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CIA agent Felix Rodriguez (left) and Bolivian soldiers pose with Che Guevara moments before his execution. Bolivia, 9 October 1967.
Israeli soldier taking a glass of water from the Jordan river after The Six Day War, On his left arm is a serial number from the Holocaust. July 1967.
Last sword duel in history in France, 1967 between the Mayor of Marseille and the Socialist Party candidate for presidency.
U.S. soldier: Sgt. Ronald Payne, 21, of Atlanta, Georgia, emerges from a Viet Cong tunnel while holding a silencer-equipped revolver (January 21, 1967)
A United States soldier holds up a jungle centipede during the Vietnam war, 1967
My Grandfather interviewing Muhammad Ali in the weeks after changing his name - July 1967
Picture of the Beatles watching Jimi Hendrix performing live at Brian Epstein's Saville Theatre, London on January 29, 1967, three days after Sgt. Peppers was released .
Vietnam War helmet graffiti, 1967- “War is Good Business- Invest Your Son”
Liu Shaoqi being subjected to public humiliation during the Cultural Revolution. He was once the Chairman of the PRC, and was even considered the successor to Mao. After the two had a falling out, Liu was purged, labeled a capitalist traitor, imprisoned, and tortured to death, 1967
Masako Owada (current Empress of Japan), with her friends at a kindergarten in Moscow, Soviet Union - 1967
Jan. 15, 1967: 34-year old Green Bay Packers receiver Max McGee runs in the first Super Bowl. Not expecting to play, he was hungover and had to borrow a helmet from a teammate. He caught 7 passes, 2 for touchdowns. He later became co-founder of the restaurant chain Chi-Chi's.
A man and his cat. Taken in Skibotn, Norway by Ismo Hölttö, 1967
North Vietnamese pull U.S airman John McCain out of a lake in 1967. He had ejected from his plane after it had been shot down, and he broke his right leg and both arms while briefly being knocked unconscious from the force. He was held captive by the Viet Cong for over 5 years
The remains of Vladimir Komarov, soviet astronaut 1967
Carol L. Andrews, accused of shoplifting and arrested for prostitution, Minneapolis, Minn, 1967
THE KISS OF LIFE. A utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker after contacting a low voltage overhead line wire. Usa, 1967.
US Navy Corpsman Vernon Wike with a dying marine, during the Battle of Hill 881, near Khe Sanh, 1967
Joyful Alain Delon is chatting about something with Mick Jagger's girlfriend Marianne Faithfull. A terribly sad Mick Jagger in different socks sits modestly next to them. Paris, France, 1967.
Mohamed Reza Pahlavi and his wife Farah Pahlavi, upon his coronation as the Shâhanshâh of Imperial (Pahlavi) Iran, and his wife was crowned as the Shahbanu, on October 26th, 1967, in the Imperial State of Iran.
The Mothers of Invention and Jimi Hendrix at a photoshoot for the album “We’re Only in It for the Money” in 1967 .
Military parade marking the USSR's 50th anniversary, Moscow, 1967
17 year-old pacifist Jane Rose Kasmir offering flowers to a soldier at the pentagon during anti-Vietnam war protest, 1967.
Adam West dressed as Batman for the filming of a road safety ad for children, 1967.
A GI of the 25th Infantry Division emerges from a Viet Cong tunnel, October 1967.
USS LIBERTY Attacked by Israel in 1967 1020x470
Cover page of the "Arabs" journal from July 1967 showing Syrian highschoolers being armed to protect Damascus from the Israeli advance.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during a lighthearted moment at Fire Island, NY, September 1967.
1967 - J.D. Thompson performs artificial respiration on Randall Champion, after Champion touched a live telephone wire. Champion would go on to live another 35 years.
Private Ron Brault eats dinner while sitting next to a Christmas tree sent to him by his parents from Kansas. South Vietnam, December, 1967
Lieutenant Commander Donald D. Sheppard, of Coronado, CA, aims a flaming arrow at a bamboo hut concealing a fortified Viet Cong bunker on the banks of the Bassac River, Vietnam, December 8, 1967.
The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, that died on Soyuz 1 mission tragedy, happening in april 1967.
People trying to disallow Kathrine Switzer from completing the Boston Marathon, however, she was able to become the first woman to ever do so. (1967)
Randall Champion accidentally touched a high-voltage line, electrifying himself, stopping his heart. A fellow linemen, J.D. Thompson, performed mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived. Champion survived. Famous photo is known as "The Kiss of Life." (1967) (Photo by Rocco Morabito)
Armed Black Panther members in the California Capitol Building protesting a bill which was targeting them. Supported by the NRA, President Ronald Reagan signed the bill to stop Black Panther police self defense patrols. May 2, 1967.
Medic James E. Callahan of Pittsfield, Mass., gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dying soldier in war zone D, about 50 miles northeast of Saigon, June 17, 1967. Thirty-one men of the 1st Infantry Division were reported killed in the guerrilla ambush, with more than 100 wounded.
May 1, 1967. Private First Class Kerry Nelson, an American M48 tank gunner of the 3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, in Vietnam's 'Iron Triangle' during the Vietnam War. The squadron was tasked with securing Route 13, a strategic road north of Saigon.
U.S Airman Dewey Wayne Waddell is forced to pose for a propaganda film after his F-105 was shot down over North Vietnam on July 5th 1967. He would spend the remainder of the war in captivity.
A U.S. Army infantryman is lowered into a Viet Cong tunnel to perform an underground search and destroy mission during the Vietnam War. These soldiers, known as tunnel rats, were equipped usually only with a handgun and flashlight, and besides enemy forces, faced traps and insects. 1967.
Dads with babies in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, 1967.
In July, 1967, a raid on an unlicensed bar resulted in one of the largest riots in Detroit history. For five straight days rioting, looting and arson enveloped the city. When the smoke cleared, 43 people were dead and over 2,000 buildings destroyed.
Jim Morrison of The Doors taunting a policeman on stage, after he was maced by the police for making out with a fan in the showers backstage. He repeatedly kept calling him on stage “A little blue man in a little blue hat”. They arrested Morrison, which caused a riot. 1967. .
Models wear a selection of designs by the black-owned and operated New Breed fashion boutique in New York City, 1968. The boutique, which opened in 1967, introduced the dashiki, as well as other African-influenced garments, to the fashion world.
Residents of the Vietnamese city of Hanoi take shelter during air raid, taken by Lee Lockwood, 1967.
First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967
Three old ladies swing into Spring, Czechoslovakia 1967,
Israeli soldiers celebrate on the Temple Mount after their victory in the 1967 war, with the captured Jordanian flags in their hands
The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Shah Pahlavi, poses with his son, Prince Reza, and wife, Farah, following his coronation in 1967.
Red Guard member, masked against the 'flu, spreading the word of Mao. 1967. .
Autographed photo from Liberace to my grandfather (left) 1967
Two policemen with rifle from the 1st Battalion, The Welsh Regiment cordon during the Chinese communist riot aka 67 riot, Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, British Hong Kong, 1967
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