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Red Army infantry marching through the main street of Kiev, Ukraine, following the liberation of the city from German forces - 1943
The grave of an American pilot buried by Imperial Japanese troops. The sign reads "Sleeping here, a brave air-hero who lost youth and happiness for his Mother land. July 25 - Nippon Army". Kiska, Alaska, 25 August 1943.
U.S. Air Force bombers fly over Ploiești, Romania, following a raid on August 1, 1943. Of the 16 cameramen accompanying this mission, the one who took this photo was the only one to survive
Last photo of Nikola Tesla. 1943.
Russian soldiers during the seige on Stalingrad (1942-1943) .(532X719)
The only surviving depiction of a Western POW being executed by the Japanese during WWII ca. 1943
Winston Churchill goofing off with his daughter Mary Soames, 1943.
An unidentified boy raises his arms as German soldiers capture Polish Jews during the Warsaw ghetto uprising sometime between April 19 and May 16, 1943
Sicilian peasant telling an American officer which way the Germans had gone, 1943
American Marines speed away from USS Sheridan on a landing barge approaching the Japanese-held island of Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, in the Pacific; one Marine shows a picture of a pin-up girl to others as Tarawa burns in the background. (1943)
A young Russian boy points out German positions to Commander G. V. Gvozdev of the 11th Squad, 3rd Leningrad Partisan Brigade in a small village during the Siege of Leningrad. Near Leningrad (now, St. Petersburg), Leningrad Oblast, August 1943.
The only known color photograph of the Russian Czar's fabled "Amber Room" - looted by the Nazi's this unique, priceless work of art was lost for ever (maybe?). St Petersburg, 1943
Jews making matzo in the Lodz Ghetto, 1943
Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) working as a mechanic during WW2, 1943
SAS Long Range Desert Group, North Africa 18 January 1943
Russian conscript with his family before being deployed to the front, Karachev, Bryansk, Russia, 1943.
Young men pose in zoot suits taken from a formalwear shop during the Harlem riot of August, 1943
American film actress Veronica Lake illustrates what can happen to women war workers who wear their hair long while working at their benches, in a factory somewhere in America, on November 9, 1943.
A young female welder photographed by Bernard Hoffman in Connecticut, circa 1943.
The Nazis announced that they had found the mass graves in Katyn, where officers, policemen and intellectuals were executed, captured by the Red Army in the invasion of Poland and deemed a threat to the Soviet regime. April 13 1943
Dressed up black teenagers during the riots in New York City. United States, 1943
Tank attack at night during the battle of Kursk on the Eastern Front, 1943
Freight train operations on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad between Chicago and Clinton, Iowa. 1943
In December 1943, four men were tried for their roles in mass murder in the city of Kharkov. Officials said that between 1941 and 1943, over 30,000 victims had been shot, hanged, burned alive, and gassed. The trial was the first time that Germans were prosecuted for WWII atrocities .
General George S. Patton watches his troops advance across the El Guettar Valley, Tunisia - March 1943. (Original Color Picture LIFE Magazine by Eliot Elisofon)
Nazi and Japanese Officer Pose for Picture in 1943
Ralph Lazo - The only known American who voluntarily relocated to the Japanese American internment camps in solidarity with his friends (1943) -
Mom kisses her son goodbye before his departure for volunteer work in Germany. Belgium, 1943
Aliya Moldagulova, Kazakh WW2 sniper. Died in battle at 18 years old. Fought in hand to hand combat and led troops into battle. (1943)
1943: A bullet-riddled and bayonet-pierced portrait of Mussolini in Sicily somewhere around the city of Messina.
Lepa Radić of the Yugoslav Partisans being executed in 1943. The Germans offered her a way out of execution by revealing her comrades' and leaders' identities. She replied that she was not a traitor and that her comrades would reveal themselves when they avenged her death
Sailor and girl at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Washington D.C., 1943. (Original color photo)
Churchill, FDR, and Stalin celebrate Churchill’s birthday in 1943
An American child uses his family’s War Ration Book to purchase a can of vegetable juice during World War II. February, 1943
Mike Evans, a welder, at the rip tracks at Proviso yard of the Chico & North Western RR in Chicago, Ill. Image taken in April 1943 by Jack Delano
A Uighur dancer performing to music. Xinjiang, 1943. Photo taken by William Vandivert.
Churchill celebrates his 69th birthday with Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at the Victorian Drawing Room of the British Legation in Tehran Iran 30 Nov 1943 (942×792)
Roza Georgiyevna Shanina was one of the best Soviet snipers, 1943. Confirmed kills: 54. (Colorized, original B&W in comments)
British special forces SAS (Special Air Service) in North Africa during WW2 (colored by me). 1943
Lepa Radic was a Serbian partisan executed by the Nazis on 02/08/1943 753x960
Norwegian Nazi traitor Quisling inspecting new recruits in 1943. They initially thought they would defend their country in pure Norwegian units, but were split in various German units and sent to the horrors of the Eastern front Check out the Game-changing history podcast for more
American Woman Worker of World War II; 1941-1943
Portrait of a battle weary German soldier, tired of the endless marching in the Caucasus. Russia, 1943.
US soilder Vaden Carney and nurse Pam Rumbold taking a romantic boat ride in Kashmir, India 1943
Bosnian Muslims in the Waffen-SS praying in November of 1943
Football players, Daytona Beach, Florida. Bethune-Cookman College. January 1943. Colourized by me
A shot of the French Battleship Richelieu during trials after her refit in New York, 25th of september 1943.
A Nationalist Chinese soldier displaying a mustard gas canister employed by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Battle of Changde. Hunan Province, 17 December 1943. Photo taken by Harrison Forman.
Sicilian children hitch a ride on an M4 Sherman of the 2nd Armoured Division in Catania, Sicily, August 1943
Winston Churchill wearing a Persian lamb hat as a gift to him for his 69th birthday, he was attending the Tehran conference of 1943,
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