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George Carlin being arrested for violating wisconsin's obscenity laws after performing the controversial routine "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television" May 27th 1972
Survivors of 1972 of the Infamous Andes plane crash. The passengers resorted to cannibalism to survive 72 days in the snow
President Nixon dines with Chinese leaders in Beijing, 1972
1972: 3 women on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan
Gale Benson, model and daughter of British MP Leonard Plugge. In 1972 she was buried alive by Michael X and other members of his Black Power group.
Harrison H. Schmitt of the Apollo 17 mission investigates a large lunar boulder with rover behind. Dec. 13, 1972
Senator-elect Joe Biden and his wife Neilia cutting the cake for his 30th birthday, November 20th, 1972
Diane Keaton and Al Pacino during the filming of The Godfather in 1972 (1080×1324)
Lynda Carter (1972)
Frederick the 9th, King of Denmark (1947-1972)
The former Minister of Armaments and War Production for the German Third Reich: Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer, with German film director, photographer and actress Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" Riefenstahl, at the Olympiastadion in West Berlin, West Germany, c. 1972.
North Vietnamese Guerilla fighters guarding the Vietnam-Cambodia border, in front of them lay poisoned punji stakes, 1972. Photo taken by Lê Minh Trường.
Photograph of Commander Eugene Cernan during the second spacewalk of Apollo 17 which happened on this day 48 years ago. This Apollo mission would also be the last time man would be on the moon. December 12, 1972.
Lynda Carter in Miss World (1972)
Irish children mock British soldiers in Derry, 1972
Republican protesters clash with a British armoured vehicle on Bloody Sunday in Derry, Northern Ireland (1972)
Childhood friends met at the protests on opposing sides. France, 1972
Female Viet Cong guerrilla, 1972
50 years ago today, John Lennon jamming with Chuck Bery on The Mike Douglas Show. February 16, 1972.
Liv Lindeland with her Pink 1972 DeTomaso Pantera
The launch of Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972. This was the only Saturn V ever launched at night, and the last of the Apollo Missions.
A group of child soldiers stand at attention for the camera. First Sudanese Civil War, Sudan, 1955-1972.
Alfred Hitchcock riding a bike at the Cannes Film Festival in France, 1972
Track camera at Sainte Livrade Race Track near Bordeaux, France captures the finish of a trotter race revealing an enthusiastic fox terrier which jumped on the track for some impromptu racing - September 2, 1972
Department of Mathematics, Leningrad, 1972 (H.C. Bresson)
A large group of Native Americans stage a protest over land rights by occupying the Bureau of Indian Affairs building and steps in front, Washington DC, November 6, 1972.
Female Vietcong guerilla fighter carrying a m-16 rifle during the Vietnam war in 1972
Soldiers of NVA 48th Regiment amidst the 2nd Battle of Quang Tri 1972, one of the bloodiest battle of Vietnam war
Wives of POWs (prisoners of war) at a convention of League of POW-MIA (missing in action) families. District of Columbia, US, 1972
John F. Kennedy Jr with Willie Mays of the New York Mets, 1972
A young rioter in Derry, Northern Ireland, 1972.
The "Hasanlu lovers" died around 800 B.C. and were discovered in 1972. They died in what seems to be an embrace or kiss, and remained that way for 2800 years.
Apollo 16 astronaut Charles duke left his family photo behind him on the moon, April 1972.
Fidel Castro playing basketball. c. 1972.
The "Hasanlu lovers" died around 800 B.C. and were discovered in 1972. They died in what seems to be an embrace or kiss, and remained that way for 2800 years.
3 women in Kabul Afghanistan (1972)
The Earth rising above the lunar horizon during the last Apollo mission, December 1972
Soviet basketball players celebrate their 51-50 upset victory over the powerhouse United States - 1972
An image of saddam hussein teasing his wife in 1972
Astronaut Eugene Cernan pilots the Lunar Rover during the Apollo 17 mission, 1972
Pierre Cardin examining the robe of Ottoman Sultan Murad III in Topkapı Palace, İstanbul, 1972.
Irish Girl mocks a British Soldier in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1972.
U.S. First Lady Pat Nixon holding future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in her arms. April 14th, 1972.
A young Princess Diana with her guinea pig - 1972
Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan at Jagger's 29th Birthday Party in NYC (1972)
Dutch soldiers during the state visit of Finnish President Kekkonen, 1972
December 17th 1972, Operation Linebacker II aka the Christmas bombings was conducted against North Vietnam by the US. The bombings destroyed up to 80% of the North infrastructure including many schools, hospitals and residential areas.
A young passenger preparing to board a Pan American World Airways Boeing 747 at Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Iran - 1972
Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton at Yale Law School, 1972
One of the Black September members seen on the balcony during the 1972 Munich Massacre which took place during the Summer Olympics Game. Tensions in the Middle East especially between Israel and the Arab League led to this event. As a result, 17 people lost their lives. September 5th 1972.
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