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A woman overlooking a snowy mountain pass in The Pyrenees Mountains, France - 1956
Female models wearing swimsuits and Ortho Ammonium Sulfate bags, posed next to bagging machines, 1956.
A German World War II prisoner is released by the Soviet Union and reunited with his 12-year-old daughter, who has not seen him since infancy. 1956
Szeles Erika Kornelia, 15 year-old Hungarian anti-communist fighter during the 1956 Revolution. she was killed during the revolution.
1956: Young "Teddy Boys" somewhere in England.
One of the photographs from William Klein's "Life is Good & Good for You in New York", 1956
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in a Mexico city jail, 1956
December 10, 1956: John Bardeen is the only scientist to receive 2 Nobel Prizes in physics. While receiving his first, King Gustav scolded him for only bringing one of his 3 children to such an important occasion. He replied, "I'll bring them all for the next time." He did.
A German child meets his father, a World War II soldier, for the first time 1956 .
17 year-old Lee Harvey Oswald (John kennedy's assassin) in the marines, 1956.
Soviet boys. USSR, 1956 - By Peter Bock-Schroeder.
In 1956, Malta voted to join the UK. The UK refused as they were worried it would set a precedent for other countries to join, and they would be too expensive to maintain
An Uzi-armed Israeli Soldier on guard - Negev Desert, 1956
Samuel J. Seymour (middle) last witness to Abraham Lincoln's assassination, appeared in the TV show "I've got a secret" in 1956 and told his story .
Rock and roll musicians Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash as "The Million Dollar Quartet". This was a one night jam session at Sun Studios (Memphis, Tennessee 1956)
An anti-communist revolutionary holds a Molotov cocktail behind his back during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
Oct 1956 - As part of an initiative to promote credibility of the polio vaccine Commissioner of Health Leona Baumgartner, right, holds the arm of Elvis Presley as Assistant Commissioner Harold Fuerst administers it
South Korean orphans arrive in Tokyo, for a brief stopover before heading to Hollywood, to attend the screening of the Korean War movie 'Battle Hymn', in which these orphans starred in - 1956
Venice. The grand canal is drained in order to allow it to be cleared of silt and mud. 1956
Animals being used as part of medical therapy, 1956 (605 X 536)
Dutch football goalkeeper Frans de Munck, known as 'The Black Panther', in action at the Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht, home of De Munck's football club DOS (currently FC Utrecht) 1956
Mao Zedong swimming at the Yangtze River - 1956
animals being used as a medical therapy, 1956.
The Chicken Boy; found in rural Ireland in 1956, he was 7 years old, weighed 28lbs, couldn’t speak but clucked and had been kept in a henhouse since the age of 2.
Information Desk at John F. Kennedy Airport, 1956 (700 × 705)
Johnny Cash with Daughter Rosanne at The Memphis Zoo (1956)
Police Lt. Beavers Armstrong places a segregation sign in front of the Illinois Central Railroad Jan. 9, 1956.
Elvis Presley being vaccinated against polio by Doctors Harold Fuerst and Leona Baumgartner at CBS' Studio 50 in New York City on Oct. 28, 1956. The chart-topping singer took part in a March of Dimes campaign to convince teens to get vaccinated .
Two Black men pass a road sign reading "Caution Beware of Natives" in Johannesburg, Apartheid-era South Africa, 1956.
A nanny and a child she cares for at a bench reserved for Whites only. Johannesburg, South Africa, 1956.
Animals being used as part of medical therapy (1956)
National Guard tanks deployed to Clinton, Tennessee, United States in response to anti-school integration riots. September, 1956. Photographer Robert Kelley
Thomas Fitzpatrick: The Amateur Pilot Who Drunkenly Landed A Plane On An NYC Street — Twice. 1956.
Marylin Monroe meeting the Queen they were the same age 30 yrs oct 29, 1956
Kashmir Dal Lake, British Vogue 1956
Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab films a fight scene against the whale in Moby Dick, 1956 .
King of Iraq with Queen Elizabeth II 1956
Prince Rainier, Prince of Monaco, and Princess Grace (Kelly) at the Palace of Monaco - April 1956
Blood streams from the cut eye of Ervin Zador, injured during a brawl with Russian water polo players during the Soviet Union-Hungary match at the Summer Olympics in Melbourne. The match ended in chaos with the crowd booing the Russians (Melbourne, Australia 1956)
Hungarians burning an image of Joseph Stalin during the anti-communist revolution of 1956.
On February 14, 1956, a research reactor with a thermal capacity of 100 kW was launched. The first fast neutron reactor with liquid metal coolant in the Soviet Union and Europe. Metal plutonium was used as fuel in the reactor, and mercury was used as a coolant.
Gun safety being taught in an rural school, Indiana 1956.
An early photo of Colo (1956-2017), the first baby gorilla ever born in captivity. Later the world's oldest gorilla when she passed.
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1956. Photographer Philip Halsman used to ask his sitters to jump in front of the camera as he believed it made them more relaxed .
Pu Yi, the last emperor of Qing Dynasty and the former head of Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo during World War II, at the Fushun War Criminals Detention Center in Liaoning Province, China - 1956
Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth (both 30 at the time) meet at a movie premiere in London, 1956.
A worker paints the Golden Gate Bridge with a fresh coat of its iconic orange colour, chosen to help the bridge stay visible in San Francisco’s famous fog, 1956.
Strikers and the mounted police clash during the general strike in Helsinki, 1956.
Children in a traditional minobashi raincoat going to a new year's event, Niigata prefecture, Japan 1956
Elvis Presley receives the polio vaccine in front of the press prior to a taping of the Ed Sullivan Show, 1956
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