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Today in 1945, the Auschwitz death camp was discovered and liberated by the Red Army.
American soldier wearing the crown of the Holy Roman Empire in a cave in Siegen, Germany, on April 3, 1945.
Homecoming, A British soldier with his 8 month old daughter as he arrives at the docks from overseas 1945
Wedding rings that were removed from holocaust victims before they were executed circa 1945
Female snipers of the 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front, 775 confirmed kills, Germany, May 1945
A boy holding a stuffed animal amid ruins following German aerial bombing of London, 1945. his mother, father and brother all dead and buried under the rubble.
Soviet soldier carrying the head of a statue of Hitler, Berlin 1945
British soldiers after their release from Japanese captivity in Singapore, 1945
In 1941, the photo on the left was taken of Soviet soldier Eugen Stepanovich Kobytev on the day he left to go to war. The photo on the right was taken in 1945 after the end of the war, just 4 years apart.
A German civilian looks at a large poster portrait of Stalin at center of Berlin,3 June 1945 (718X800)
German firefighters during the Nazi regime, 1933-1945
Children found by Soviet forces in Auschwitz, liberated on this date 77 years ago. January 27, 1945
The fatigued Ninth Army, after their non-stop drive towards Berlin, lying on the pavement of a newly captured German town, 1945.
The 7th Infantry Regiment attached to the 3rd Infantry Division drink Hitler’s wine on the patio of the Berghof, his Bavarian residence, below the Eagle’s Nest. 1945
April 30, 1945 - A Good News Day
Jewish-American soldiers conduct services in Schloss Rheydt, former residence of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, in Germany on March 18, 1945.
Wehrmacht officers surrendering to the Norwegian resistance May 1945
A crew-member inspects the flak damage to his B29 after a raid on Tokyo, April 1945
Raising the Flag on the Three-Country Cairn. Infantry Regiment 1 raises the finnish flag to celebrate the last German troops withdrawing from Finland, ending the Lapland War and WWII for the Finns. April 27th, 1945.
American soldiers on their way home from WW2, 1945
Anton Dostler, Nazi General moments before being executed for War Crimes. Aversa, Italy. 1 December, 1945.
Young German Soldier Crying After Being Captured by U.S. Forces in 1945
A view of the destruction in Old Town Dresden from the Town Hall tower, 15 Feb 1945.
WW2: Chinese and Malayan girls forcibly taken from Penang by the Japanese to work as 'comfort girls' for the troops. 1939-1945
Photo taken one millionth of a second, from two miles away, of US testing of a nuclear blast, 1945
Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek make a toast to celebrate the surrender of Japan in August 1945. It was the last time the leaders ever met .
Memorial Day 1945: French teen Helene Chapelle and her mother kneel at the grave of James Simonian who was killed during the Normandy invasion. She is reading a letter from Simonian’s mother who asked that it be read at her son’s grave. La Cambe Cemetery, France.
Captain Nieves Fernandez, a Filipino resistance leader and school teacher in the Philippines: 'showing' to a U.S. soldier, how she used her 'bolo' to silently eliminate Imperial Japanese soldiers during nearly three years of occupation of the Philippines, c. October 1944 - March 1945.
American soldiers at mass in the rubble at Cologne Cathedral, March 1945. (Colorized, link to original black and white photo in comments)
The Thing aka the Great Seal Bug. On 4th August, 1945, a group of Soviet school children presented to W. Averell Harriman (The US Ambassador to the USSR) with a carved US Seal as gesture of friendship. It hung in his office for 7 years before discovering it contained a listening device.
Two French men restrain a woman while another cuts her hair after she has been accused of collaborating with the Germans during the occupation, 1945.
Soviet soldiers celebrate returning home alive, 1945.
The Champs-Élysées as seen from the Arc de Triomphe, VE Day. Paris, France, May 8, 1945.
Japanese soldiers using members of the British Indian Army from the Sikh Regiment as target practice. Photographed in 1942. Discovered by the Allies in 1945.
Soviet soldiers lowering the captured German standards during the Victory Day Parade.Kremlin Red Square,Moscow, USSR, 24 Jun 1945
A young Chinese woman from one of the Imperial Japanese Army's "comfort battalions" is interviewed by a British Royal Air Force officer in Rangoon after being liberated in August 1945
Captain Lewis Nixon of the 101st Airborne wakes up after a night of celebrating courtesy of Goerings private Liquor, Wine and Champagne collection, Austria May 4th 1945.
USS Enterprise (CV-6) at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, 24 September 1945. She was the most decorated US Navy warship in WW2. At one point she became the only operational aircraft carrier against the Japanese for awhile which prompt her crew to put up a sign that read "Enterprise vs Japan"
The Mona Lisa returns to the Louvre museum at the end of World War II. Paris 1945
A friendly kiss between a Soviet and an American soldier, Berlin, 1945.
Members of the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion preparing to jump from a Douglas C-47 on a wildfire in Oregon. In 1945, during Operation Fire Fly, Black paratroopers made more than 8,000 individual jumps to fight wildfires and disarm Japanese balloon bombs in the Pacific Northwest .
Benito Mussolini in March 1945.
USS Pittsburgh missing her bow. June 1945
An SS sergeant is forced to bury victims in a mass grave following the arrival of British soldiers. The troops found approximately 13000 unburied bodies when arrived, Bergen-Belsen, 1945 .
Jewish youths rescued from Auschwitz show their camp tattoos while aboard a refugee ship, July 15th, 1945
An American Marine tries to communicate with two Japanese child soldiers captured on Okinawa, June 1945.
Piles of Rifles surrendered by German Soldiers after the End of the second world war, 1945.
An US soldier wearing the crown of the Holy Roman Empire (or Reichskrone) circa 1945
Soldiers raising the flag of Soviet Union on the roof of Reichstag building in Berlin, May, 1945.
An American soldier, Chinese soldier, and Chinese guerrilla fighters displaying captured Japanese flags, ca. 1945 .
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