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The McDonald brothers in front of the not yet opened first McDonald's, November 1948, San Bernadino, CA
George McLaurin, first African-American student admitted to the University of Oklahoma, forced to sit apart from white students. 1948.
President Truman holding a newspaper that stated he lost after winning the election (November 3, 1948)
1948 :: Personal Possessions of Mahatma Gandhi (599X564)
Harlem, New York, 1948. Photograph by Gordon Parks.
1948 - Istanbul/Turkey
St. Patrick's Day Parade, New York City 1948
Outraged Woman, Paris, 1948
Seconds after the murder of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse, 1948
Aisin Gioro Puyi (far right), the last emporer of China, undergoing reform through labor in a socialist reform camp in China. (1948)
Mother Hides Her Face In Shame After Putting Her Children Up For Sale, Chicago, 1948
A eunuch leaving the Forbidden City, Peking 1948 by Henri Cartier Bresson
Salvador Dalí painting, 1948
A beardless, cigarless, beretless, not a Communist yet, young Che Guevara, 1948.
Civilians look up as an American plane flies over during the Berlin Airlift, 1948
A Firefly fighter-bomber warms up on the deck of HMCS Warrior - the first aircraft carrier fully crewed and operated by the Royal Canadian Navy (C. 1946-1948)
Northrop YB-49 on a runway 1948. (U.S. Air Force photo)
A Mother and son looking into Babe Ruth's open casket at Yankee Stadium, NYC, 1948. (colorized by me)
Boy Jumping into the Hudson River, New York, 1948. Photo by Ruth Orkin .
Mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948
A woman hides her face from the camera as she offers her children up for sale. Chicago, 1948
Bedloe's Island, New York. 1948.
1948. Aerial view of U.S. Air Force's 100-ton Northrop Flying Wing YB-49 jet bomber in flight. Northrop Aircraft Inc., Hawthorne, California.
Winston Churchill painting a landscape of the French town Lourmarin, 1948. (Colorized)
Holocaust Survivor fighting for Israel's independence in 1948
Santa Fe diesel passenger locomotive hangs over Aliso St. after running off the end of its track at Union Station. Jan. 25, 1948.
Automotive designer Alex Tremulis walking alongside his Tucker 48 Sedan, 1948
Window Washer, Empire State Building, 1948
Leaders of the Communist Party walk down steps after being indicted, New York, 1948
A man adjusts the antenna of the first television set to be installed in a taxi, Chicago 1948.
Superheater tubes and boiler flues are exposed following the boiler explosion of a C&O T-1 #3020 locomotive. 1948.
Showgirls at the Copacabana Club – 1948 / Photograph by Stanley Kubrick
Three survivors of the Battle of Little Big Horn stand together in Custer State Park in Custer, S.D. on Sept. 2, 1948. Left to right are, Iron Hawk, Dewey Beard and High Eagle. AP
Babe Ruth with future president George H. W. Bush in 1948
A police officer ticketing a woman for wearing a bikini on a beach in Italy, 1948
Night spear fishing in Hawaii, 1948. Fishermen made torches out of kukui nuts wrapped in leaves on top of a lamaku, a large torch made out of the midrib of a coconut leaf.
Marking the Line between British and Soviet Sector Potsdamerplatz, Berlin. 1948.
“Although the General is Fat and 56 he has plenty of energy for Sword Games with his Troops!” Chinese Warlord Ma Hongkui, 1948
this girl, who grew up in a concetration camp was asked to draw "home", while living in a residence for disturbed children,warsaw, poland in 1948. (colorized by me)
Victorious Presidential Candidate Harry S. Truman displays incorrect headline early on Nov. 3, 1948
School child waiting to be fed by UNICEF in Vienna, Austria, 1948
Aerial view of US Air Force's 100-ton Northrop Flying Wing YB-49 jet bomber in fligh over Hawthorne, California, 1948
Baseball behind the tenements in Washington D.C., 1948
General Dwight D. Eisenhower at Columbia University – 1948 / Photograph by Stanley Kubrick
Batting a polio outbreak, Santa Monica. 1948.
Night Fishing in Hawaii, 1948
A mother hides her face as she puts her children up for sale Chicago, Illinois 1948
Jackson Pollack at work in his Long Island Studio, 1948
President Truman’s winter residence, The Little White House, Key West, Fl. March 1948.
David Henseley, young child crippled by polio with both legs in braces, soliciting funds in public fund-raising driver for a new polio hospital. High Point, NC 1948.
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