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ISRO Scientists carrying India's first Communication satellite ‘APPLE’ on Bullock cart. 1981
Pope John Paul II immediately after being shot in St Peter's Square in Vatican City, 1981. The Pope later forgave the shooter, Mehmet Ali Ağca, and requested his life-term imprisonment be pardone,
Former Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali leans out of the window on the ninth floor of a high-rise and talks with an suicidal man who threatened to jump. Ali managed to talk him out of it. January 19, 1981.
First day of Material law in Poland. Famous photo by Chris Niedenthal. In the background there's Moskwa cinema, movie on the display is Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now". Warsaw, December 1981
Muhammad Ali preventing someone to commit suicide in 1981
Enormous tiger jumping trough the window while actress Tippi Hedren is in the kitchen, San Fernando Valley 1981
Muhammad Ali saves a suicidal Vietnam veteran from jumping to his death. Los Angeles, 1981
Rick James and Charlie Murphy (1981)
City of khorramshahr Iranian woman fighting the Iraqi invading force. iran 1981(1024×662)
Afghan Mujahideen fighters pose for a photo with their respiratory gas masks of Soviet origin during the Soviet-Afghan War. 1981.
Blind kids touching the cat for the first time ever, photo by Jane Atwood, 1981,
Mehmet Ali Agca kisses the hand of Pope John Paul ll in 1983. Agca had shot the Pope twice in 1981, which left him in critical condition. The Pope recovered, and later visited his attempted assassin in prison
Ronald Reagan moments after being shot by John Hinckley Jr. (March 30, 1981)
Leftist female students collect and prepare small rocks behind university bars to battle islamist forces during street clashes outside Tehran university, Iran 1981 (986×650)
Marcus Sarjeant shooting blanks at Queen Elizabeth II. London, 13 June 1981. Photo taken by George Uebel.
Soviet Union, Moscow 1981
Pelé takes a break during the filming of Escape to Victory – in the stadium of a Jewish team filled with Nazi flags in a Communist country in 1981
Space Shuttle Columbia landing on Rogers dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base, California after the completion of STS-1, the first shuttle mission. April 14, 1981. (4602 × 3540)
Pelé takes a break during the filming of Escape to Victory – in the stadium of a Jewish team filled with Nazi flags in a Communist country in 1981
Condemned by an Islamic war tribunal for denouncing nine families, a man awaits execution in Kabul, Afghanistan 1981 (photo by Alain Mingam)
Pope John Paul II immediately after being shot during a procession in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Italy. Though critically wounded, the Pope survived four gunshot wounds to his abdomen. May 13, 1981
Wife protects her husband from IRA terrorists, as he works in the field. Northern Ireland, 1981
Irish Republicans preparing petrol bombs during rioting following the death of Bobby Sands on hunger strike. Derry, Northern Ireland, 1981.
U.S. President Ronald Reagan winces and raises his left arm as he was shot by an assailant as he left a Washington hotel, Monday, March 30, 1981, after making a speech to a labor group.
Military police of the 82nd Airborne Division "All American" standing guard outside an ammunition bunker near Cairo during the joint international exercise "Bright Star '82", in Egypt, 1st November 1981.
Some of the 320,000 people at Edwards Air Force Base to witnessed the first space shuttle landing on April 14, 1981. (3000 × 2262)
On This Day: Ronald Reagan Waves Moments Before He Is Shot by John Hinckley Junior, March 30, 1981
The charred wreckage of an EA-6B Prowler on the deck of the USS Nimitz after crashing during a night landing killing 14, 26th May 1981
Aftermath of the 1981 Red Army Faction bombing of U.S. Air Forces Europe headquarters at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, 31 August 1981.
French rally driver Michèle Mouton (right) with her co-driver Fabrizia Pons, celebrating their World Rally Championship Group B victory, holding bouquets sitting on their Audi Quattro (modified) West German rally car, Rallye Sanremo, Italy, October 1981.
Vice President Bush on Air Force Two headed back to Washington, DC after the assassination attempt on President Reagan, March 30th, 1981.
Egyptian soldiers firing at President Anwar Al-Sadat as he reviewed a military parade. 1981. .
President Ronald Reagan presenting Mexican President, José López Portillo with a rifle, February 1981
A British soldier fires plastic bullets at rioters in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the day of Bobby Sands' death (May 5th, 1981)
Swedish coastal rangers observing S-363, a Soviet submarine that ran aground near Karlskrona, Sweden, in 1981
The first launching of space shuttle Columbia at Kennedy Space Center on April 12, 1981. During the two-day mission, Astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen found ceramic tiles had fallen off. NASA used satellites to image the underside and determined it was safe to land at Edwards AFB.
Turkish High Military Council visiting Anıtkabir (Atatürk's Mausoleum) , 30th of August 1981 , Chief of General Staff (later president) Kenan Evren is in front.
Graffiti during the 1981 Hunger Strike in Northern Ireland
President Reagan with First Lady Nancy Reagan in the Blue Room. 1981
Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded by John Hinckley Jr. on March 30, 1981, in Washington, D.C. A bullet struck him in the left underarm after ricocheting off the side of his limousine. He had a broken rib, a lung puncture, and severe internal bleeding.
Spanish Congress, Madrid, 23rd February, 1981 . President Adolfo Suarez and two others are the only ones to stand still while soldiers open fire inside the building during an attempted coup.
India's first communication satellite APPLE being carried in a bullock cart, 1981
Wojciech Jaruzelski declares martial law in Poland, December 13, 1981
Columbia prepares for the very first Space Shuttle launch, STS-1. April 12, 1981
Ronald Reagan awards the Medal of Honor to Roy Benavidez for his actions near Lộc Ninh, South Vietnam on the 2nd of May 1968... (February 24th 1981)
Empty queues in stores in Polish People's Republic, Warsaw 23.04.1981.
Rioting in Derry, Northern Ireland. 1981
Viktor Korchnoi in his game for the World Chess Championship in 1981 against Anatoly Karpov. He wore reflective glasses in an attempt to psych out his opponent.
Two-day-old chicks grounded from shipment during the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization strike, August 4, 1981.
Masked youth run up a street in Ballymurphy, Belfast on the morning of Bobby Sands' death. (May 5th, 1981)
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