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Hitler reacts to a kiss from an excited American women at the 1936 Olympic Games
Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany, 1936.
Goliath the elephant seal and his keeper at Vincennes Zoo, Paris (1936)
Hitler Reacts to Kiss from Excited American Woman at the Berlin Olympics, August 15, 1936
a German Zeppelin floats past the Empire State Building, 1936
Willis Winn, an ex-slave, holding the horn 'with which slaves were called'. 1936.
17-year old Marina Ginestà, war correspondent for Pravda, on the rooftop of the Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona. July 1936
British tourist arrives in Sudan, Africa in 1936 {826 x 619)
Spanish Civil War, Republican militia German volunteer Liesel Carritt, September 1936. Colourised.
The New York Central Streamliner 'Mercury' passes through New York City Hall, 1936
Marina Ginesta, seventeen year old revolutionary during the Spanish civil war 1936
A lone man refusing to do the “Sieg Heil” salute at the launching of the Horst Wessel in Nazi Germany (1936)
Before the war many poor Dutch families lived in sod houses. Drenthe, the Netherlands, 1936.
Mother and children during the great depression, California, 1936
An army of schoolgirls marching through Tokyo, their faces an anonymous sea of gas masks, 1936.
Mercury, a daytime streamliner passenger train operating between midwestern cities. Chicago, 1936
Little girl and her pet toad at a pet show, Venice Beach, California, 1936.
Jesse Owen wins gold in Nazi Germany, Olympic Games of 1936
One of New York Central’s “Mercury” engines in Chicago, 1936.
Hindenburg overlooking the Olympiastadion during the 1936 Olympic in Berlin
Spanish Civil War, Republican militia near Aragon front, September 1936. Colourised.
A german veteran of both Franco-Prussian War (1870) and WWI in his old uniform as part of a veteran‘s rally, 1936
Floyd and Lucille Burroughs on their porch in Hale County, Alabama, 1936, photo by Walker Evans
The interior of 1936 Imperial Airlines airplane
Facing the Dust Storm, April 1936 (Colorized)
Most beautiful legs contest in Paris, 1936 -
American tourists in Berlin during the Olympics, August, 1936
The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936
Spanish republican fighter throwing a grenade at a loyalist cameraman and soldiers, Burgos, Spain, on Sept. 12, 1936
A Lone Man Refusing to do the German Nazi salute, 1936
The Battle for Cable Street Between the British Union of Fascists and Various Anti-Fascist Groups - London, England (October 4, 1936)
The Olympic fire arrives in Berlin during the 1936 games
The corpse of Toni Kurtz after his failed attempt at the north face of the Eiger. He was roughly 40ft from the attempted rescuers, 1936.
European Jews on Ellis Island protest against their deportation to Germany, 1936
Watching television at Waterloo station, London 1936: When TV first started broadcasting in Britain the expensive sets were out of the price range for most people. Everyday folk however- provided they had a train ticket- could watch TV in the waiting room at London's Waterloo station.
1936: NY Central Mercury leaving Cleveland.
Mississippi Delta Children by Dorothea Lange, 1936
The 1936 Summer Olympics
A Workers' Party of Marxist Unification militia in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, 1936. George Orwell is in the background, about a foot taller than everyone else.
Robert Ritter, a "racial scientist", visits a Romani woman accompanied by a police officer (1936)
Benito Mussolini, Italy’s Prime Minister, right, fights a fencing duel with a Fascist militia officer in Rome, on November 23, 1936.
Princess Zahra Khanum (1884-1936). Daughter of the King of Persia.
Bob Lemmons was born into slavery in the 1850s. Here's his portrait taken in 1936.
Future 'Mad Magazine' artists Al Jaffee and Will Elder, in the lunchroom at the High School for Music and Arts in New York City (1936)
Empire State Building Window Washer, 1936
Hitler Youth drummers, 1936
The man who didn't salute Hitler: 1936
Spanish Civil War, Republican Volunteers, Barcelona 1936. Colourised.
Fishermen on Baker Beach as the Golden Gate Bridge is under construction c 1936
The first wheelie ever photographed, 1936 (599X451)
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