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Today is the anniversary of the Kent State Massacre, where protesting students were gunned down by the Ohio National Guard. Pictured May 4th, 1970.
Indigenous children forced to pray to god in a residential school ran by the Canadian government and Catholic Church between 1930 and 1970, unknown location
Somali socialites in Mogadishu (1970)
Ethnic Cambodian Guerilla fighter Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp after he was wounded by American bombing. Ca Mau Peninsula, 15 September 1970. Photo taken by Vo Anh Khanh.
Man reading comics while being tattooed, Tokyo, Japan, 1970. Photo by Martha Cooper
A makeshift hospital in the Vietnam War, 1970
A black U.S. soldier reads a message left by the Việt Cộng during the Vietnam War, the message reads: "U.S. Negro Armymen, you are committing the same ignominious crimes in South Vietnam that the KKK clique is perpetrating against your family at home.", 1970.
A trip to Walmart. (Early 1970's. Midwestern United States.)
Yukio Mishima addresses members of the Self-Defense Forces in Tokyo shortly before committing seppuku on Nov. 25, 1970 .
Stevie Wonder visiting a children's school for the blind in London, 1970
A car teeters at the top of a paternoster parking elevator as a result of a broken bolt in Denver, Colorado, 1970's.
Alexander Kerensky, 1917. During that year, he was a key figure in the governing coalition from the February Revolution that saw the Tsar's abdication until the October Revolution by the Bolsheviks. Kerensky spent the next 50+ years in exile, dying in New York in 1970.
A young girl licks ice cream and plays with the tip of the guns' bayonet to try and elicit a reaction from a royal guard in Sweden, 1970.
Leonard Nimoy meets Jimi Hendrix at a Cleveland, Ohio hotel in 1970
June 12, 1970: Pittsburgh Pirate Dock Ellis throws a no-hitter against San Diego. He later admitting doing so under the influence of LSD, adding he was unable to feel the ball and that his catcher wore reflective tape on his fingers to help him see signals.
Man on his way to Harlem (1970)
Australian nurse in Vietnam, early 1970's.
Milunka Savić, the Most Decorated Female Combatant in History, 1970: She initially disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Serbian army during the Balkan Wars, later served in WWI, was wounded 9 times in combat, and received medals from Serbia, France, Russia, & Britain
British soldier in the Color Parade in 1970, who passed out literally as Queen Elizabeth and her guards were passing by.
On this day 50 years ago west german chancelor Willy Brandt kneeld in front of the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial - Warsaw, 1970
Louis Armstrong with neighborhood kids on the steps of his house in Corona, Queens, 1970.
4th chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (west germany) willy brandt kneeling before a memorial of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, as an act of solidarity. 1970
Afghan hunter with a fox-mask, 1970's
Chevy Vega's being shipped by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in the specially designed "Vert-A-Pac" railroad cars. Circa 1970's
Three Asaro Mud Men, New Guinea, 1970
Teenage stowaway Keith Sapsford falls from the pane he was hiding on as it takes off, Sydeney Airport 1970. The photographer had no idea that he caught the tragedy on film until later
View of the World Trade Center under construction from Duane Street. 1970.
Polish workers carrying dead 18 year old Zbigniew Godlewski, who was shot and killed by the army sent by communist regime to quell the strike. 17th December 1970
Laurie Piper, Skateboarding in Hermosa Beach, CA. 1970's
The creation of the recycling logo by G. Anderson, 23 at the time. 1970
Eastern Airlines reservation center, Miami 1970.
A British army bomb disposal specialist approaches a suspect vehicle in Northern Ireland, 1970.
Members of the American Deserters Committee, formed in Montreal in 1970 to oppose the Vietnam War. .
Black Sabbath music group, 1970.
Palestinian Resistance fighters reading copies of "Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong" in 1970.
A radioman of The North Vietnamese Army relaying battlefield developments to the artillery position during an offensive on Quang Tri, 1970
A Canadian soldier standing sentry at a street corner, after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act. October crisis, Montreal, 1970.
A GI, with his M16 over his soldier, in the fish hook region of Cambodia. 1970. .
Fashion designer Pierre Cardin posing with Models in his futuristic vision of nursing uniforms in Paris, France in 1970. ( 1080 X 720 )
A World War II veteran argues with an anti-war counter-protester at a pro-Vietnam War rally, 1970 .
Workers add a new section to the top of the World Trade Center Building in New York, Oct. 23, 1970, making its height some 1,254 feet, four feet taller than the Empire State Building.
Palestinian resistance fighters from the Fatah faction reading the "Little Red Book", 1970
Children playing cricket on a busy street of Kolkata, India in 1970 s. 640×1056
Boston Bruin Bobby Orr soars through the air after scoring the game-winning goal over the St. Louis Blues in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup final in 1970 .
1970 Apollo 13 - Fred Haise, Jim Lovell and Ken Mattingly
..The WTC in 1970.. ..
Rabbit used to check for leaks at Sarin nerve gas production plant, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Commerce City, Colorado, 1970.
The Kent State Shooting of 1970 occurred when Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on Vietnam War protesters. Four people were killed and nine others were wounded.
Soviet Female Cadets, 1970
"The Wizard of Oz", 30 years later. Ray Bolger, Jack Haley and Margaret Hamilton (the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Wicked Witch) in a reunion photo. 1970
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