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Grand Central Terminal, NYC, The sun can't shine through like that now due to the surrounding tall buildings. 1929.
It’s no longer possible to see this, as buildings outside block the sun. Grand Central, NYC, 1929. Photo by Louis Faurer
'Black Tuesday' aka Stock Market Crash of 1929
Sabiha Gökçen was a Turkish aviator. During her flight career, she flew around 8,000 hours and participated in 32 different military operations. She was the world's first female fighter pilot, aged 23. 1929
Legendary Norwegian opera singer and Wagner soprano Kirsten Flagstad as Elsa in "Lohengrin", 1929
Bankrupt investor Walter Thornton tries to sell his luxury roadster for $100 cash on the streets of New York City following the 1929 stock market crash
Kenowun, a Eskimo woman wearing jewelry. Nunivak Island, Alaska, 28 February 1929
Streams of confiscated liquor pour out of upper windows of three-story storefront in Detroit during Prohibition, 1929
A group of kids talking to an elderly Civil war veteran 1929
A Ukrainian refugee and her child in Sweden in 1929. They belonged to the Swedish-Ukrainian minority. More info in the comments.
It’s No Longer Possible To See This, As Buildings Outside Block The Sun. Grand Central, NYC, 1929 Photo By Louis Faurer.
A janitor sweeps the floor of the New York Stock Exchange following the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
Chicago Board of Trade Floor Under Construction in 1929.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, at the wedding of his adopted daughter Nebile. (17th April 1929)
Smiling postman with pile of letters and parcels delivering christmas items in Chicago, 1929 .
Horse rescued from canal in Amsterdam 1929
French soldiers overlooking the german city of Koblenz, Rhineland-occupation(1929).
Compulsory collectivization in the Soviet countryside. 'Peasants, read books! The Book is the best friend of those on the land. It teaches how to carry out agriculture properly'. 1929. .
German Schienenzeppelin locomotive train, designed and built in 1929 by aircraft engineer Franz Kruckenberg was powered by an aircraft BMW V12 motor and propeller. It could attain speeds of 143 mph, setting the land speed record for a petrol powered rail vehicle.
African-American Jews outside the Moorish Zionist Temple, Harlem, NY, 1929
Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition in Detroit. (1929)
First class sleeping car on a train, 1929.
Jewish families fleeing from Jerusalem during the 1929 Arab riots in Palestine
Photograph of 14-year-old José Sánchez del Río, 1928. Now Catholic Saint who was martyred for his faith during the Cristero War (between 1926 and 1929) - Colorized by Marco Zozaya
Winston Churchill & Charlie Chaplin in Los Angeles, CA in 1929 (Story in Comments)
a turkish man reading new turkish alphabet in front of book seller, 1929.
A Wall Street investor tries to sell his car after losing all of his money in the stock market crash, 1929
a tower full of confiscated barrels ready to be burned during the prohibition, 1929.
A snowman in Istanbul 1929
August 1929: A man standing alone on a rain-drenched pavement on the River Thames Embankment, London
Police dog photographed during his formal job training in Poland, circa 1929.
The sun shining through the windows of Grand Central Station in New York City in 1929 (1080×1236)
Broken investor tries to sell his luxury car - 1929 (colorized)
This specialized self-defense device appeared in a 1929 issue of Modern Mechanix. Samuel Schwarz designed it so that when the user raises his hands, he pulls strings attached to his fingers and activates a machine gun built into an armored vest.
Mailman N. Sorenson poses with his heavy load of Christmas mail and parcels, Chicago, 1929.
Kid standing on what is today South Sepulveda Boulevard. Los Angeles, California, 1929
Christmas eve fire guts the White House, Washington DC, (December 1929)
Heinz Guderian (far right), with Swedish and German officers, during a visit to Sweden 1929.
The inhabitants from Gammelsvenskby (literally: "Old Swedish Village"; Старошведське, Staroshvedske), Ukraine, USSR, arrive in Jönköping, Sweden, 1929.
Masked newspaper seller. Paris, 1929.
British nationals prepare to board an aircraft at Sherpur aerodrome during the Kabul Airlift, amid the Afghan Civil War (winter of 1928-1929)
George Bush (age 5) with sister, Nancy, 1929.
Two women buying cocaine capsules from their dealer, the lookout is standing in the background, Berlin 1929
Testing cars on the roof of the Fiat factory in 1929.
Dornier Do.X seaplane visits New York, circa 1929. The luxurious craft matched the size of a modern 767-300 and could carry roughly 2/3 the passenger load of one.
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit-Windsor, painters crew, Nov 5, 1929
The Japanese General Government Building in Seoul, the seat of the colonial government in Japanese Korea, photographed in 1929.
Armed members of the "Schutzpolizei" guarding a street in Berlin-Neukölln during the mayday riots of 1929, which became known as "Blutmai" (eng. bloody may). During the riots 33 civilians were killed and up to 200 were injured.
Prohibition agents dump liquor out of a raided building, Detroit, 1929.
A janitor sweeps the floor of the New York Stock Exchange following the Wall Street Crash of 1929
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