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112 year-old Teimruz Vanacha (left), veteran of WWI and the Russian Civil War, with his son Ivan, a veteran of WWII, in 1980 .
Delegation members from the People’s Republic of China at the San Diego Zoo, California, USA, 1980.
Kubrick taking a photo with daughter Vivian, on the set of The Shining. Nicholson thought he himself was the photo’s subject. 1980
John Lennon showing his son Sean Lennon the mixing table at The Hit Factory, NYC. Photo taken by Bob Gruen, August 1980
A Soviet Mi-24 Hind pilot with an AKS-74U, Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1980's.
Mt St Helens the 17th of may 1980 and 4 months later.
John Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman, the man who would kill him five hours later, NYC, 1980
Three former directors of the Global Smallpox Eradication Program read the news that Smallpox had been globally eradicated, 1980
A Soviet Mi-8 helicopter flying past one of the two Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan 1980
Vietnamese farmer with the wreckage of a B-52 Stratofortress in the background, ca 1980.
A spy in the Soviet-Afghan War about to be executed by the Taliban in 1980
Lower Manhattan in 1980. The twin towers can be seen in the very background.
The funeral of Josip Broz Tito (President of Yugoslavia) at the Yugoslav parliament in Belgrade on May 8, 1980.
1980. The tomb of the philanthropist in Wargnies-le-Grand (France)
This was what central park looked like in 1980
Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Switzerland in 1980. Accompanied by Federal President Georges-André Chevallaz and greeted by the guard of honour at Zurich-Kloten Airport. Photo: Swiss National Museum / ASL
Iranian child soldier crossing through the swamp towards the Iraqi forces, 1980, photo by Alfred Yaghobzadeh
James R Hoskins took hostages in television station WCPO in Cincinnati. He was interviewed by Elaine Green and a cameraman and stated how upset he was with the corruption of politicians and the police. After the interview, James shot himself in the head. (October 15th, 1980)
Students in Kabul protest against the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan, January 1, 1980
A soldier of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard weeping beside the body of his brother, recently killed in combat. Kermanshah Province, Iran-Iraq war, 16 October 1980.
7 South African Infantry Tenacuter Mascot seen here being carried off to the Parade Ground. Angola, late 1980's
Iranian soldiers in combat with Iraqi troops. Iran-Iraq war, Battle of Khorramshahr, 1980.
Helena Bonham Carter at home, 1980's.
Las Vegas Strip, 1980
Mount St Helens, Washington, the day before the deadly eruption that would kill 57, 17th May 1980 Not one tree in this image stands today
Grandmothers of plaza de mayo claiming for the disappeared and detained in front of the military, Argentina circa 1978-1980
Atari National Space Invaders Championship, 1980.
In 1980, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to make a state visit to the Vatican .
Mother Ilaria, defending Orthodox monastery of Holy Trinity in Kosovo and Metohija, 1980
Recovered photo inside JAL Flight 123 (deadliest single-aircraft accident) during the emergency (1980)
Keith Richards, James Brown and John Belushi, Studio 54 1980
PhD student Mindy Brugman at the Coldwater II lookout station, May 17, 1980
Polish pole vaulter Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz taunts Soviet fans booing him, after setting a new world record in the Olympic pole vault final in Moscow, winning the gold medal. 30 July 1980
Mother witnesses death of her childs by the Islamic regime forces, Iran, Kurdistan, 1980(620×410)
"We will defend the motherland until the last drop of our blood" Iranian soldiers during 49 days long first Battle of Khorramshahr. Only 300 survived. Iran, Fall of 1980
South Korea protester against military dictatorship, wielding a M1918 browning automatic rifle on an armored car / protesters formed an army after the martial law army's mass shooting / Gwangju, May 1980 /
Soviet advisor Tatyana Davydova poses with an Angolan soldier in Angola, late 1980's.
Lech Walesa speaks to Gdansk shipyard workers in 1980. .
Óscar Romero y Galdámez was an Archbishop of San Salvador and social activist who was assassinated on this day in 1980 after giving a sermon where he urged government soldiers to desert their ranks and stop carrying out state oppression. 1980
The reconstruction of the Equestrian Statue of Frederick the Great Unter den Linden, East Berlin 1980
An F4 Phantom intercepts a Soviet Tu-95 "Bear" over the North Atlantic during the Cold War, taken in 1980
A South Korean soldier beats up a protestor during the government led suppression of the pro-democracy movement in the South Korean city of Gwangju - 1980
December 1980: Fans of John Lennon holding a vigil after he was shot dead by a fan on December 8th at his home in New York.
Mount St. Helens on the afternoon of May 17, 1980. Less than 24 hours later, the spot this photo was taken would be buried in the largest landslide in recorded history.
4000 year old writing board by an Egyptian student with spelling corrections done by a teacher (with red), 1980 B.C
2 former Vietcong soldiers posing in the Củ Chi tunnels where they used to fight against American soldier during the Vietnam war, Củ Chi 1980
Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball Z) and Jackie Chan, 1980's
Princess Diana & Freddie Mercury of Queen, 1980's
The Queen and my Grandpa on her first and last visit of Switzerland in 1980
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