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The world's last commercial ocean-going sailing ship - The Pamir - rounding Cape Horn, 1949.
The body of the first Soviet atomic bomb. For clarity, a worker poses nearby. USSR 1949
Barbara Walters during her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence College in 1949.
Eleanor Roosevelt holds up a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. November 1949.
The world's last commercial ocean-going sailing ship - The Pamir - rounding Cape Horn, 1949.
1949, Hillside houses overlook smoke-belching steel mills, Pittsburgh Photograph by John E. Fletcher, J. Baylor Roberts, and B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic
Fashion model posing in an evening gown at dusk with the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument in the background, 1949
A bandit in Western Tibet. Picture by Li Gotami Govinda between 1947 and 1949.
Spanish Civil Guards patrolling a road, 1949. Photo taken by Dmitri Kessel.
Mugshots of the Auschwitz guards who stood in trial in Warsaw, 1946-1949.
A man's view is obscured by smog as he looks south east from the observation platform of Los Angeles City Hall, September 1949.
New York, Penn Station, 1949. by Simpson Kalisher
1949. Young Palestinian girls who lost or got separated from their parents as they were driven out of Palestine, at an orphanage in Beirut, Lebanon.
Maria Tallchief, first American Prima Ballerina, 1949 .
Charles Manson three days before running away from Boy's Town juvenile facility, 1949.
A mother and son laugh happily as they finally board a ship fleeing Shanghai, April 1949 (a month later, the CCP occupied Shanghai)
A young Inuit girl with her husky puppy, 1949.
PLA soldier carrying a captured M1941 Johnson rifle in the Chinese Civil War. 1949
3 of India's Prime Ministers, Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-64) Indira Gandhi (1966-77, 1980-84) and Rajiv Gandhi (1984-89) in one family photo, 1949
SOE agent, Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan, (code name Madeleine)'s brother, Vilayat and sister, Claire having accepted the (posthumous) George Cross on her behalf at Buckingham Palace, 1949. .
London in 1949
1949 American Jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong enjoys a plate of spaghetti in Rome.
Chinese celebration of Stalin's 70th birthday. December 18, 1949
Little Eskimo girl with her husky puppy, 1949 .
Josip Broz Tito sunbathing, Croatia, 1949
Members of the Ringling Brothers Circus practice in Sarasota, Florida. Aerialist Miss Lola practices on a tightrope as the performer’s children look on. An unidentified acrobat practices in the background. A good boye stands by too. (March 1949 - Photo by Nina Leen/LIFE)
Warsaw, 1949
University of Michigan, Feb.1949, by Stanley Kubrick for LOOK.
Young boys with a bicycle in front of ruins from World War II, photograph by Walter Sanders. Hanover, Germany, May 1949.
Halifax's (NS) last streetcar says goodbye on March 26th, 1949
The result of the Superga air disaster. 31 dead, including all the Torino FC players, no survivors. 4 May 1949
Rita Hayworth and Pakistani prince Aly Khan at their wedding reception in the garden of the Château de I’Horizon in Southern France, May 27th, 1949
Rioters overturn car at Peekskill, NY to stop Paul Robeson performance. 1949
The Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil, 1949
The launch of the Wilfred Sykes, the first modern American-built Lake Freighter in 1949 in Lorain Ohio
Cartoonist Chester Gould sat on a wall beside a cemetery where he “buried,” vanquished villains from his “Dick Tracy,” comic strip, 1949
Picture of Indonesian villager in Sulawesi Island before being m*ssacred by the Dutch Military during Indonesian National Revolution (1945-1949).
Rocky Graziano, 1949 by Stanley Kubrick for LOOK Magazine
Stjepan Filipović shouting "Death to fascism, freedom to the People!" seconds before his execution on May 22 1942. Filipović was declared a National Hero of Yugoslavia on 14 December 1949.
The incredibly deep-voiced singer actor and activist Paul Robeson with Scottish miners in 1949.
Verne Muskopf, a nurse at St. Anthony’s Hospital, South Grand Boulevard and Chippewa Street, helps iron-lung patient Louis Abercrombie smoke a cigarette in November 1949.
This is the last photo Babe Ruth was taken before retiring at the Yankee Stadium ceremony. The year is 1949. Photo: 1280 x 1036 - Colored by me.
Hitler’s Reception Hall after the war in 1949
The 1949 Dance Teachers Strike. by Francis Trevelyan Miller
Miss Italia Competition, Photo by Federico Patellani, 1949.
Map of the Situation in the Chinese Civil War in Beijing, 1949
De Havilland DH106 Comet 1 prototype during a test fight (Hatfield, UK 1949)
Anti-Soviet Lithuanian guerrillas (from left to right) Klemensas Širvys-Sakalas, Juozas Lukša-Skirmantas and Benediktas Trumpys-Rytis in the forest circa 1949.
My mother's class photos pt 2, Indiana, c. 1949? 1:37pm
Former First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt photographed holding a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1949)
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