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A man takes a selfie using a stick of wood to activate the camera, 1957
An unidentified white student slugs a hanging effigy of a black student outside of the Little Rock Central High School. This was taken after the school was forced to desegregate, a move which many locals vehemently opposed, Arkansas, U.S, 1957
21-years-old Yves Saint Laurent at Christian Dior's Funeral, 1957
A Forgotten Age of Open-air Schools in the Netherlands, 1957. .
Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division point their bayonets at teenagers in Little Rock, AR, during forced racial integration of high schools in 1957
Sophia Loren & Jayne Mansfield, 1957
Little Rock Nine : Student Elizabeth Eckford, age 15, did not have a telephone so did not know that a carpool had been planned for the other 8 students. She is seen approaching the school, where onlookers hurled abuse & she was refused entry by Arkansas National Guard. 4th Sept, 1957. .
April 18, 1957 Dr. Maurice Hilleman receives the distinguished civilian service award at the Pentagon for saving millions of lives via the development of vaccines against measles, mumps, hepatitis, chickenpox, chlamydia and many more despite recieving hate mail and death threats.
Art students painting the landscape around Banff National Park. Hoodoos trail, July 1957.
"Race mixing is communist!" White citizens protest the desegregation of their schools in Little Rock, Alabama, July 1957.
Easter Sunday 1957 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Daytona Beach, Florida - 1957
In 1957, American engineer Russell Kirsch, along with his team at the National Bureau of Standards, developed with world's first digital image scanner. It is a scan of his 3-month-old son, Walden.
Director Ingmar Bergman sits with Bengt Ekerot (portraying Death) on the set of his 1957 masterpiece The Seventh Seal
An open-air school, Netherlands, 1957.
Actress Marilyn Monroe shopping for clothes on Fifth Avenue, New York City, on May 1957.
A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957.
Vincent Price strangling James Gregory strangling Alfred Hitchcock. On the set of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 1957
my great uncle mike at his first indy 500 in his 1957 Kurtis-Kraft he replaced juan manuel fangio because they didnt have a backup driver and he was the only one in the crew with any racing experience he went on to crash on the first lap
Léopoldine Doualla-Bell Smith, the world’s first black flight attendant, on one of her earliest flights, circa 1957-1960s.
School for Father Christmases at Henry's Stores, Birmingham, England. Dr. Amy Cohen instructing Father Christmas and his deputies on the correct way of doing their work. November 12th, 1957.
Queen Elizabeth II with her son Prince Charles 1957
Atmosphere in Manhattan during Queen Elizabeth's visit, 1957
Penalty for too revealing swimsuit on the beach. Italy, 1957
Little Rock Nine integrates public high school (1957)
Two officers escort black students home from Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 27, 1957.
The Kiss of Death(1008*1062)(Cavriana, May 12, 1957). It shows Mexican Actress Linda Christian kisses F1 Driver Alfonso de Portago at a brief stop during the 1957 Mille Miglia race in northern Italy. Portago was killed moments later while taking a curve at 150m/h in Guidizzolo, Cavriana.
A mother and her son protest against mixed racial education, Arkansas, 1957.
Last remnants of the Age of Sail - the possible last sighting (before her loss in a hurricane on September 21st) of the West German (four-masted cargo vessel) Flying P-Liner, Pamir, on August 10th, 1957, off the coast of Buenos Aries, Argentina.
In the years between 1953 and 1957, Girl Scouting was branded by conservatives as dangerous, and even pro-communist. Two Girl Scouts collecting magazines
October 10, 1957: American scientists pose for Life magazine alongside satellite orbit equations drawn up by astronomer Samuel Herrick. The photo was taken 6 days after the Soviet Union had launched Sputnik 1. NASA was created the following October.
1957: Paul Anderson backlifting 2,844kg. The greatest weight ever raised by a human being.
Soldiers watch an atomic explosion during Exercise Desert Rock VIII at the Nevada Test Site in 1957.
Ruins o the Berlin Lehrter Train Station, located where the fancy and modern Hauptbanhof sits today, 1957
Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov riding an elephant during a visit to India, 1957. Photo taken by Vasily Yegorov.
Brazilian paratroopers ready for a jump in Rio de Janeiro, 1957. (60 photos in the comments)
View of Times Square, 1957
In 1957, a woman received a ticket on an Italian beach for wearing a bikini (427×534)
Testing of a nuclear bomb as seen from Fremont Street in Las Vegas, 1957
The world's 1st digital image, 1957
Someone taking their llama for a spin around Times Square, NYC, 1957
Willy Ronis's shot of a couple on a balcony overlooking Paris in 1957.
Hobby horse X-ray device used to keep children from moving while making a chest X-ray. United States, 1957.
The leader of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh hugging Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito, during his visit to Belgrade in 1957
John F. Kennedy (right, as a U.S. Senator) with his younger brother Robert F. Kennedy c. 1957
US Airplane in Gjirokastra castle, 1990. An American aircraft that made an emergency landing in Albania in 1957, displayed as a monument in the castle of Gjirokastra, Albania
Dorothy Count ignores taunts, after she transfers to all white school, 1957.
Linda the Lama takes in New York, from the December 2, 1957 issue of LIFE, picture taken by Inge Morath
John Glenn set an new, transcontinental speed record with Project Bullet. July, 1957. .
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, among the first recording artists to utilize heavy distortion on the electric guitar, 1957
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