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Nikola Tesla, the last photo ever of the famous scientist, 1st Jan 1943
Soviet soldiers, on their backs, launch a volley of bullets at enemy aircraft in June of 1943.
The “Big Three” - Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill - meet at the Tehran Conference, 1943.
Sailor and girl at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Washington, D.C., May 1943
Two U.S. Army soldiers (one of them not in uniform) helped a badly beaten black man get away from a hostile white mob in downtown Detroit during the 1943 Detroit race riot, June 21
When Nazis asked Lepa Radic who were her 'accomplices' before they hanged her she responded: 'you'll know them when they come to avenge me.' Young Serbian girl was hanged at the age of 17 near Gradiska in 1943. During the battle of Kozara, she lost her father, brother (15) and her uncle.
A destroyed Japanese H8K flying boat is examined by men of the US Army - October 24, 1943
Lepa Radić of the Yugoslav Partisans being executed in 1943. The Germans offered her a way out of execution by revealing her comrades' and leaders' identities. She replied that she was not a traitor and that her comrades would reveal themselves when they avenged her death
Sicilian peasant telling an American soldier which way the Germans had gone. Siciliy, 1943.
German POW during the Battle of Kursk. 1943
Last photo of Nikola Tesla. 1943.
A Team of SAS Soldiers in Northern Africa, 1943
Col. Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, hand-to-hand combat expert, 1943. Known for ordering trainee Marines to attempt to kill him with bayonets, and disarming them all.
German youths studying the differences between Aryans and Jews (1943).
Concentration Camp inmates at BMW in Munich - Allach, ca. 1943.
"Rosies" working on an aircraft engine at Douglas Aircraft in October 1943
Two teen girls helping to assemble submachine guns during the siege of Leningrad, 1943
U.S. Marines hit rough water as they leave their LST to take the beach at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. (1943)
A German dog dressed up to look like an aircraft spotter by his 88 mm anti-aircraft gun during World War II, ca., 1943.
Woody Guthrie with his "This Machine Kills Fascists" guitar 1943
A young Soviet soldier, severely injured, crawls towards his German captors after surrendering during the Battle of Kursk. July, 1943.
Exhausted German soldiers returning from close quarter combat with Soviet shock troops in Ukraine, 1943
Texas schoolgirl receives typhoid vaccine in 1943
A young boy is treated at the Central Research Institute in Kasauli, in the Himalayas, after he was bitten by a Russell's viper, one of the deadliest snakes in India, 1943. His father has brought the dead snake along for identification -
A captured German submariner of U-boat 175, is given a blanket after being brought on-board Coast-Guard Cutter: USS Spencer (April 17th, 1943)
A wounded German prisoner awaits medical treatment along the bank of the Volturno River. 17 October 1943.
Frank Sinatra surrounded by fans 1943
Japanese-American farmers working at Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, California, United States, 1942-1943
Very rare photo of Russian priests blessing Red Army soldiers during WW2 (this practice was allowed by Stalin to raise wartime morale, after furious anti-Church policy of the 1930's)...USSR, 1941-1943
A U.S. Military Police soldier standing on a pile of Italian rifles and helmets after the capture of Palermo, Sicily, July 1943
A little girl holding an umbrella watches a British despatch rider attempt to clear the carburettor of his motorcycle in torrential rain, Italy, 4th October 1943.
USMC photographer S.Sgt Norman Hatch, provides water to a stray kitten found hiding under a knocked out Type 95 tank - Tarawa Atoll, November 24th 1943
Hamburg after four Allied fire-bombing raids in July 1943, which killed an estimated 50,000 people
USS Tennessee (BB-43), Sailing May 12, 1943. (480X599)
An one-armed RAF commanding officer, standing beside his all-black Hawker Hurricane. The Hurricane is sporting his personal emblem showing his amputated arm waving a 'V' sign, West Sussex, England. Circa 1941-1943. Colorized.
A diver as he ascends from the oily interior of the sunken battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) . Photograph released May 23, 1943.
Eighteen year old "pit-women" Ruth DeRoche and Norma Webber who were employed at a sawmill due to labor shortages, relax after lunch, June 1943, Turkey Pond, New Hampshire -
The Battle of Kursk, July 1943
Wrecked Italian aircraft in Tripoli, Libya (1943)
Wojtek among the soldiers of the 22nd Polish Artillery Company in 1943.
Sgt. Leonard Siffleet, an Australian POW captured in New Guinea, about to be beheaded by a Japanese soldier with a shin guntō sword, 1943
Actress Bea Arthur when she was in the US Marine Corps, 1943
U.S. Navy submarine Control Station manned by a Chief Petty Officer, during World War II, ca. 1942-1943.
Camouflage Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21-IIb bomber seconds before its destruction by parafrag bombs dropped by a U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20 Havoc. Dated 1943
Auschwitz-Birkenau death concentration camp. Arrival of the train with prisoners. Poland, 1943
North Atlantic Convoy seen from the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS Core (CVE-13), 1 November 1943.
General Montgomery stops his car to talk to men of the Royal Engineers working on a road near Catania, Sicily, August 1943.
German, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, and Hungarian military attachés visit the Finnish Front, 5 April 1943
The crew of HM Submarine UNISON display their 'Jolly Roger' at Plymouth, having returned from a successful 16 months in the Mediterranean, 10 October 1943.
The fire box of an engine being built in the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad locomotive shop, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1943
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