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Somali socialites in Mogadishu (1970)
Ethnic Cambodian Guerilla fighter Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp after he was wounded by American bombing. Ca Mau Peninsula, 15 September 1970. Photo taken by Vo Anh Khanh.
British soldier in the Color Parade in 1970, who passed out literally as Queen Elizabeth and her guards were passing by.
On this day 50 years ago west german chancelor Willy Brandt kneeld in front of the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial - Warsaw, 1970
Chevy Vega's being shipped by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in the specially designed "Vert-A-Pac" railroad cars. Circa 1970's
Three Asaro Mud Men, New Guinea, 1970
Laurie Piper, Skateboarding in Hermosa Beach, CA. 1970's
Eastern Airlines reservation center, Miami 1970.
A radioman of The North Vietnamese Army relaying battlefield developments to the artillery position during an offensive on Quang Tri, 1970
A Canadian soldier standing sentry at a street corner, after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act. October crisis, Montreal, 1970.
The Kent State Shooting of 1970 occurred when Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on Vietnam War protesters. Four people were killed and nine others were wounded.
Soviet Female Cadets, 1970
'Family picture' of the aircrew of the first commercial flight of the Boeing 747. The 747 entered service on January 22, 1970, on Pan American's New York to London route. Photo credit AFP/Getty Images
Berkeley Hippies, July 1970
John Filo's Prize-winning photo of Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over the body of Jeffrey Miller after the student was shot by an Ohio National Guardsman on May 4, 1970
Last known photo of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone in Cambodia 1970.
March in protest of the Kent State shootings and the invasion of Cambodia, Raleigh, NC. 1970. .
A rabbit being used to test for leaks at a sarin gas production plant in 1970. The plant was the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Colorado. Only 100mg is lethal enough to kill you, that's equivalent to about 20 grains of sand.
South Korean soldier keeps an eye on Japan Airlines Flight 351, which was hijacked by nine members of the Japanese Red Army Faction and heading for North Korea / Gimpo International Airport in South Korea / March 1970 /
Richard Nixon with the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII of the UK) and Wallis Simpson, 1970
Harlem, July, 1970. You got the Salvation Army, they got the Pentecostal Marines
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