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Delegation members from the People’s Republic of China at the San Diego Zoo, California, USA, 1980.
1980. The tomb of the philanthropist in Wargnies-le-Grand (France)
A soldier of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard weeping beside the body of his brother, recently killed in combat. Kermanshah Province, Iran-Iraq war, 16 October 1980.
Iranian soldiers in combat with Iraqi troops. Iran-Iraq war, Battle of Khorramshahr, 1980.
Mount St Helens, Washington, the day before the deadly eruption that would kill 57, 17th May 1980 Not one tree in this image stands today
Grandmothers of plaza de mayo claiming for the disappeared and detained in front of the military, Argentina circa 1978-1980
Mother witnesses death of her childs by the Islamic regime forces, Iran, Kurdistan, 1980(620×410)
South Korea protester against military dictatorship, wielding a M1918 browning automatic rifle on an armored car / protesters formed an army after the martial law army's mass shooting / Gwangju, May 1980 /
Lech Walesa speaks to Gdansk shipyard workers in 1980. .
Mount St. Helens on the afternoon of May 17, 1980. Less than 24 hours later, the spot this photo was taken would be buried in the largest landslide in recorded history.
4000 year old writing board by an Egyptian student with spelling corrections done by a teacher (with red), 1980 B.C
A 1980's teenage bedroom.
Renault FT-17 of the communist Afghan Army (DRA) in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, late 1980's.
Rhodesian woman with a teeshirt saying: "I’m staying, how about you", Rhodesia, c. 1979 - 1980. When Zimbabwe gained independence in April 1980, many white Rhodesians "took the gap" and left to South Africa.
South Korean kids street boxing / Manri-dong, Seoul / July 1980 /
Members of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta heading to Iran during Operation Eagle Claw, 24th April, 1980
What happened after two opposition student groups (Nationalist-Socialist) came together at the bank branch on March 21, 1980, and a fight broke out and the police tried to enter the bank. (before the military coup Turkey 12 September 1980 )
A policeman unties one of the several dogs that on the morning of Dec 12, 1980 appeared hanged off Lima, Peru, streetlamps with signs of "Deng Xiaoping, son of a bitch", in one of the earliest actions of maoist Shining Path, protesting the economical policies of then new Chinese president.
Soviet army exercises in chemical protection. T-80 tanks, decontaminated using truck-mounted jet engines. 1980's. Location unknown
Mother Teresa feeding a man at the Home for the Dying, Kolkata, India, 1980. .
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