-60 mission. This was the first time ever a Russian Cosmonaut was on board of a Space Shuttle Mission, 3 February 1994
(Dec 1994) Press swarm Bill Clinton’s cat Socks outside the White House in the absence of Clinton.
Australian U.N. soldiers carrying an injured Tutsi during Rwandan Genocide 1994-95
28 years ago on 17 June 1994, LA police chased former NFL running back and convicted criminal OJ Simpson in his Ford Bronco for 1.5 hours before he eventually gave up (seen live on national TV)
2 French Mirage 2000s and an American F18 queue behind a French KC-135 for refueling over the Arabian peninsula during Operation Southern Watch, 2rd April 1994
Nintendo destroying counterfeit consoles & games, 1994
India's current Prime Minister Modi (second from left), taking a picture outside the White House when he visited the US in 1994
US General Wesley Clark and Commander of Serbian forces in Bosnia Ratko Mladić wear each other’s army hats as they meet in Banjaluka - August 27, 1994.
Meat Loaf stands onstage on April 4,1994, in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
The haunting 1993 photograph snapped by Kevin Carter during the Sudan Famine. This photo (and his experiences) is believed to have been the cause of his suicide a year late in 1994.
President Bill Clinton and Pearl Jam in the Oval Office, April 9, 1994
Volunteers of an Active Service Unit (ASU) of the Irish Republican Army preparing for a foot-patrol, North of Ireland, 1994
Prince Charles removes a hook from his jumper during a day's fishing with Prince Harry at Birkhall, Scotland, 1994.
Dmitry Rogozin (center), current head of Russia's space program, during a rally in Russia (1994)
Czechoslovakian Aero L-39 Albatros (high performance trainer and light attack aircraft), various MIG fighter jets in the (background), at the Kalinovskaya Airbase, of the Chechen Air Force, (de facto) independent Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (Nóxçiyn Respublik Içkeri), January 1st, 1994.
Pat Robertson touring a refugee camp during his visit to Rwanda immediately after the genocide. Behind him is Theoneste Bagasora, he was responsible for importing 500,000 Machetes and organising the Hutu Militia that butchered 800,000 Tutsi in 100 days. Basically Rwandese Himmler, 1994
Indian scientists loading nuke underground for testing, 1994
Colombian football/soccer defender Andrés Escobar, June 1994
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