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Israeli soldier taking a glass of water from the Jordan river after The Six Day War, On his left arm is a serial number from the Holocaust. July 1967.
Last sword duel in history in France, 1967 between the Mayor of Marseille and the Socialist Party candidate for presidency.
U.S. soldier: Sgt. Ronald Payne, 21, of Atlanta, Georgia, emerges from a Viet Cong tunnel while holding a silencer-equipped revolver (January 21, 1967)
Masako Owada (current Empress of Japan), with her friends at a kindergarten in Moscow, Soviet Union - 1967
Carol L. Andrews, accused of shoplifting and arrested for prostitution, Minneapolis, Minn, 1967
THE KISS OF LIFE. A utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker after contacting a low voltage overhead line wire. Usa, 1967.
Cover page of the "Arabs" journal from July 1967 showing Syrian highschoolers being armed to protect Damascus from the Israeli advance.
People trying to disallow Kathrine Switzer from completing the Boston Marathon, however, she was able to become the first woman to ever do so. (1967)
May 1, 1967. Private First Class Kerry Nelson, an American M48 tank gunner of the 3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, in Vietnam's 'Iron Triangle' during the Vietnam War. The squadron was tasked with securing Route 13, a strategic road north of Saigon.
Armed Black Panther members in the California Capitol Building protesting a bill which was targeting them. Supported by the NRA, President Ronald Reagan signed the bill to stop Black Panther police self defense patrols. May 2, 1967.
U.S Airman Dewey Wayne Waddell is forced to pose for a propaganda film after his F-105 was shot down over North Vietnam on July 5th 1967. He would spend the remainder of the war in captivity.
A U.S. Army infantryman is lowered into a Viet Cong tunnel to perform an underground search and destroy mission during the Vietnam War. These soldiers, known as tunnel rats, were equipped usually only with a handgun and flashlight, and besides enemy forces, faced traps and insects. 1967.
First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967
The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Shah Pahlavi, poses with his son, Prince Reza, and wife, Farah, following his coronation in 1967.
Red Guard member, masked against the 'flu, spreading the word of Mao. 1967. .
Major Jim Capers in Vietnam, he was the first African-American Marine Corps Officer to Receive a Battlefield Commission, 1967
Specialist Lawrence Joel with his family on the White House Lawn after being awarded the Medal of Honor by President Johnson for actions on November 8th 1965 in Đồng Nai Province, South Vietnam... Taken on March 9th 1967
Australian soldiers from 7 RAR waiting to be picked up by US Army helicopters following a cordon and search operation near Phước Hải on 26 August 1967
Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and his son, Adam, made up as a Vulcan child, on the set of TOS, 1967.
The ill-fated crew of Apollo I pose for a photo parody of their official crew portrait after their concerns regarding the unsafe nature of the pod are not addressed, 1967
The Beatles play football in Ringo's garden, 1967.
Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967
Sweden after changing the driving side of the road from left to right in 1967 (colorized)
F105 Thunderchief gun camera shows a direct hit on a Vietnamese MiG17's drop tank, 3rd June 1967
The last photo of Che Guevara before his capture, taken a few weeks before his death. Guevara, seated at right, studies a map of the Pesca river region. Bolivia, 1967.
An American soldier poses with a jungle centipede during the Vietnam war, 1967.
Private First Class Wayne Brewer fires his M-60 machine gun at an enemy position in Vietnam (official US Army caption) July 7, 1967
Phillip Thomas of Hither Green, London, gets the chance to pose with two Cybermen and a green monster from the BBC TV series Doctor Who. The monster was created following a competition run on Blue Peter. December 27, 1967.
The Forrestal burns in the distance, taken from the flight deck of the USS Oriskany, 29th July 1967, Gulf of Tonkin. The fire would leave 134 sailors dead and very nearly killed future senator John McCain
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger outside Chichester Court after being arrested for drugs, 10 May 1967.
July 25 1967, Chongqing Technical School became a battle ground for two rival groups of red guards during the cultural revolution. 1,000 "August 15 faction" members attack 300 "anti-death" faction members. 8 killed many wounded.
Israeli soldiers carry a confiscated portrait of Jordan's king Hussain after capturing Jerusalem's old city 1967
On December 4, 1967, Mr. O. J. Simpson and Mr. Larry Csonka were photographed with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover at FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C . [410 x 388}
Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is escorted from the Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station in Houston by Lt. Col. J. Edwin McKee, commandant of the station, after Ali refused Army induction. 54 years ago today, April 28th, 1967.
F100 Super Sabre of the 352nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 35th Tactical Fighter Wing dropping napalm on Viet Cong positions near Biên Hòa, South Vietnam 1967
The Torrey Canyon was a supertanker ship containing 120,000 short tons of crude oil. It hit rocks on March 18, 1967 and shipwrecked, spilling the oil on the Seven Stones Reef, United Kingdom.
Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Gary Snyder at the San Francisco Human Be-In, 14 January 1967.
Staff and inmates of a UMAP in revolutionary Cuba, 1967. "Treatment" centers for discordant elements of Cuban society such as pacifists, religious, liberals and homosexuals.
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