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Spanish Influenza, Medical staff and workers in Surry Hills, Sydney, April 1919 ,
The British airship R33 in its hangar as it prepares for its first-ever flight at an aerodrome in Barlow, Yorkshire. 1919.
Pyramid of German helmets in celebration of victory, Grand central, New York, 1919.
Women's detachment of the Red Army, Russian Civil War, 1919.
Walt Disney as a red cross ambulance driver in France, 1919. Notice his drawing on the ambulance's side.
Vice President Thomas Marshall signing the 19th Amendment shortly after it's ratification, June 1919
Marines search for Haitian rebels during US occupation. Haiti. 1919
A member of the state militia faces off against an African-American veteran during the 1919 Chicago Race Riot. July 27, 1919.
WW1: Nine soldiers of the 369th Infantry Regiment, known as the Harlem Hellfighters, (Feb 12, 1919) Photographer remains a mystery
Electric car in a private charging station. USA, 1919.
Returning soldiers from World War One of the 369th Infantry Regiment, aka the Harlem Hellfighters, parade up Fifth Avenue in New York City on Feb. 17, 1919
Walt Disney as a red cross ambulance driver in France after WW1, c. 1919
German field gun in action in the suburbs of Riga, Latvian War of Independence, 1919
The British airship 'R33' in its hangar as it prepares for its first ever flight at an aerodrome in Barlow, Yorkshire. 1919
Australian soldiers carrying Prime Minister Billy Hughes down George Street in triumph, after his return from the Paris Peace Conference. Sydney, Australia, 1919.
An American veteran of the First World War confronts a member of the State Militia. Chicago race riot of July 27, 1919.
Éamon de Valera after being made an honorary chieftain of the Ojibwe, 1919
Anti-Vaccine (smallpox) Protest at Old City Hall Toronto, Nov, 1919
The paternal grandfather of the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Dorothea Merkel - Ludwig Kaźmieeczak in a Polish Blue Army uniform, with fiancée Margarethe, French Third Republic (France), spring 1919.
Stonehenge reconstruction, taken around 1919.
An American veteran of the First World War confronts a member of the State Militia. Chicago race riot of 1919, July 27.
Aftermath of the 1919 Great Molasses Flood in the North End of Boston. A tank filled with 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst. The resultant wave of molasses rushed through the streets at an estimated 35 mph, killing 21 and injuring 150. The sickly sweet smell lingered for decades.
Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin, photo of the Eighth Congress of the Russian Communist Party, Moscow, March 1919.
Greek Boys Stand by the Bones of Fallen Soldiers from the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign they have Collected, Anzac Cove, 1919
Stonehenge reconstruction, taken around 1919.
German submarine U-118 washed ashore at Hasting (UK). April 1919 (Soure @RealTimeWWII on twitter)
President Woodrow Wilson inspecting American troops in London while en route to Paris for the WWI peace conference after the Armistice; January 1919.
Police officers provides protection to a black civilian moving house in the Southside neighborhood of Chicago during the 1919 Chicago race riot (August 1919)
Pyramid of captured German cannons on Place de la Concorde in Paris on the eve of the Victory Parade on July 14, 1919
A bridge over the river Luga near Jambourg (now known as Kingisepp) was destroyed as the red army took the city. 1919, unknown photographer.
A kitty basking in the beard of a lighthouse keeper, 1919
The Battle of George Square, Glasgow Scotland in 1919...Was a violent confrontation between police and striking Glasgow workers. Authorities called for military aid & British troops, supported by six tanks were sent. The Secretary for Scotland said it was "a Bolshevist uprising".
The founders of United Artists Corporation- Hollywood legends Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith. 1919
Mussolini's office during his years as the chief journalist of "Il Popolo d'Italia". Milan, Italy, 1919.
British troops at the Afghan border in the Khyber Pass. Third Anglo-Afghan War, 1919.
Lt Mizuta, 1st pilot to be employed in Japan’s new aerial mail service & his wife - Nov 23 1919 New-York Tribune
Italian-American Immigrants at Ellis Island for Medical Screening, 1919
Walt Disney as a red cross ambulance driver in France after WW1, c. 1919
T.E. Lawrence, 1919
Pictured is 650 Armenian orphan children in an orphanage in Iraq-Diyala in 1919
Angela Merkel's grandparents, Ludwig Kasner (Ludwik Kaźmierczak) and Margarethe Pörschke 1919
French soldiers at a delousing station in 1919. By the end of the war, most forces had instituted sanitizing protocols.
Unidentified WWI soldier of the 816th Pioneer Infantry, deployed to France Oct 1918-Aug 1919
The basement where the Romanov family was killed. The wall had been torn apart in search of bullets and other evidence by investigators in 1919. The double doors leading to a storeroom were locked during the execution.
Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin is presented with the flag that flew at the House of Representatives during the passage of the suffrage amendment in 1919.
Officers of the Blue Army, Polish military contingent created in France during the First World War, 1919
Dwight Eisenhower during the 1919 cross-country caravan the War Department sent to test military transportation over the nation's haphazard road system. The trip comprised 3,242 miles through 11 states in 62 days, an average of 52 miles per day.
The British Army crossing the Rhine into Cologne past a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm II 1919
American expedition waving and cheering as they are about to depart Russia following the end of WWI, leaving the remnants of the Russian Empire to their fate, 1919.
German submarine U-118 washed ashore at Hasting (UK). April 1919 (Soure @RealTimeWWII on twitter)
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