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The weathered face of Norwegian polar explorer Tryggve Gran - 1923
Berlin, 1923. Less than five years after the end of the Great War, Germany economy lies in ruins. A disabled war veteran begs in the street dressed in his pre-war dunkelblau waffenrock.
William Cahill, Details Unknown, Central Police Station, Sydney, 30 July 1923
A newly-wed future King George VI of the United Kingdom (and last Emperor of India) and his wife Elizabeth, 1923.
Picture of displaced family during the Armenian genocide, that happened between 1915-1923.
German children playing with bundles of worthless money thanks to hyperinflation, 1923.
Reps and Dems engaging in a snowball fight in 1923 .
German world war 1 veteran begs at the streets of Berlin, Germany, 1923.
Klamath Chief Stands On A Hill Above Crater Lake, Oregon, 1923.
Children playing with cash that became worthless after WW1 in Berlin 1923
Testing of bulletproof vests (1923)
Einstein's Swiss passport, issued in June 1923
The first mid-air refueling between two planes occurred on June 27, 1923, between two Airco DH-4B biplanes of the United States Army Air Service.
Christmas in Badagri, Nigeria, 1923
Howard Carter looking at the third coffin of Tutankhamun, 1923, photo by Harry Burton
Warren G. Harding shaking hands with Babe Ruth in 1923
Turkish delegation after signing the treaty of Lausanne , 1923
Last Photo of Vladimir Lenin with his sister and his doctor (May 1923)
President Calvin Coolidge participates in the first national Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the White House grounds - 1923
The United States Navy off the coast of Panama, 1923
Clouds of smoke over Tokyo, seen from hundreds of miles, September 1th 1923, the day Tokyo was destroyed by a earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and a fire tornado, all in the same day
Happy Fathers Day! General Richard Mulcahy with his son, Risteárd, at an Irish military exercise, 1923
President Friedrich Ebert inspecting the honor guard of the Reichswehr on Constitution Day 1923
August 4, 1923, Frédéric Gadmer takes this colour autochrome photo, A 38 918, of the construction of an aerodrome in Orly, France
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