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An undercover police officer on duty. New York, Brooklyn, 1 July 1969.
Kmart employees watching moon landing - July 16, 1969
Rare photo showing Niagara Falls without water, 1969
An undercover police officer on duty in the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, New York. 1 July, 1969.
Astronaut Neil Armstrong's wife & sons watch the liftoff of Apollo 11 - July 16 1969
An unidentified soldier of the 25th Infantry Division pauses for a cigarette. Vietnam War, 1969.
U.S. Marines on patrol, South Vietnam, December 1969.
Apollo 11/Saturn V (AS-506) and its Mobile Launch Platform, on one of the two Crawler-Transporters at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, May 20, 1969.
Girls making petrol bombs during the Battle of the Bogside, Ireland, 1969.
An aerial photo of Woodstock Music and Art Fair, 1969.
Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan, with Jayne Mansfield and a young Mariska Hargitay, 1969
Dolores Cacuango, known as Mamá Doloreyuk, at age 87 in 1969. She was a tireless Ecuadorian activist who fought for the rights of laborers, women, and indigenous people.
Margaret Hamilton, NASA's lead developer for Apollo program, stands next to all the code she wrote by hand that took humanity to the moon in 1969. .
An unknown soldier in Vietnam circa 1969. The writing on the back of the Flak Jacket reveals the mood of the time. The caption near the bottom of the jacket reads "Fun Travel Adventure". substituting words for the true meaning of FTA, or Fuck the Army.
Demonstrator prepares to belt California Highway Patrolman with her umbrella during Berkeley student protest, 1969
The beatles walking back the other way on Abbey Road, 1969
Hippie commune girl by Roberta Price, California 1969
Eskimo in whale's mouth between 1950 and 1969, Alaska
The lottery used by the Selective Service to determine who would be drafted for Vietnam first. In each capsule is a day of the year, determining the order of draftees by their birthday. Washington D.C. 1969
A dry Niagara falls, 1969.
Margaret Hamilton with her handwritten navigation software produced by the MIT team she led for the Apollo Project, 1969
The Hell's Angels at Woodstock. Bethel, New York 1969
Picture of the bloody mattress on which Fred Hampton, a prominent Black Panther leader, was assassinated, 1969.
Women Protesting Against Wearing Bra San Francisco, 1969 (orignal)
A South Vietnamese woman crying over a plastic bag containing the remains of her husband, he was found in a mass grave of noncombatants murdered by Vietcong forces during the Tet Offensive. Vietnam, April 1969. Photo taken by Larry Barrows.
In 1969, Life magazine photographer Vernon Merritt III captured this shot of two buddies on a hot summer day in New York City.
A girl on roller-skates talking to a British soldier on patrol during the Battle of the Bogside in Northern Ireland, 1969
Woodstock 1969
The Beatles waiting to cross Abbey Road in 1969
Apollo 11 astronauts (L to R) Collins, Aldrin and Armstrong wearing sombreros and ponchos are swarmed by thousands in Mexico City as their motorcade is slowed by the crowd. The 1st stop on a Worldwide Goodwill Tour, they would visit 29 cities in 24 countries over 38 days; Sept 29, 1969
King Hussein of Jordan (1935 – 1999) and his son watch a military exercise in the Jordanian desert, 1969
The Earth as seen from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. July 20,1969.
19 year old Robin Williams - (1969) -
Wernher von Braun, designer of the Saturn V , poses in front of the spacecraft’s engines (1969). Braun was the head of the German rocket industry in World War II. At the end of the war, he was brought to the USA.What do you think about the U.S. using the old nazis?
A group of soldiers create a band and put on a show at their base camp in Cambodia, 1969.
Grand Central Terminal on New Year’s Eve, 1969.
Apollo 11 launch, Cape Canaveral July 21, 1969.
A postman in Turkey Cappadocia,1969
Niagara Falls without water, 1969
A young boy wearing a gas mask with a molotov cocktail in his hand during the Battle of the Bogside, 1969.
Two young American women in their swimwear, smiling and posing with a 1969 Ford Mustang coupe sports car: summer months, state of Florida, southern U.S.A., c. 1970s.
A woman from the Vietnam War. Circa 1969.
President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, and his wife Imelda Marcos meeting with U.S President Richard Nixon & First Lady Pat Nixon. They are wearing traditional Filipino attire in the photo, 1969
Pink Floyd in Paris, 1969
Women Protesting Against Wearing Bra San Francisco, 1969
Mourners paying their respects as they pass the open casket of slain Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, Chicago, December 8th, 1969.
Neil Armstrong’s wife and kids watch dad venture to the moon. July 16, 1969.
Carlos Santana playing Soul Sacrifice in Woodstock 1969, while he admittedly said he thought his guitar was a snake after taking acid
Michael Collins arriving at the flight crew training building of the Kennedy Space Center, one week from liftoff of Apollo 11 . 1969.
22 YO Steven Spielberg directing his first work in Hollywood, Roger Serling's TV Film and pilot The Night Gallery. Joan Crawford was the first actress he had to direct. November 1969.
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