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Earliest known photo of Elvis Presley, with parents Gladys & Vernon in 1938
Cleaning women washing a crucifix, 1938
A young Ann Lockley holds a tea party with a baby hawk and spiny lobster on the island of Skokholm, 1938.
The English football team give the Nazi salute in front of 110,000 spectators, including Goering, Hess and Goebbels, ahead of their game against Germany at the Olympiastadion, Berlin. May, 1938
A street in Breslau in 1938.
Dora Ratjen, a German Olympic athlete, who was arrested at a train station on suspicion of being a man in a dress, 1938
Waffen-SS troops taking a loyalty oath at a Nazi rally in Munich, September 5th, 1938.
Colorized by me: British Premier Sir Neville Chamberlain, on his return from talks with Hitler in Germany, at Heston airfield, London, England, on September 24, 1938.
Women boxing on a roof, 1938
SS officer initiation(1938)
Nationwide Shooting Competition in Krakow, 1938
Biggest Nazi Rally outside of Germany - Buenos Aires, Luna Park, 1938
American Civil War Veterans drop flowers from the air onto Gettysburg Battlefield to honor fallen comrades, 1938 (Colorized by me)
Japanese Soldiers Marching in The Streets of Wuhan, China, 1938.
Applause and salutes for Hitler after Germany successfully annexed Austria in 1938.
The 20th Century Limited leaving Chicago in 1938.
Sudeten woman acknowledges incoming German troops with tears and the Nazi salute, 1938
A group of students mock and mimic Hitler and Mussolini, London, 1938
Inventor George Hutton working on his mechanical elephant “Jumbo” in 1938
German National Football team in France, 1938 FIFA World Cup
Butcher shop, High Wycombe, England, 1938
Betty Broadbent aka the “Tattooed Venus'” Sydney, Australia 1938
Salvador Dali & Coco Chanel Smoking. Rare photo of Dali smoking. Photo from 1938.
American Legion members after a fight with the American Nazi Party who were celebrating Hitler's 49th birthday (April 20, 1938).
One of the only two pictures of Robert Leroy Johnson (1911 - 1938). He’s an American blues musician. He is considered one of the most famous guitarists, singers and songwriters in the history of blues. Alluding to the Mississippi Delta, he is also known as the King of the Delta Blues.
Helen Hulick, a woman who defied a judge’s order and wore slacks in court, earning her a five-day jail sentence in Los Angeles, California 1938
A family is forced to leave their home during the Great Depression, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, June, 1938 Photo by Dorothea Lange
Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops, Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938.
Revolver that took a photo every time it was fired, New York 1938.
German battleship Bismarck under construction, 10 September 1938
Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, 1938.
Nurse pushing a gas-proof baby carriage in London on Dec. 22, 1938. It was invented by E.W. Mills during the war scare
A boy wearing an Adolf Hitler mask, London, 1938.
A synagogue on fire in Hanover during Kristallnacht, 1938.
Adolf Hitler in a prototype Volkswagen Beetle, 1938
Mass gymnastics at the "Day of Community" event at Nuremberg, 8th September 1938
Adolf Hitler speaking at Fallersleben Volkswagen Works cornerstone ceremony, Germany, June 25th, 1938
Woman With A Gas-Resistant Pram, England, (1938)
Aboriginal 'Day of Mourning' 26th January 1938
The Hindenburg over New York City, 1938.
Local girls in the newly-freed Sudetenland areas fraternises with German soldiers after troops occupied the No.2 zone of the Czech Sudentenland, October 1938
Nazis barring Jews from the University of Vienna, 1938
Members of the Nazi expedition to Tibet dine with Tibetan dignitaries in Lhasa, 1938
A torchlight parade in Nuremberg during the 1938 Reich Party Congress.
A young Frank Sinatra takes a bathroom selfie, 1938.
Oba Akenzua II, the ruler of Benin, in 1938
Neville Chamberlain returning from Germany with the piece of paper signed by Hitler which would bring "peace for our time" September 30th, 1938.
A Japanese soldier tells a Chinese prisoner how to hold his head for a smooth decapitation, China 1938. Probably during the Nanking Massacre
Chinese-Americans parading in support of China against Japanese invasion, New York, 12 May 1938.
Chinese guerrilla fighter Cheng Benhua 成本華 smiling moment before execution by the Japanese, she was 24. (Late 1938)
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