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Dead Italian soldier holding a photograph of his child, north Africa, WWII, c. 1940's
British Soldiers (interrupted during drag show rehearsals by a German raid) manning a BL 6-inch Mk VII naval gun at Shornemead Fort, England in 1940
Winston Churchill with a Tommy Gun during an inspection near Hartlepool, 1940.
Photograph entitled "Wait for Me, Daddy". It shows a child running to his father, a Canadian soldier, before being deployed during The Second World War. Behind you can see his mother. October 1, 1940.
Soldiers (who were interrupted during rehearsals for a drag show by an air raid) manning anti-aircraft guns at the Royal Artillery Coastal Defence Battery at Shornemead Fort, Kent, England, 1940
dog being posed by a German soldier, 1940
Adolf Hitler with a unit of the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager called "The Green devils" who captured the belgian fort at Eben Emael on 11 May , June 1940 , ,
Drive-in car hops in shorts and cowboy boots at the Log Lodge Tavern near Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas, 1940.⁣
A Family of migratory fruit workers from Texas during Cherry-picking season. Berrien County, Michigan, July 1940.
The London sky after a bombing and dogfight between British and German planes in 1940.
Woman lounging in the beach with allied supplies and artillery pieces after the Dunkirk evacuation, 1940.
Father Christmas exchanges his red hood for a helmet to deliver presents during the London Blitz, 1940.
Evacuee Barrie Peacop enjoys an ice cream as he sits on a mine washed up on the beach at Deal in Kent, 7th February 1940.
Lt Franz Von Werra playing with "Simba" a lion cub, the mascot of JG3. France Circa July 1940
German soldiers mock the recent Allied defeat in France by wearing captured British and French helmets, 1940.
Two men in their apartment. Nashville, 1938 - 1940. Photo by Peter Sekaer
British troops rehearsing in drag for their Christmas charity performance are suddenly called to deal with the approach of Luftwaffe bombers flying across the Channel to mount raids over southern England, with no time to change. 1940
Londoners enjoying themselves at a Christmas party in an underground shelter. The Blitz, 25 December 1940.
Captured Senegalese soldiers in service with the French army shortly before being massacred by the Germans at Chasselay near Lyon, 1940
Photograph taken by Walter Frentz when Adolf Hitler received information that France would surrender - June 17, 1940.
Red Army Marshal Semyon Budyonny with his son Sergey, 1940
Portrait of Republic of China and Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek hangs on the Tiananmen. Beijing, Republic of China. Photo taken before 1940.
A helmeted bulldog guarding a family outside a block of flats during the Blitz, 15th October 1940.
“Keep Calm and Carry On”- A Spotter looking for German air raids during Charlton v Arsenal match, London 1940.
Dogfight above St Paul's Cathedral during the Battle of Britain, London, 1940.
My great grandfather being enrolled in the army to fight in WW2. He died in 1941 in a gulag somewhere in Siberia. Photo taken circa 1940
A Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter being put into a wind tunnel at the “Hermann Goering” Aviation Research Institute, Braunschweig, Germany, 1940.
Indian pilots called up to fight in the Battle of Britain are welcomed by a policeman at the train station, October 1940.
Wilm Hosenfeld, a German officer in WWII who was known for helping to hide and rescue Poles and Jews, he helped to hide pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman which inspired the 2002 movie "The pianist" starring Adrien Brody. seen here with a Polish child, taken 1940.
Lockheed P-38 Lightning 43-2136 of the 27th FS “Black Falcons”, 1st FG 1940's
German trained and equipped Salvadorian troops are lined up, possibly for inspection. 1938/1940
A soldier of the British Expeditionary Force, arriving back from Dunkirk greeted affectionately by his girlfriend - May 31, 1940 Getty Images
A Peaceful snowy night, downtown Woodstock, Vermont, 1940 (Colorized by me)
A German and Swiss soldier pose for a photo on the border. Jura Mountains, 1940.
A man having his nose measured during Nazi Aryan race determination tests, 1940
A 1938 Mercedes Benz was sent to the King of Nepal Truibhuvan By Adolf Hitler. The car was carried to the Capital City as seen since there wasn't much road in the country, 1940
A little girl sits in the ruins of her bombed home during the Battle of Britain- August 24, 1940.
New York firefighters battle a blaze while coated with icicles. 1940.
People who'd lost their houses in bombing raids take shelter in caves near Hastings, East Sussex, December 12th 1940
A Greek soldier tells his mother goodbye before leaving to fight the Italian invaders, 1940.
Lydia Litviak in 1940, Soviet female pilot who manteine till today the record of aerial takedowns aerial takedowns maded by a woman in combat. Died the 1rst from agust in the battle of kursk at the age of just 21 years. she is till today one of the bigest heroin from Russia. colorization
Finnish troops use a homemade slingshot to lob grenades at invading Soviet forces. Winter war, 1939-1940
Tank crews training for Operation Sealion near The Hague, Netherlands, 1940
French Cruiser Submarine Surcouf. Post-1940 Configuration, Exact Date Unknown.
cat makes a great escape from the animal rescue league of Boston, 1940.
Unsinkable Sam, a ship's cat who served on a German battleship, a British destroyer, and later on an aircraft carrier during World War II, survived the sinking of all three ships and died ashore in 1955. 1940
Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless by German bombings, sit outside the wreckage of what was their home, September 1940
Londoners taking shelter in an underground train tunnel during an air raid. London, England, 8 Oct 1940.
(1940) Albert Einstein and his daughter becoming new citizens of the USA!
Finnish troops with pack reindeer, 1940's
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