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People who'd lost their houses in bombing raids take shelter in caves near Hastings, East Sussex, December 12th 1940
cathedral, London, during the German bombing campaign. December 29th, 1940. (800 × 618)
A Greek soldier tells his mother goodbye before leaving to fight the Italian invaders, 1940.
Lydia Litviak in 1940, Soviet female pilot who manteine till today the record of aerial takedowns aerial takedowns maded by a woman in combat. Died the 1rst from agust in the battle of kursk at the age of just 21 years. she is till today one of the bigest heroin from Russia. colorization
Frenchman in 1940 crying as the flags of fallen France were marched through the streets of Marseille on their way to Africa. The man’s face conveys a sense of grief so profound as to transcend our expectations. The photo is nicknamed “The weeping Frenchman” or as The Crying Frenchman
Finnish troops use a homemade slingshot to lob grenades at invading Soviet forces. Winter war, 1939-1940
Delta Thresher: 1940
Soldier's brothel in former Synagogue, Brest, France, 1940 Source: Bundesarchiv 101II-MW-1019-07
Tank crews training for Operation Sealion near The Hague, Netherlands, 1940
French Cruiser Submarine Surcouf. Post-1940 Configuration, Exact Date Unknown.
cat makes a great escape from the animal rescue league of Boston, 1940.
The painting of the Last Supper during the building of its anti-aircraft protection of sandbags supported by metal scaffolding (Milan, Italy 1940)
Soviet POWs in a Finnish prison camp pass time with a cigarette, 1940.
Unsinkable Sam, a ship's cat who served on a German battleship, a British destroyer, and later on an aircraft carrier during World War II, survived the sinking of all three ships and died ashore in 1955. 1940
Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless by German bombings, sit outside the wreckage of what was their home, September 1940
Londoners taking shelter in an underground train tunnel during an air raid. London, England, 8 Oct 1940.
Leon Trotsky with American Friends in Mexico, shortly before his murder in 1940
Polish soldiers of the Independent Podhale Rifle Brigade taking the oath in Malestroit, Brittany, France. April 10, 1940.
(1940) Albert Einstein and his daughter becoming new citizens of the USA!
Finnish troops with pack reindeer, 1940's
An incredibly rare, candid and original color photograph a B-17 bombardier heading toward Germany, 1940's.
A French soldier of the 4e Armée with a Châtellerault FM 24/29 in the Anti-Air role, Lorraine, March-April 1940.
Soviet soldier dring a Red Square parade, 1940. They are wearing French M15 Adrian helmets with the Soviet Red Star and sniper rifles with fixed bayonets.
A milkman delivers milk after an air raid on London -1940
Protesting the high school dress code that banned slacks for girls, Brooklyn c.1940
Adalph Galland discussing fighter tactics -Circa 1940. He was credited as having 104 air victories
A little boy reaching out for his father who is leaving for war in Europe. New Westminster, Canada, 1940.
A little girl sitting in the ruins of her bombed home during the Battle of Britain, 24th August 1940.
An incredibly rare, candid and original color photograph a B-17 bombardier heading toward Germany, 1940's.
Rabbi Moshe Hagerman – Jewish municipal chief judge, dressed in religious garments and being abused by German soldiers, who are forcing him to pray, for their amusement. Photo taken on "Bloody Wednesday of Olkusz," July 31, 1940.
Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve (RAFVR) gunners on Training. Britain, 1940.
Kids playing baseball in the slums of Washington D.C. (1940)
The view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse from atop the suspension cabling, washington state, 1940. for 4 months, it was the world's 3rd largest suspension bridge by main span.
Three British soldiers march past the burning wreckage of a shot-down French Potez 630 reconnaissance aircraft near Braine-le-Comte, Belgium, 16 May 1940.
Westminster silhouetted against the burning backdrop of London, Circa September 1940
German Ski Troopers in Norway 1940
Christmas shopping crowds. Gadsden, Alabama, December 1940.
Vera Howson, A women's land army girl at the Timber Corps training camp at Culford in Suffolk, UK, c. 1940's (originally in color)
Tuberculosis patients in a sanatorium 1940
Children gathering potatoes on a large farm, vicinity of Caribou, Aroostook County, Me. Schools do not open until the potatoes are harvested, 1940.
Childhood Photo of Dalai Lama (1940)
Family Halloween during WWII, Hitler and Mussolini masks, 1940's.
Anne and Margot Frank at the beach, August 1940. 1000x1000
London milk delivery 9th October 1940
Renowned publishing tycoon, Robert Sengstacke Abbott, surrounded by friends and business associates on his deathbed. The founder of The Chicago Defender and the Bud Billiken Parade would pass on February 29th, 1940.
Two schoolgirls sitting on the wing of a downed German bomber in Chester, England (1940)
Brazilian CV-35 tankettes of the Esquadrão de Auto-Metralhadoras (Self-Propelled Machine Gun Squadron) lined up during the maneuvers of 1940, Rio de Janeiro, then capital of Brazil.
An Italian pottery vendor going to the market with his goods, Messina, 1940
First German troops reach Ypres, Belgium in May 1940. A city defended by British & Commonwealth Soldiers for 4 years with over a million deaths was taken in a few hours by a few German Soldiers.
Nazis tour Canadian Vimy Memorial, after fall of France. (1940)
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