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The Kennedy family children, 1928
Forging press in the Krupp Factory, Essen, Germany, 1928
Zeppelin above the Reichstag, October 1928
Gangster Frankie Yale chased down in his car and shot dead by Al Capone's henchmen. Brooklyn, NY, 1928.
Scandinavia's indigenous Sami people in Norway, 1928
Waitresses at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, 1928
Garden of the Gods in 1928 - Steamboat Rock and Balanced Rock, Manitou Springs, CO
Amelia Earhart - London, 1928
Charles Curtis, 31st Vice President of the United States, 1928
Recording The MGM Roar, 1928
Hop pickers use stilts on a farm at Wateringbury, Kent. 1928
Zeppelin flying over Cologne, Germany, 1928
The Eiffel Tower in 1928, Paris, France.
Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine from "The Man Who Laughs" a film from 1928 and the inspiration for DC's Joker. United States
Airship (Zeppelin) construction hall at Friedrichshafen, Germany, 1928.
People swimming in front of an oil field - Huntington Beach, CA. 1928
Two-man bobsleigh at the St. Moritz Winter Olympic Games, 1928
New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach watching agents pour bootleg liquor into sewer after a raid, ca. 1928
Charlie Chaplin and actress Bebe Daniels playing table tennis at her home in California (1928)
The Filming of the MGM Opening Growl, 1928 (Story in comments)
Hop Pickers - Kent - 1928
Mogas (Modern Girls) in beach pyjamas, 1928. Kagayama Kyoyo
Chemical Warfare drill in the USSR, 1928
Count Zeppelin, 1928 (Alfred Tritschler)
The funeral procession of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force during the First World War. Over a million people lined the streets for his state funeral, more than would later do for Princess Diana. 3 February 1928
The execution of Ruth Snyder on January 12, 1928 - this is first photograph of an execution by electric chair
A 9000 hp spiral turbine being built in Germany for a power plant in Norway, 1928
Germans checking their voting options prior to the elections. The Nazis took only 2.6% of the vote.1928. .
New York City mayor Jimmy Walker presides over the first shot in the city’s annual marble tournament - June 3, 1928
One of the first images broadcast on American television, a 13″ paper mache figurine of Felix the Cat. This image was broadcasted for around two hours a day on television, 1928
Lighting the Olympic flame for the first time since the ancient Olympic Games. Amsterdam, 28th of July 1928
Offices of the local Nazi branch in Cologne, with a banner reading "the Jews are our misfortune" Germany, 1928
The winter drive on McKenzie Pass Oregon in 1928
Wright Lumber Company fire, West 28th Street, New York, 1928
Lon Chaney on the set of 'Laugh, Clown, Laugh' in 1928
Cameramen filming Jackie The Lion for the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer intro (1928)
Eiffel Tower on a snowy day - 1928
Real women boxers show off their fighting stance for a picture in Chicago, US in 1928. For me, the second from the right particularly looks fearsome.
Amelia Earhart paying a visit to Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel, London, 1928
Funeral of Al Capone associate Frankie Yale in Brooklyn, 1928. This Funeral is regarded as the most lavish and attended Gangster Funeral in American history.
This bold adventurer enjoyed getting her first tattoo (1928).(730 × 514)
Eric, the first British robot, built by First World War veteran Captain William Richards and aircraft engineer Alan Reffell. Gomshall, 1928.
Tzipora Tzabari, winner of Israel's Queen Esther beauty pageant (1928)
An operator in Chicago in 1928 announces the time every 15 seconds
Happier Days. A young Christopher Robin Milne and mother Daphne Milne 14 March 1928
Café du Dôme, Paris, 1928. Photo by André Kertész.
Workers on factory floor, Borsig-Werke, Berlin, Germany (1928)
The recording of MGM’s second version of their famous movie logo, 1928
Child in a trash can, 1928 (Reso: 1055×900)
Jackie, the second MGM “Leo the Lion,” being recorded on gramophone in 1928.
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