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The Queen during her first tour of Australia, 3rd February 1954, 2000 x 1617
In Chicago in 1954, owners lined up with their dogs in order to receive vaccines that had been ordered by the state in response to a rabies outbreak. Some 45,000 received shots.
The return of Trieste to Italy, 1954
An atomic factory worker wearing a plastic suit walks past his more traditionally dressed peers. Britain, 18 December 1954.
Cats Blackie and Brownie Catching Squirts of Milk During Milking at Arch Badertscher’s dairy farm, Fresno, California, 1954
John F. Kennedy leaving on a gurney from hospital following spinal surgery, as his wife Jacqueline stands over him. December 1954
Charles Thompson being greeted by his new classmates, just 4 months earlier the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was unconstitutional. He was the only black child at the school. Sept 1954
Tucker Sno-Cat hovering over a crevasse during the Transantarctic Expedition, 1954
Marilyn Monroe performing on stage in front of thousands of troops during Korean War. Korea. 1954.
Marilyn Monroe performing for thousands of American troops in Korea, 1954 [1126x1600{
Ethel, Jackie and John Kennedy taking a selfie, 1954
Moody Jacobs shows a giant bruise on the side and hip of his patient, Ann Hodges, after she was struck by a meteorite. She is the only confirmed person in history to have been hit by a meteorite. 1954
Marilyn Monroe performing for the thousands of American troops in Korea, 1954.
A Worker and Female Supervisor in the Zis Factory, Moscow, 1954
Jackie Kennedy taking a mirror selfie with John F Kennedy and Ethel, his sister-in-law and wife of Robert Kennedy. 1954
Emperor of Japan Hirohito puts specimens on a slide under the microscope, in his marine biology laboratory - 1954
Factory worker and his supervisor, Moscow, 1954 (Colorized)
Four physicists take a walk. From left to right: Albert Einstein, Hideki Yukawa, John Wheeler and Homi Bhabha, 1954.
Mao Zedong and the Dalai Lama Beijing 1954
Marilyn Monroe with a group of Turkish soldiers in Korea , February 1954
Korea. Marilyn Monroe's concert for Turkish soldiers in Korea. 1954. .
Two of the biggest names in Japanese cinema history: actor Toshiro Mifune and director Akira Kurosawa on the set of Seven Samurai, 1954 .
French paratroopers at Dien Bien Phu put up heroic resistance but in the end they were outgunned, outnumbered and under-supplied; c. 1954. Overall on the French side there were 1,142 dead, 1,606 disappeared, 4,500 wounded. Vietnamese casualties ran to 22,000.
Haruo Nakajima (in costume as Godzilla) and Momoko Kōchi on the set of Godzilla, 1954
Worker and supervisor at a car factory, Moścow, Soviet Union, 1954. Photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Gail Hooper, 18, from Memphis, Tennessee, selected as Miss National Catfish Queen, holds a 56-pound catfish at the Hotel New Yorker. 1954
Average American family, Detroit, Michigan, 1954. All this on a Ford factory worker’s wages!
Vietnamese soldiers marching into Hanoi in the drizzle after their victory over the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954
Cats in their line to drink milk, California 1954 (700×960)
Mass induction of 9,000 new citizens at New York's Polo Grounds on the first official Veterans Day, 1954
Feb 23, 1954: Dr. Jonas Salk injects Pittsburg area students with his new Polio Vaccine. Dr. Salk personally administered all 137 injections.
Marilyn Monroe performing for the thousands of American troops in Korea, 1954.
General Văn Tiến Dũng of the Viet Minh at a peace meeting with French force, 1954
Charles Thompson greets his new classmates at Public School No. 27 in September 1954, less than four months after the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was unconstitutional. Charles was the only African-American child in the school. Photo by Richard Stacks for the Baltimore Sun.
Boeing B-47 utilizing rocket assisted takeoff April 15, 1954
Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the imperial crown, walks through the Royal gallery to the House of Lords chamber to officiate at the opening of a new session of British Parliament in London in November, 1954 AP
William Gaines, owner of EC Comics and co-founder of MAD magazine, defends against accusations of horror and crime comics books impacting juvenile crime during the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearing in NYC (April 1954)
"Tragedy by the Sea" by John L. Gaunt. A couple is photographed moments after learning that their 19-month-old child had been swept out to sea (Hermosa Beach, California 1954)
Cats Catching Squirts of Milk, California, 1954,
A rare picture of Albert Einstein, Hideki Yukawa, John Wheeler, and Homi J Bhabha in conversation as they walk through Marquand Park in Princeton, N.J, 1954.
Djamila Bouhired(جميلة بوحيدر). From fashion design, classical dance and horse riding to a militant in the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) at 20 years old 1954
The Imam of the Grand Mosque in Paris (1926-1954) Si Kaddour Benghabrit who saved over 500 Jews during the Nazi occupation of France by hiding them in the mosque and providing forged papers
A couple looks on to Eisenhower’s White House on a spring day. Shot on a Revere Stereo 33 circa 1953-1954 by Larry Epstein.
Senators look over the covers of graphic comic books at the 1954 Senate hearing in NYC to see if they had potential impacts on juvenile crime in the US. The Comics Code Authority was later adapted as a result of the hearing, banning graphic comics and putting EC Comics out of business.
Vietnamese soldiers hauling artillery into the mountains around Dien Bien Phu c. 1954. The French did not believe the Vietnamese had significant artillery capabilities or the ability to haul them into the steep jungle mountains. In the end, they outnumbered French artillery 4 to 1.
Two men riding in the three wheeled German made Messerschmidt, 1954 by Ralph Crane.
Queen Elizabeth II attends a garden party in her honour at Home House in the Cocos Islands, Territory of Australia. 1954.
Operation Snowball, A military operation that took place in the USSR in 1954 in Orenburg to train troops to fight in nuclear conditions [640x355}
Hagia Sophia from Blue Mosque, 1954, Istanbul, Turkey.
Ann Hodges, the only human being in recorded history to be hit by a meteorite. 1954
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