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A former slave holding a horn with which slaves were called. Near Marshall, Texas, USA 1939.
A "maternity package" granted to mother's of low income by the Finnish state, 1939,
A man arrested for cross-dressing emerging from a police van, New York, 1939
Young Queen Elizabeth as a mechanic during WW2 (c. 1939)
The Antarctic Snow Cruiser on the drive towards the ship that would take it south to the Pole. The vehicle provided living space and laboratories to five scientists. Unfortunately, it was found to have no traction on snow unless driven in reverse and was eventually abandoned. 1939
Leningrad Gas mask drill, 1939.
Poles sentenced to death without trial face the firing squad in Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939
Queen Fawzia Fuad of Iran and Princess of Egypt, c. 1939.
Vivien Leigh taking a cigarette break during the filming of “Gone With The Wind”, 1939
Queen Fawzia Fuad of Iran and Princess of Egypt, c. 1939.
A shield to protect the face during snow storms. Canada, 1939.
Turkish Officer in a gas mask during the air practice. WW2, Istanbul, Turkey, 1939
Queen Fawzia Fuad of Iran and Princess of Egypt, c. 1939.
Body of Jan Gilas, who died of a heart attack while carrying an unexploded german bomb from the city's town hall. Lublin, Poland, 1939-09-09
1939: Last Person to be Publicly Executed in France
Archery Training in Japanese Girls High-School. Imperial Japan c.1939.
A Fourth of July celebration. St. Helena Island, South Carolina. July 4, 1939.
A young boy rescuing his pet canary from the ruins of his home following a German air raid - Warsaw, September 1939
July 1939. Country store on dirt road near Gordonton, N.C. Note rough, unfinished timber posts have been used as supports for porch roof. Kerosene pump on the right.
General Motors "Futurliner" bus "Parade of Progress", 1939
German soldiers fooling around, 1939 (1024×657)
'10 Downing Street' Two Soldiers Peer Out From the Entrance to Their Dugout, Made From Car Doors and Corrugated Iron; France, 28 November 1939
Holiday shopping in New York City, 1939.
A photo of Anne Frank and her friends who are celebrating Anne’s 10th birthday (c. 1939). Anne is pictured second to the left in a dark colored dress.
Adolf Hitler in rare white attire to welcome Italian officials, August 1939
Simo Häyhä, also known as “The White Death” posing with his winter camouflage, 1940. He is reported to have killed 505 men during 1939-40 winter war against the Soviet Red army. The highest number of sniper kills in any major war. Location: Ladoga's Karelia, Finland.
Adolf Hitler performs a Nazi salute as he stands next to his generals and surveys German troops parading through Warsaw on October 5, 1939.
Ducati workers posing in front of the Bologna factory, 1939
A man standing in the lumberyard of Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing, 1939. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt)
20,000 Americans attend a Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, February 20, 1939
A group photo of 12 Wehrmacht soldiers partying together. The bottom 9 are all Regular infantry while the top three are Pioneer ( essentially engineers ) They all wear M36 uniforms. Photo taken 1939.
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939.
Albert Einstein loved sailing but didn't even know how to swim, 1939.
Last public guillotining in France (Eugen Weidmann), an event witnessed by the actor Christopher Lee. 17 June 1939
8.8cm Flak 18 crews in Hamburg prepare to salute elements of the Condor Legion return from Spain - May 1939
Civil War veterans inspect an M1 Combat Car at the 1939 World's Fair in New York
King George VI riding with his daughters Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) & Princess Margaret , in Windsor Great Park - 21 April 1939. colorized
Polish teacher Władysław Bieliński moments before he was executed by the Germans, 1939.
Mass Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, 1939
1939, Istanbul. Several planes over the Bosphorus , A gas masked soldier taking part at WW2 Chemical Warfare Exercises.
A 10-year old Polish girl, Kazimiera Mika, prays for her older sister, dead after being strafed by Luftwaffe, 1939
American Nazis in the 1930s. 20,000 attend a German American Bund Rally at New York's Madison Square Garden on February 20, 1939.
Czechoslovakian bike shop owner with his sons about 3 years before the nazis came to the country in 1939
Jewish Refugees from Czechoslovakia being deported by British Police because their papers weren't in order - Croydon Airport, March 1939
Jewish refugees aboard the ocean liner St. Louis return to Europe after being refused entry in Cuba, the US, and Canada. Belgium, 1939
Finnish soldiers belonging to the Company of Death. Summa, Dec 20th 1939
Crowd in New York City gathers to protest an American Nazi rally being held at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 1939
Soviet and Nazi soldiers greet each other at their new border after a successful joint invasion of Poland in 1939
The Edmonton Grads - A women's basketball team that achieved a 95% win rate over 25 years (1939)
The oldest girl seated in the doorway of the house trailer cares for the family, Yakima Valley, Washington, 1939 by Dorothea Lange.
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