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Conrad O'Brien-ffrench greets a bear. Having spent his youth as a Mountie, surviving the First World War and serving as an MI6 agent in the Second World war, he was known to welcome danger. Banff National Park, 1950. Photo taken by Rosalie Ffrench.
"korean war goodbye kiss" Private Robert Moye leans out of a train to kiss his wife goodbye, LA, California, 1950.
Tollund Man, a Dane who died 4 years before Jesus Christ was born. His body was discovered in 1950, and had been well preserved due to it being protected by several layers of mud.
A Soviet Tanker Feeding Polar Bears, 1950's 487×598
A Japanese Geisha wearing a kimono and sitting with her Samisen, a traditional string instrument - 1950
22 year-old corporal Leonard Hayworth in the Korean War cries after running out of ammunition and losing most of his men, 1950. he was later killed in combat. taken by David Douglas Duncan.
An American GI comforting a fellow soldier whose friend was recently killed in action. Korean war, Haktong-ni area, 28 August 1950. Photo taken by Al Chang.
Japanese WWII veteran plays guitar on the streets of Asakusa , early 1950's. taken by werner bischof.
President Truman shakes hands with General MacArthur at the Wake Island Conference. October 15 1950.
Mao Zedong playing ping pong, c. 1950
A Corporal, out of ammunition and has lost all but two of his squad, cries in frustration and anger. 1950, taken by David Douglas Duncan.
Sfc. Major Cleveland points out North Korean positions to his machine gun crew. November 20,1950
A Korean child encounters an American soldier, who is patrolling the ruined streets of Inchon, South Korea, after its capture following an UN offensive attack against North Korean forces in the city, during the Korean War - 1950
White House during major renovations in February 1950.
A couple gets into their BMW Isetta, through the front door, 1950.
Albert Einstein declares his opposition to the hydrogen bomb and the arms race between the USA and USSR at a conference in Princeton in 1950
Harry Multan doing his job in the heights of Chicago – atop the Tribune Tower, circa 1950.
Cowgirls riding hobby horses, 1950's
School lunch, Finland, 1950
U.S. Marines, led by First Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez, landing at Incheon. he was killed minutes in action while covering a live grenade with his body, posthumously awarded the medal of honor. taken in september 1950.
Lecumberri's Prison, Mexico's City, 25th November 1950 - From the photo report Prison of Dreams, by Nacho Lopez. Published by Mañana Magazine, nº 378.
A bazooka team during the Battle of Osan, 5th July 1950. The man on the right is PFC Kenneth Shadrick, who was killed moments after the image was taken by a North Korean fire. He is regarded as the first American killed in Korea, aged 18
On this day, in 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea and began the Korean War
Winston Churchill ,wearing garter robes, with his son Randolph and grandson Winston. taken in the 1950's.
General Zhukov at a victory parade in Sverdlovsk, circa 1948-1950. This man led the Red Army’s defense of Leningrad and Stalingrad (St.Petersburg and Volgograd). And also participated in the Battle of Kursk and the Battle of Berlin along with many other decisive victories of the Great Patriotic War.
Soviet Soldiers feeding Polar Bears 1950's
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg outside Federal Court, New York, August 23, 1950. They were convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union, sentenced to death and electrocuted at Sing-Sing three years later
Residents from Pyongyang, North Korea, and refugees from other areas of North Korea crawl perilously over shattered girders of the city's bridge, as they flee towards south across the Taedong River to escape the advance of Chinese Communist troops, during the Korean War - 1950
Young woman digging up mammoth tusks with her father in Texas. After surveying them, the bones were reburied. ~1950’s 1113x774
A Caravan of GM Futurliners crossing America during the company’s Parade to Progress - 1950
Why smoke one cigarette when you can smoke the pack at once, 1950's
Suspects of being Mau Mau are rounded up for a screening. Screening involved interrogation through psychological and physical torture in British concentration Camps. Kenya. 1950's
70 years ago today, on December 25, 1950, the cargo ship SS Meredith Victory rescued 14,000 Korean War refugees fleeing the Chinese Army in the largest single-ship rescue in maritime history. The parents of the current President of South Korea were among them.
Truly Amazing - The First Cape Canaveral Launch, July of 1950
Sfc. Major Cleveland points out North Korean positions to his machine gun crew. November 20,1950
1950 Monaco Grand Prix pile-up, colorized by Adam Gawliczek
Mongolian woman holding son 1950
Two Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders assisting a wounded comrade near Anju, North Korea, during the battle of Pakchon. 1950. .
1st Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez, A Company, 1st Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division climbs the seawall at Incheon... Minutes later he would be killed after rolling onto a grenade to protect his men. September 15th 1950
The Brazilian singer Dulce Nunes, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil, Circa 1950
Karaköy, Istanbul. 1950.
Ernest Hemingway with model Jean Patchett, 1950's
"Future steelworkers" Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukrainian SSR, 1950
A French bar customer spits out his Coke in April 1950.
Picture of Marshal of the soviet union Ivan Konev (left), Marshal of Poland Konstantin Rokossovsky (middle), And Marshal of the soviet union Georgy Zhukov (right), around 1949 or 1950
Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville, Paris 1950.
An American stands with a T-34/85 knocked out on the 20th July 1950 after the Battle of Taejon that was knocked out by Major General William F Dean of the 24th infantry Division... An act that won him the Medal of Honor
Battleship USS Missouri BB-63 run hard aground in Chesapeake Bay on a mud bar. January 17- February 1, 1950.
Los Angeles traffic police officer with a motorist detained in the side-car cell attached to the motorcycle, circa 1924. Frank Miller, an escaped prisoner pursued by police, rams his car into a fire hydrant in Hollywood on Aug. 1, 1950.
Operation Kiddy Car: Russell L. Blaisdell, the US Air Force colonel, saved more than 1,000 orphans during the Korean War (1950) 1024x803
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