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Richard Nixon's loyal secretary Rose Mary Woods takes one for the team as she demonstrates her implausible claim that she erased part of an incriminating White House audio tape when she answered the phone while transcribing the tape. 1974
15 year old Tzippi Maimon being carried by her brother in the aftermath of the Ma'alot school massacre, where 22 Israeli pupils and teachers were killed by Arab gunmen. Israel, May 15, 1974
Reporters who Exposed the Watergate Scandal watch President Nixon resign, 1974
First Lady of South Korea Yuk Young-soo slumps down after being shot by a North Korean sympathiser, during an assasination attempt on her husband President of South Korea Park Chung-hee, on Korean Independence Day ceremony at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul - 1974
John Cleese playing Football in between takes of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". 1974
West Germany captain Franz Beckenbauer (left) and East Germany captain Bernd Bransch (right) shaking hands before the match between both German sides during the 1974 World Cup (June 22nd, 1974)
This 1974 photograph shows the true colours of the freshly unearthed Terracotta Warriors, before rapid deterioration due to environmental exposures.
Hiroo Onoda walks out of the jungle on Lubang Island after agreeing to surrender 29 years after the end of World War II, March 11, 1974
Three-martini lunchtime at the Plaza Hotel's Oak Room circa 1974.
A smallpox vaccination center in Bihar, India, 1974
Connie Chung reporting from Saudi Arabia, 1974
Portuguese Air Force paratrooper and nurse, Aura Teles (she was handling a MG3) at an airfield: in the Portuguese colonial territory of Guinea, during the Guinea-Bissau War of Independence, c. 1963 - 1974.
10 cent beer night. June 4th 1974 Cleveland Ohio. Beers being sold for 10 cents turned a baseball game into chaos.
A stolen Army helicopter sits on the South Lawn of the White House. The daredevil pilot, identified as Army PFC Robert K. Preston, was forced down by a volley of shotgun blasts from federal police on the executive mansion grounds (Washington DC, USA 1974)
Richard Nixon walks on the beach during his 1969 - 1974 presidency.
Louis Cameron (dead center squatting) and armed First Nations men protesting against the Canadian Government for better living conditions. Anicinabe Park Occupation, Ontario, July 1974.
Protests against accepting Chilean refugees into Canada. Toronto, Ontario, 1974.
Reporters Who Exposed The Watergate Scandal Watch President Nixon Resign, 1974
FIAT workers on strike in 1974, Turin, Italy.
Police officer guarding a pharmacy in high-flood waters, Ontario, 1974
The completed Twin Towers of World Trade Center viewed from the Hudson River. July 1974.
The 1974 April Fools Hoax, when a man started a fire on Mt Edgecombe, Alaska causing locals to fear there was an eruption
Hiroo Onoda- the Imperial Japanese soldier who hid in the Philippine jungle for almost 30 years after WWII ended. March 11, 1974.
Paul and Linda McCartney in disguise during a George Harrison concert at Madison Square Garden, December 1974
Swedish pop group ABBA celebrate winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest on stage at the Brighton Dome in England on April 6, 1974, with their song Waterloo.
48 years ago in 1974, Alice Cooper mets Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Amsterdam while they were both at the same hotel.
Scyllac Toroidal Theta-Pinch Fusion Experiment, 1974 .
On the 25th of April of 1974, the Portuguese freed themselves from a 48 year long fascist dictatorship. Civilians were asked to stay home but instead took the streets overwhelmed with joy and started putting carnations at the top of the soldiers' guns. So the Carnation Revolution was born.
Film director Stanley Kubrick having a laugh on the set of Barry Lyndon. Ireland, 1973-1974.
Filming of The Deluge (1974)Oscar-nominated Polish historical drama film adaptation of Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel. It is the third-most popular film in the history of Polish cinema. Poland, 1974.
The Palace of Westminter on fire after a IRA terrorist attack, 1974
c. 1974 To help Jimmy Carter weather the costly primary season, the Allman Brothers with help from others held benefits for his campaign, raising more than $800,000.
Actress Brigitte Bardot wearing tee-shirt supporting presidential candidate Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. France, 1974 {580x386]
Hiroo Onoda (middle): who hid in the Philippine jungle for 30 years after WWII, surrendering to Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos (left). Along with his former commanding officer Major Yoshimi Taniguchi. Lubang Island, Philippines, March 11, 1974
Robert Shaw's son on the set of «Jaws» (1974).
Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan. In 1974 Lord Lucan murdered his children's nanny and fled the scene. Despite numerous search efforts Lord Lucan was never seen again.
The Texas Rangers running out to fight an angry mob of Cleveland fans on 10 Cent Beer Night, 1974
Florida news reporter Chris Chubbuck on July 1, 1974 - 2 weeks before her death. She was the first person to die by suicide on live TV.
A sentry box placed on Rockall by a 1974 British Navy expedition (920×552)
Civilians joining in the unexpected Military coup to overthrow Portuguese Dictatorship of 1974 (25th April, 1974) -
U.S. President Richard Nixon and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, 1974, Crimea, Yuryi Abramochkin/Sputnik.
US Congressman Wilbur Mills, powerful Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, watches as his stripper mistress Fanne Foxe dances at a Boston burlesque house - 1974.
Director Steven Spielberg with a mechanical shark during principal photography of the film "Jaws." 1974
Turkey’s PM Bülent Ecevit during an assassination attempt in 1974.
Richard Nixon's chair being removed from the Oval Office after his resignation, 1974
A Turkish Lithuenant at Cyprus Operation, 1974 (486×631)
Comic fans in costume for the San Diego Comic-Con’s first Masquerade costume contest, 1974.
Philippe Petit laying down on the 200 foot (60 metre) cable between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 1350 feet (410 metres) above the ground during his 45 minute high-wire walk, August 7th, 1974.
Police Officer John Shuttleworth Waist-high in Flood Waters, 1974, Cambridge Ontario,
The first image of Mercury, taken by NASA's Mariner 10 in 1974.
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