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German SS guards, exhausted from their forced labour clearing the bodies of the dead at Bergen-Belsen, are allowed a brief rest by British soldiers but are forced to take it by lying face down in one of the empty mass graves, 1945
Soldiers returning home from WWII 1945
Crowd in Times Square, New York City celebrating the surrender of Germany, May 7th, 1945.
The Imprint of a Mitsubishi kamikaze Zero along the side of H.M.S Sussex. 1945.
Members of Dutch Resistance celebrate the news of Adolf Hitler's death, April 1945 (730×691)
A US Marine gives a cigarette to a Japanese soldier buried in the sand. Iwo Jima, 1945.
Moscow celebrates victory over Nazi Germany. May 9th, 1945.
A Japanese family returning home from an internment camp find their home and garage vandalized in Seattle, Washington 1945.
Three young Russian women and a little girl recently liberated from a slave-labor camp by the U.S. Army lay flowers at the feet of four dead American soldiers, April 18, 1945, Hilden, Germany.
The final moments of a Japanese Dive Bomber, 1945.
German soldier takes a break from the combat during the Battle of Berlin as the Reichstag burns behind him, April 1945
"The Friendship kiss" - Russian and US soldier - Germany 1945 colorized
US soldiers with a 1941 Mercedes-Benz 540K custom armor-reinforced 'Special Roadster' thought to be Hermann Göring’s, in 1945
A sign erected by British forces at the entrance to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. 29 May 1945
Danish resistance fighters holding up and disarming german soldiers, Copenhagen 1945 colourized
Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, Sept 8,1945, taken 15+ minutes after the explosion, seen from a distance of 15 km. Photo by Hiromihi Matsuda. colorized by irootoko_jr.
Camp guards at concentration camp Buchenwald, who were captured and beaten by the prisoners on the day of liberation. April 1945
The Empire State Building ablaze after a B-25 bomber crashed into it in thick fog over New York City on July 28, 1945...
Sherman fording a river in Germany, 1945. Colorized.
Female Snipers of the 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front - 775 confirmed kills in one photograph (1945)
A Japanese boy standing at attention after having brought his dead younger brother to a cremation pyre, 1945
Allied soldiers mock Hitler atop his balcony at the Reich Chancellery, 1945.
A German pilot hurtling through the air, legs outstretched, high above the frigid landscape of Belgium after hastily exiting his damaged plane. January 27, 1945
Jewish prisoners of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, on a transport to Theresienstadt north of Prague, moments after they were liberated by the US forces on April 1945.
Recently released Jewish prisoner attacks a German guard 1945
In 1945 a B-25 bomber got lost in the fog and crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. 14 people died in the accident.
Soviet soldier carrying the head of a statue of Hitler, Berlin 1945.
An old Italian woman shows her gratitude to one of the American soldiers following the liberation of Italy, 1945
A U.S. Marine, killed by Japanese sniper fire, still holds his weapon as he lies in the black volcanic sand of Iwo Jima. February 19, 1945.
Russian prisoners of war lifting up an American soldier after the US 9th Army liberated them from their camp at Eselheide Germany 9th April 1945
The U.S. Army destroys the Nazi Swastika over the Nuremberg parade grounds, 1945
An emaciated 18-year-old Russian girl looks into the camera lens during the liberation of Dachau concentration camp in 1945
Winston Churchill sitting in what remains of Hitler's Arm chair 1945 (968 X 765)
General George S. Patton’s dog on the day of Patton’s death on December 21st, 1945.
Two million people gathered in Times Square to celebrate the end of World War II, 1945.
16-year-old Hitlerjugend member K. Punzeller listens as an American sergeant translates his verdict of life sentence in prison for espionage, 1945
Newly liberated Jewish survivors of Buchenwald concentration camp are joined by Jewish U.S. Army soldiers who helped liberate the camp for the first day of Shavuot religious service conducted by U.S. Army chaplain Rabbi Herschel Schachter. 18 May 1945.
Two soldiers greeting each other. WW2,Battle of the Bulge, Jan 1945.
Allied forces mock Hitler standing on the balcony at the Reich Chancellery at the end of WWII, August 1945
10-year-old japanese boy carries his deceased brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, 1945.
A Russian, newly liberated by US soldiers from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, points out the Nazi guard who was brutally beating prisoners. April 14, 1945.
Aerail view of residential district in Tokyo after firebombing, 10 september 1945
US Staff Sergeant Francis Daggertt of the Military Police of the 11th Armored Division with a young Wehrmacht soldier. The German was only 10 years old when captured in the German city of Kronach on April 27, 1945 .
Opening the Mona Lisa at the end of WWII, 1945
American Soldiers on Okinawa listening to news of the German Capitulation on Radio, May 8th 1945
"Easy company" enjoying Hitlers wine at the eagles nest - 1945 will put link to non colorized image in the comments.
Schienenwolf - the plow used by retreating German army to destroy railoroad tracks, 1945
Women recently liberated from a German concentration camp lay flowers at the bodies of 4 American soldiers killed by Nazis, Germany 1945
American soldier standing in the ruined Monument to the Battle of Nations in Leipzig, Germany, 1945
Dutch resistance members celebrate at the moment they heard of Adolf Hitler's death over the radio, May 1945.
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