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A crowd of about 4000 Nazi sympathizers, some with their children, protest outside Landsberg Prison, demanding amnesty for the hundreds of Nazi war criminals being held there. When Jewish people counter-protested, the crowd chanted Nazi-era slogans and attacked them, West Germany, 1951 .
Navajo uranium miner, April 1951. Photographer Loomis Dean.
American Veterans from World War 2, Arlington National Cemetery, 1951.
USS Independence In San Fransisco after a nuclear bomb test, Jan 1951.
This 7 feet (2.13 meters) sword belonged to Pier Gerlofs Donia aka Grutte Pier, a 16th century Frisian rebel leader who was slightly taller than his sword. Picture was taken in 1951 at the Museum of Friesland in Leeuwarden, Holland, where the sword is still on display today.
October 26th 1951: Chinese Troops March Through The Tibetan Capital Of Lhasa During The Chinese Invasion Of Tibet.
American girl in Italy - 1951
American girl in Italy, 1951. Photo by Ruth Orkin.
A North Korean soldier reads a copy of the Time magazine with two U.S. soldiers in Kaeseong, July 1951. (740X992)
Ava Gardner with her three husbands: Mickey Rooney in 1942, Artie Shaw in 1945, and Frank Sinatra in 1951.
Actress Marylin Monroe poses for the camera, wearing a potato sack dress in response to an article calling her fashion taste "Cheap and Vulgar." ca 1951
Marilyn Monroe in 1951 - DAYUM!
Prince Charles with his grandfather, King George VI, 1951
Two tourists are driven out of the flowerbeds by an Elmer Fudd lookalike. Banff National Park, 1951. Photo taken by Bill Gibbons
Christian Dior fashion models display a collection beneath caryatids of the Erechtheion temple on the north side of the Acropolis 1951
On this day 71 years ago, 22nd April 1951. British, Belgium, Luxembourg, Philippines and South Korean troops held the Imjin River against overwhelming Chinese forces, aiming to break through to recapture Seoul.
The 187th U.S. Airborne Regimental Combat Team conducts a practice jump in South Korea, 1951
French soldiers refueling their water supply during the first indochina war, 1951 "la période De Lattre" somewhere in Northern indochina
This photo, taken by a Christian missionary, shows the last time that the people of the Skidegate tribe would be legally allowed to wear their traditional Indigenous regalia. The Canadian government outlawed all Indigenous ceremonies around the year 1885. This would not change until 1951
"An Iranian soldier standing guard at a lookout across from the Russian-Iran border" Dmitri Kessel 1951.
A pair of bound hands and a breathing hole in the snow at Yangji, Korea, reveal the presence of the body of a Korean civilian shot and left to die by retreating Communists during the Korean War. January 27, 1951.
Paratroopers landing during the Korean War (1951) - By Luciano Correia, From Instituto Moreira Salles.
A Cheerful soldier in 1951. New Jersey, USA, by Elliott Erwitt.
Captured Chinese Communist troops beg for their lives to a South Korean soldier, thinking they are going to be executed. Korean War 1951
A french soldier talks with an elderly Vietnames women, she complains her house got burned down by the viet minh during the offensive of 1951, the battle of Vin Yen was a huge blow to Giap forces and one of the last major french victories in Indochina, northern Tonkin 1951
13th December 1951: British politician and future prime minister Margaret Thatcher on her wedding day to Denis Thatcher
Prince Philip holding King Charles III (Prince Charles at the time of course) and Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) holding Princess Anne. 1951. London?
USS Missouri punching through stormy seas, circa 1951
The US Air Force bombs the city of Wonsan, North Korea, during the Korean War circa 1951
Motorists stopping their vehicles as they watch a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser cross a taxiway bridge at J.F.K Airport, 1951
U.S. Marines of the 5th division give out American candy to South Korean children at a small village while enroute to their next location, via railway, 1951
Commandoes of 41st Royal British Marines planting demolition charges along railroad tracks, 1951
Kiki Hakansson winning the first Miss World contest in 1951
Workers from the YESCO sign company install Vegas Vic in downtown Las Vegas - 1951
A girl is carrying her little brother on her back at a refugee camp in Seoul. Korean war, August 1951
1951 photo taken at a Florida roadside citrus stand.
A November 1951 nuclear test at Nevada Test Site, Operation Buster–Jangle "Dog". It had a yield of 21 kilotons of TNT (88 TJ), and was the first U.S. nuclear field exercise conducted with live troops maneuvering on land. Troops shown are 6 mi (10 km) from the blast.
Filipino soldiers in the Korean War,1951,
A woman greeting soldiers coming back from the Korean War, Turkey, 1951.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with their children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, at Clarence House, 1951
French soldier enjoying a cigarette after facing numerous bayonet charge from the chinese army during the aftermarth of the battle of 'Crevecoeur' (heartbreak ridge), 1951 South korea
Sugar Ray Robinson is named Middleweight Champion of the World in 1951. Shown here vs. Jake LaMotta in Chicago.
Lieutenant George Russell (107) and Ensign Neil Armstrong (116) in their F9F Panthers of VF-51 "Scraming Eagles" of USS Essex during a sortie over Korea, 1951
Demonstration denouncing Ku-Klux Klan, Znojmo, Czechoslovakia, May 1st 1951
refugees fleeing Pyongyang during the Korean War across a destroyed bridge over the Taedong River, December 4th 1951. it won that year's Pulitzer prize for photography.
“All gave some and some gave all.” WWI veteran R. Zantz, WWII and Korean War veteran John Hechimovich, and Korean War veteran Jack McDonald pause in somber reflection as they overlook graves at Arlington National Cemetery, 1951.
The United Nations Headquarters in New York, under construction (July 6th, 1951) (Source: The New York State Archives)
Turkish Soldiers at Suwon Front, Korea 1951.
Fiery Destroyer. 'As the First Marine Division advances in Korea, the flamethrower is used to deny communist infiltrators a hiding place.' 5 May 1951 (Colourized by me)
Princess Elizabeth and President Harry Truman in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, on November 1, 1951 during a formal dinner for the Trumans.
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