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Police officer wearing a face mask during the London smog in 1952
A Rural Soviet town snapped from a passing train, taken by American spy Martin Manhoff, c. 1952-54.
The U.S. Navy battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in Auxiliary Drydock AFDB-1, April 1952, at Guam.
The consequences of landing on the wrong Aircraft Carrier, 1952 1024x731
Pres. Harry Truman walks arm-in-arm with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Blair House, Washington, D.C. 1952
President Dwight D Eisenhower campaigning for president in Baltimore, Maryland September 1952
Reporters and photographers observe an atomic bomb blast at the Nevada Test Site, April 22, 1952.
Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, Washington, DC, ~ 1952
A woman sat in a wagon reserved for white people to protest against racist segregation laws during Apartheid. South Africa, 1952.
Little girl modelling for Norman Rockwell, 1952.
Two U.S. Army staff sergeants passing food through a barbed wire fence to Korean children begging at the perimeter of a military camp, during the Korean War - 1952
The detonation of a nuclear bomb, by Harold Edgerton’s Rapatronic camera, in 1952 had a shutter speed of one hundred millionths of a second.
A little girl in the barley field. pusan, South Korea. 1952.
A 4-year-old ‘’Prince of Darkness’’ Ozzy Osbourne, 1952.
A Turkish UN soldiers reads to a Korean girl, 1952 .
Three queens (Mary, Elizabeth and Elizabeth II) at the funeral of George VI, February 1952
1952. A shepherd in abandoned Sacred Grove, Italy. Photographer Herbert List, colorized by OP
A Filipino officer from the 20th Battalion Combat Team using an m1911 to crack open a cold one. Korean War, photo taken in 1951-1952.
GIs with a message in the snow for their families in 1952. .
A U.S. Navy McDonnell F2H-2 Banshee (BuNo 125019) of Fighter Squadron 62 (VF-62) “Gladiators” from the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CVB-43) get a new paintjob after it had mistakenly landed aboard USS Wasp (CV-18) in 1952,
Military policemen inspect a suspicious sack of onions found in possession of Arab citizens, in Israel 1952
Honor dance welcoming home Pascal Poolaw Sr.(rt. holding the flag) after his service in the Korean War; Oklahoma, ca. 1952. Poolaw remains the most decorated American Indian soldier in history, earning 42 medals and citations during three wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.
Brownie Wise developed the “Tupperware Party” marketing model that led to the incredible success of Tupperware products in the 1950s. Wise is shown on the right tossing a gravy filled Tupperware container at a party in 1952.
French and Vietnamese paratroopers of Bigeard's 6e BPC in forced march from Tu Lê to the Black River, Tonkin, in October 1952.
Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor Feeding An Orphaned Kitten. He Adopted The Kitten After The Mother Cat Died During The War. 1952
A marine with his pet kitten in the Korean War, 1952
What happens as a result of landing on the wrong Aircraft Carrier (1952)
A man brings his mother to vote in the first general election of independent India, 1952
1952, Venice Beach, Californie.
Olympic village barber shop, Helsinki, 1952
Japanese protestor arrested on Bloody May Day, 1952, during the riots protesting the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty
Canadian soldiers play hockey near the front line on the frozen Imjingang river during the Korean War, Winter of 1952
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at King George VI's funeral 1952
The shah of iran lights a cigarette for his wife soraya esfandiary, 1952 (640×861)
Navy Corpsman 3/c Tilman J. Moses treats a wounded South Korean soldier on 5 April 1952. Note the Confederate cap with the ‘Stars and Bars’ flag worn by the corpsman. The corpsman is also wearing a side arm for protection. Moses was awarded three Bronze Stars and died in 2005 at age 79.
Two American Marines pose with an atomic blast during Operation Tumbler-Snapper. Nevada, 1 May 1952.
Caporal-chef Auguste Apel, of the Foreign Legion, in the "base aéroterrestre" of Na San, Indochina, on December 13, 1952.
Devil Dogs of F Company, 1st Marine Regiment rests in the rain during a lull in the fighting for Bunker Hill, Korea (August 26, 1952)
The Statue of Liberty, photographed from a helicopter, in New York City, 1952.
Dr.BR Ambedkar an Indian polymath and an Indian equivalent of Dr.Martin Luther king who fought for uplifting of oppressed classes of untouchables (Dalits) from Caste discrimination in India, on his way to receive his degree from Columbia University (1st Dalit to do so) 1952.
Robert Kennedy as a staffer for Sen. Joseph McCarthy, 1952. The red-baiter from Wisconsin was a Kennedy family friend and ally. He dated two of Bobby's sisters, and served as godfather to Bobby's first daughter.
Estonian Partisans playing Accordians on New Year’s Eve 1951/1952, Võru County, Estonia. From left: Endel Tikerpuu, Taisto Praks and Milbert Pilv
The wedding of Jackie and John F. Kennedy - September 12th, 1952 (554 X 554)
Mosholu Parkway Subway crash, November 1952
William Denby Hanna and Joseph Ronald Barbera discuss 1952's The Two Mouseketeers, which would go on to win the sixth of seven Academy Awards for Tom and Jerry.
US Army Personnel and Korean Villagers Gathering to Watch an Outdoor Movie Screening - South Korea, 1952
Summer of 1952, at age six, Paul Alexander contracted Polio and became paralyzed for life. At its peak - “Every time I’d make a friend in the ward, they’d die.” Today Alexander is alive at 74, and one of the last people in the world still using an iron lung.
wireless tv signal transmit ion the hague 1952 netherlands
Newlyweds from the Ukrainian village of Kosmach, 1952
Group of Parisian street artists, standing and sitting on a street in the city of Paris - other men and women look on - France (French Fourth Republic), c. 1952.
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