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Young punks in Communist Hungary - Budapest, 1982
Argentine soldier in the Falklands war, 1982
Greenpeace tries to stop radioactive waste from being dumped in the ocean, 1982
Photograph of an elderly disabled WWII vet and his wife, selling pecans on their front porch. Photo by Byrd M. Williams IV. Probably Texas. (1982)
HMS Hermes is greeted with cheers upon her return home from the Falklands War, 1982.
Green Line demarcation zone in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War, 1982.
A veteran holding up a sign as he visits the newly-constructed Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1982
Funeral of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev, 1982
During the Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication ceremonies in Washington, DC. November 1982. Photograph by Leif Skoogfors
Mother and daughter demanding to see their relatives alive during the military dictatorship, Avellaneda, Argentina, 1982
Joseph F. Ambrose, an 86 year old WWI veteran attending the dedication day parade for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., on November 13, 1982. he is carrying the American flag that covered the casket of his son who died in the Korean war.
1982. Basquiat in the basement studio of the Annina Nosei Gallery SoHo, New York. In that year - and this studio - he would create the renowned 'Untitled'. In 2017 - sold for $110,500,000 - it would become the most expensive work by any American artist in history.
An image of the surface of Venus taken by the Venera 14 spacecraft in March 1982.
Palestinian fighters in Beirut during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. August 16, 1982
The Lysenko brothers, all of them fought and survived WWII, a reunion in 1982.
Woman and a Veteran Embrace at the Dedication Ceremony of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1982
Sea Harriers departing on a sortie, May 1982
Argentine soldiers posing with a captured British flag. Falklands war, 2 April 1982.
The crew of HMS Hermes relax on the flight deck during the voyage to the South Atlantic, April 1982... Falklands War
A burn victim of HMS Sheffield, 4th May 1982 Falklands War
Helmets of the surrendered Argentine forces after the Battle of Goose Green, May 1982, Falklands War
Kirk Douglas meets a young Afghan refugee patient at the Red Cross Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, injured by a Soviet toy bomb. Kirk visited an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan to bring attention on the impact of the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. November 1982.
NYC, 1982. by Miron Zownir
A Royal Navy Chaplain performs Mass for Argentine Prisoners aboard HMS Invincible, May 1982
Argentina's A-4Bs Skyhawks incoming at sea level to avoid radar detection during Falklands War. Taken from British HMS Broadsword in 1982
Pentti Sammallahti - Helsinki, Finland , 1982.
On the 2nd May 1982, on the edge of the exclusion zone around the Falkland Islands HMS Conqueror fired upon and sank the Argentine Cruiser General Belgrano killing 323 sailors. Conqueror remains the only nuclear submarine in history to have sank an enemy warship in combat.
The Exiled King of Albania’s Royal Guard in Johannesburg South Africa, 1982
At a Beer Kiosk in Odessa, 1982
Kirk Douglas shares his Thanksgiving meal with Afghan refugees in the Tribal Area of Pakistan to bring attention on the impact of the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. Peshawar, Pakistan, November 25th, 1982. Photography by Robert Hansen.
2 Westland Sea Kings of 846 Naval Air Squadron hover over the capsized hull of HMS Coventry searching for survivors... 25th May 1982
An American Marine playing the arcade game Defender aboard a naval ship in 1982.
A Gurkha of 1st Btn 7th Gurkha Rifle on anti air defense... June 1982, Falklands War
"Bandit King" Malkhan Singh (sitting at front, centre) and his much-feared gang in his home village before surrendering, Chambal region India, 1982
A concert by The Clash, 1982
Getting some ice cream, Times Square, New York City, 1982.
First Ladies Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, and Rosalynn Carter in attendance for the Funeral of Former First Lady Bess Truman, 1982
Argentine soldiers during the Malvinas War. 1982
Italians parà of the 1° Carabinieri Paratroopers Regiment "Tuscania" patrolling the streets near the Palestinians refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, 1982. Photo by Chris Steele Perkins.
Kiyotaka Katsuta may be one of the most prolific serial killers in Japanese history, having murdered up to 22 people between 1972 and 1982. When Katsuta was arrested, the public was horrified to learn that he was an award winning firefighter. This is him on TV during his killing spree .
my father fought the malvinas war/ falkland war, and he took this book from the norland boat, he came prisioner 1982,
Paras & Marines board the SS Canberra on the way to the Falklands. 1982. (Image - Paul RG Haley). .
Game of scopone between president Pertini, Italian National football team captain Dino Zoff, Bearzot and Causio alongside the Fifa World Cup, whilst on the flight back to Italy. 1982.
Member of the British parachute regiment after the battle of Goose Green, Falklands War,Battle of Goose Green 28 May 1982 – 29 May 1982
Steve Porcaro from Toto with his Polyfusion Modular Synth in 1982. Today, you could run this whole setup from a laptop.
"The Empire Strikes Back" HMS Hermes leaving Portsmouth Harbour with 16 Sea Harriers of 800NAS and 10 Harrier GR3s of No. 1 Squadron RAF. April 5th 1982
2 A4B Skyhawks of Grupo 5 de Caza fly through a storm of cannon and machine gun fire from HMS Broadsword, 25th May 1982
Butlins Holiday Camp, 1982. by Barry Lewis
in 1982 in soviet occupied afghanistan the deadliest road accident ever happened when a fuel tanker in a military convoy exploded in the salang tunnel unleashing an explosive chain of reactions that claimed the lives of 2,700 people. known as the salang tunnel fire
John Landis sprinkles dirt on the grave of Vic Morrow at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California on July 26, 1982. Morrow was killed along with two child actors three days earlier during a helicopter stunt accident on the set of Landis' segment for "Twilight Zone: The Movie".
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